Before Valentine

Before Valentine

Thailand comedy about four couples who are in various stages of love and how they handle their situations before and during the Valentine celebration.

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Will C (ru) wrote: I already knew the majority of information this documentary provided, but it was still pretty neat to see a retrospective of all Anon & its offshoots have accomplished. I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't aware of Anonymous & their work.

Nikita M (us) wrote: pwede.ansarap gerfrenen ni toni!<3

Dilek M (nl) wrote: bright light on the current situation in Palestine....people are being forced to live like 3rd /4th class citizens! Excellent movie cause it doesn't sugarcoat anything.

William B (de) wrote: this highly absorbing pseudo-documentary from Ulrich Seidl (he of the amazing Animal Love) is an asymmetric take on the brutally mundane horrors of two separate lives - the exteriors in the Ukraine and Slovakia are breathtaking, as are the cruel anodyne interiors in Vienna; the extraordinary final act in the old people's home echoes some of Frederick Wiseman's finest work

Stephen S (jp) wrote: A great horror action movie...starring none other than Jon Bon Jovi! Yes, this is actually a real film, and it feels weird to say this, but Bon Jovi is actually pretty good actor. Maybe this was my impression because I totally expected this to suck, and it didn't, but Bon Jovi fits the role perfectly while remaining a rock star the entire time. I can't really explain why I like this film, but I really wish there was a sequel to this.

Gerald H (br) wrote: in retrospective, a brave little film for its time and some very good acting, as for a b-movie.

Ilja S (es) wrote: Definately not as good as the first movie, more on the cheesy side, but still a satisfying movie with a great message and a surprisingly dark ending.