Before Twilight

Before Twilight

The film is about a group of old retired theatre actors in a retirement home for actors who aim to regroup and stage Goethe's Faust.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   old man,   actor,  

Group of retired esteemed actors plans to stage Goethe's Faust. Their work towards fulfilling the dreams breaks the routine of everyday life in Retirement Home for Actors and reveals joy of reappearing on the stage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louis C (ca) wrote: If you loved the original, this is the bigger budget version of that, with a more coherent story, the fight sequences now fit into a clear narrative and it makes them just that much more awesome. I was wondering what they were going to do to top the martial arts in the previous movie, and while that's next to impossible, the fight scenes in this movie make a lot more sense in terms of a story line, and it just makes them better. But no worries, this movie delivers on the fights! Equally, if not more memorable than the original. I'm definintely going to watch it again.

Zainab P (br) wrote: better than i thought

Charles S (de) wrote: At least as good as the Tom hanks fiasco, and less pretentious....Other than that, so so

Sarah F (ag) wrote: i would like to see this

Scott C (nl) wrote: Great cast, good director. What the heck happened?! I don't remember anything of this.

Dave J (de) wrote: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (1995) Clockers DRAMA Adapted from the book by Richard Price which centers on a young African American pusher or "Clocker" named Ronald 'Strike' Dunham played by Mekhi Phifer and his involvement with the death of another suspected dealer Darryl Adams (Steve White). Homicide detectives Rocco Klein (Harvey Keitel) and Larry Mazilli (John Turturro) are then assigned to this case. It's one of those movies which viewers have to hold their assumptions until the very end since the events are not what they appear to be. Also, this can also serve as a backdrop to the living conditions within the ones that want to do well and the ones who don't since much of the focus centers on people living around a particular apartment/hotel complex. What works in this film are the showcasing's of actual exchanges within this group of drug dealers as well as the slangs, and that the investigation of the murder is probably the weakest element throughout the whole film since we are still oblivious about the reasons a particular person withheld specific information which is why the importance of that murder is small compared to the bigger issue. And while I was watching this, I couldn't stop thinking about the reasons why some people prefer the life of drug dealing then to be properly employed with a job which is that even with one or two less-than-minimum wage jobs is sometimes not defined as sufficient employment to make a normal living meaning that if some jobs paid more in wages some people would not have to resort to a life of crime. I'm just saying that the film stated this point quite clearly. 3 out of 4 stars

James H (es) wrote: Very well acted, it?s a well written story and both leads to a great job. I did find it a bit talky and slow moving at times, but it?s still quite enjoyable.

Kevin S (it) wrote: A boy and his family move to a new town because of his fathers job. The kid named Brian hates the new town and misses his friends and is having a hard time finding new ones in this town. He starts noticing something weird like his bike being left on the drive way and ice cream being eaten and he is also getting blamed for it. Also his brother witnessed a monster in the middle of the night so Brian sets a trap for them and it works and soon after Brian becomes friends with Maurice a monster who is wild and really goofy and just a little off the wall. Maurice introduces Brian to a world where there is no homework, parents and a worry free environment. They both go and play pranks on a lot of kids even a bully that was currently picking on Brian. But when Maurice pulls a cruel one on a girl that Brian likes and an even cruel one on a baby Brian gets fed up and has had enough of this foolish pranks. Not to his knowledge does he know every visit to this world is making Brian little by little turning him into a monster. When this does not work the bad monsters get upset and kidnap Brian's little brother so Brian goes back with a bunch of friends and tries to get his brother back. Howie Mandel was a little over the top at times and a little annoying but most of the time he was pretty funny. It also has Daniel stern who I think is pretty cool. Really enjoyed him in HOME ALONE as one of the bandits and was real funny. Rick Ducommun who I really liked in THE BURBS. And frank Whaley who was pretty cool in CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. And of course Fred Savage who played Brian who I thought he fit and played the part really well. This is a really good movie but what bugged me a little they say its a kids movie but there is bad language here and there through the movie and if a had a kid I would be upset them saying its a kids movie and having them hear some bad words . Some I'm just giving you a heads up. I wouldn't put it in the instant classic category but it was funny and a real enjoyable movie. A real good movie. Oh wait, it's an. Eighties movie what did I suspect. DUH!!!

