A youthful love story set in the city of love Paris by ace film maker Aditya Chopra

Set in Paris, Befikre is the free-spirited, contemporary love story of Dharam and Shyra, two young people who believe in living life to the fullest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laara C (ag) wrote: Lots of rain in this movie, but a very sweet one. Jin trying to re-capture his memory back from a photograph. Once he starts putting the puzzles together he figures it out, even his friend Yeong finally gets it.Lee jung is a good actor, specially from 'Il Mare' and tends to play those sort of characters great. Also Jan Jin-Young is also a great, didn't know she died from stomach cancer. After watching her in 'The Scent of Love', in which she also dies in her role from stomach cancer that was shocking to know and sad.

ana carmela h (kr) wrote: Julie is always great in it

Joseph B (gb) wrote: pasionate and visually stunning movie of gullah culture in the islands off georgia and south carolina. story rings true of trying to hold onto past traditions in a forward moving world. awesome!

Sumandeep K (de) wrote: i jus love thid mv.......hv seen it lots n lots of time...d most romantic mv...salman luks really cute n pfcourse, m thr in dis mv....hehehe

Matt B (kr) wrote: This is truly a horrifying film. Not in the sense of the content, but in terms of it's delivery.There was a period in the 1980's where men sought to make terrible films about dark times and make them tolerable to watch by introducing surreal elements.The fact is, it actually makes the contents somewhat grotesque. One could argue this is the point, but is actually just a horrible experience. There is no real point to this film. You don't learn anything useful about history, you don't enjoy it, and you feel like a worse person from watching it.It is only at the very end, during the credits, that one realises the director was trying to make a serious political point about the united state's involvement in Nicaragua in general, and by then it is far, far too late.Overall I would not recommend watching this. Ever. Do yourself a favour and pick up an actual history book, instead. You will do yourself and Nicaragua justice by doing so. Watching this film will only make you feel sick, and stupid.

Scott C (ru) wrote: I don't exactly know why I gave this one star, because I seem to remember there being some pretty funny bits, but I don't exactly remember what they were, so I guess that explains it.

Pete S (it) wrote: one of my favorite musicals

Randy P (es) wrote: So cheesy that after this movie I became lactose intolerance. Even though it was an action movie, it made me uncomfortable through out the whole movie in my seat for a decision on whether to shut the movie off or not.

Paul M (fr) wrote: Pretty good for 1979, but by today's standards it's definitely not Cronenberg's best work.

Stephen M (kr) wrote: The concept is decent, however the acting & directing are annoying. It could have been a more decent horror film if it had a better story structure.