Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Untangling the web of cultural and historical ties underlying Japan's deep fascination with insects.

Untangling the web of cultural and historical ties underlying Japan's deep fascination with insects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark N (mx) wrote: Confusingly edited by the producers and alienating Argento & Brody in the process the movie is an uneasy mix of thematic ideas leaving it a strangely toned affair. Jerking between torture, mystery, kidnap, relationships keeps the movie from ever settling down and the mostly twist-less plot is unsatisfying.. even a discernible sequence of clues leading to the villain would have rote but at least something for viewers to cling to.Without Brody no one, outside Argento fans, would probably watch at all.. worth it to see Brody do his thing but little else.

Ma R (jp) wrote: I was surprised by how much I liked this film. Yes, the acting and production value is somewhat sub-par, but there were moments in the film that genuinely choked me up (and that's not easy). I see this as an early effort by filmmakers that will (God willing) go on to better things.

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Shane B (es) wrote: Really good movie! Good story, worth the watch for sure! not a movie i would buy or watch a bunch of times though

Jarna S (ru) wrote: A journey in a talented young girl's imagination... or is it truth? Chlo Winkel is a perfect choise as the innocent girl... and not so innocent after all? Watch this!

myspacecomgreysgirl r (ru) wrote: very good. love the whole theme of this movie

Jareth S (us) wrote: Japanese dark comedy at its finest. Fans of Scorsese's yuppie nightmare dark comedy After Hours and Schumacher's Falling Down might like this movie about a salaryman who gets tangled up with yakuza goons and goes a bit postal.

Eleanor C (br) wrote: One of My favorite Musicals

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: Not one of the better films of Hope's career

Layton J (ru) wrote: Kenneth Williams was always wary of carrying a film, but he carries this film beautifully. His snide character which he rarely used in the Carry On films is in this film in bucket loads. The supporting cats of Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Cribbins and Barbara Windsor support Williams well.

Les E (kr) wrote: Great performance by Davis and Bogart chips in well. Interesting to see Reagan but he was awful. The story excellent and although melodramatic in parts it was never corny.

J B (de) wrote: A searing and raw snapshot of street life and addiction. Giving a very personal account of her experiences with homelessness and drug abuse, Arielle Holmes offers a rare glimpse into a misunderstood world. Directors Josh and Benny Safdie follow Holmes (playing a fictional version of herself named Harley) as she flits from place to place, duffel bag in tow, ready to score her next fix. Drug addiction is routine in her life, but it's an emotional addiction to her abusive boyfriend, Ilya (a haunted Caleb Landry Jones), that proves far more devastating and painful. There's a constant urgency to the junkie lifestyle and Holmes makes it palpable with her ferocious honesty and vulnerability. Filmed with uncommon empathy and authenticity, "Heaven Knows What" is a visceral exploration of the forces that we allow to destroy us.

Dylan G (es) wrote: For a psychological thriller, this movie is extremely predictable, and not very thrilling! D+