Roland Y (it) wrote: this movie is for all the men and women who went to Catholic schools, so very funny!

Ken L (kr) wrote: Bill Cosby is an extremely good monologist & humorist. When he made me laugh, I was howling. When he didn't make me laugh, despite the audience reaction, I could sometimes sense (&/or project) a deeply seated strain of precisely guided outreach into the audience's imagined brain; a message of coldly sober observation that might help us all if implanted in them as intently well. There was to me a hint of self righteous arrogance in many of his perfectly ordinary assumptions. There also seemed a hint of sadness, even longing, lurking behind the punchlines from time to time that made me wonder how much levity was really in the true story. Bob Hope is a rank amature in comparison to his perfect sense of timing & attention captivation. I was raptly intent when not comically relieved.

Paul A (de) wrote: The storyline sucked, and the fact real animals were killed for the movie disgusted me. I got bored of all the scenes of senseless violence, and the running time of the movie was far too long. The only thing I liked about the whole movie was the music, and have no idea why the composer would even want their music in such a movie.

Art S (fr) wrote: The first thing that struck me about Rocha's "cinema novo" film is its sensuousness -- the rich B&W, sure, but also the enhanced levels on the soundtrack (adding a level of surrealism), the loud non-diegetic music (from chorale to more traditional Brazilian sounds), and the rapid cutting in some violent sequences that speeds up the action (in counterbalance to the slow dragging of time in other shots). The film seems to fall into two halves -- the central character, downtrodden and oppressed by the man, first follows a spiritual leader (probably bogus) until he is struck down (before the hired gun sent by the church can get him) and then follows a crazy outlaw (who brands him Satan). Neither seems to offer redemption. However, the film is difficult to follow at times and apparently specifically about Brazilian political history. But worth it for the textures alone.

Dylan B (de) wrote: Nature Boy on the soundtrack. Nice.

Cindy I (fr) wrote: This early Frank Capra film is much different and more serious in tone than the later, lighter films that made his reputation. The story, of a young fiancee' of a missionary in China who is kidnapped by a general with whom she eventually falls in love, must have given the censors ulcers back then. Even discounting the interracial romance between Chinese General Yen (played by very much NOT Chinese Nils Asther, and very well at that) and American Megan Davis (a VERY young Barbara Stanwyck, playing bossy and sassy even here), there are scenes of mass executions, a violent streetfight, a bath scene by Stanwyck that one can tell was made intentionally sexy, and a variety of other questionable scenes. The film looks sumptuous, dark and mysterious, and the Chinese set decor and costumes are beautiful. I had a problem with the film however, in that I just wasn't convinced of the romance between Yen and Megan. In his position as powerful Chinese general, I couldn't see him falling for an American, especially with the gorgeous Toshia Mori around, playing the traitorous Mah-Li. But then again, there are plenty of couples out there that I would have never imagined could have hooked up. I'm really going to have to see this again. I think I may have missed something, especially the final scene between Stanwyck and Asther. May be something more there than I got the first time around.

Tom W (ca) wrote: A true masterpiece -- the best western of all time by a mile. One of the few movies I've seen more than once, in this case 5 times over the years. The first 10 minutes of this film surely rank as one of greatest accomplishments in cinematography. The musical score surely ranks as one of best of all time.

Nicholas E (es) wrote: Refreshingly clever witty and insightful satire. The 'hipster' has never been so adroitly painted. With NYC as its setting, it reminded me of Woody Allen's "Manhattan" and "Hannah and Her Sisters". Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts deliver delightful performances, never succumbing to caricature. Adam Driver almost steals the show as the impossibly groovy and chilled 25yo filmmaker who is not exactly as perfect as he makes out or what he seems.