Before the Rains

Before the Rains

Set in southern India in the late 1930s, this provocative tale traces the story of three people caught in an inexorable web of forbidden romance and dangerous secrets. After a British spice planter falls in love with his alluring servant, an idealistic young man finds himself torn between his ambitions and his family, his village and his past.

A English spice baron settles in South India during the waning years of the Raj. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francesca J (ca) wrote: This movie went like this: Plot, plot, plot, porn......plot plot, porn, plot end. A great movie if you're a 14yr old boy.

Seamus F (es) wrote: Not many people v'seen it, but its great movie

Josh L (au) wrote: It was ok. They needed to say where they got them or did the boa's egg live....?

Alexander C (es) wrote: Would like to see at some stage. Should have seen this by now. Amazing cast and plot sounds surreal enough.

Glenn F (gb) wrote: An black comedy you will never forget.

Steve D (it) wrote: It has been a long time but I remember these being ok family movies but nothing special

Heather M (nl) wrote: Evil child? Check. Shenanigans and pranks? Check. Ridiculous story? Check. Still this movie was hilarious when I was a kid.

Liam C (gb) wrote: I rlly liked it to be honest, but Im not gonna bother with the 2nd and 3rd, I can already tell they might suck

Eric G (ca) wrote: Udda, minst sagt. Jag tror aldrig att jag sett en film dr titeln stmmer in p varenda karaktr som dyker upp. En del tnkvrda moments, komiska ponger och uppfriskande djurplgeri. Bra men inte mer n s.

Holly L (mx) wrote: Steve McQueen shows his sweet and funny side as Natalie Wood shines. A movie that manages to be both pro-life & pro-choice at the same time. A wonderful character study.

Brian B (mx) wrote: Eh, not the best entry from the classic comedy duo. It has its moments. Some of their classic routines are featured in this one.

Josh A (mx) wrote: Although it is claustrophobic and tense for a while, it's really just a bad knockoff of Buried, and not only is it nowhere near as taut, but the writing derails so badly at the end that it becomes Shyamalan-esque

Kyle S (ag) wrote: Unmissable war drama. Platoon captures the inglorious truth of the Vietnam War with a perfect cast to tell the story.