Begotten is the creation myth brought to life, the story of no less than the violent death of God and the (re)birth of nature on a barren earth.

This gory and entirely visual film tells the surreal tale of the death and rebirth of gods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Begotten torrent reviews

Castiyo R (us) wrote: very biased, with alot of disproval/provable statements (1 in 5 americans.....). Producers focused on professional witnesses that supported their view point with out giving the counter point

Javier S (ca) wrote: Dennis law es el director de esta pelicula y desde el principio la maneja como un rompecabezas donde las piezas aparecen en un orden muy extranioA fin de cuentas esta muesrra del cine neohongkones es un experimento entretenido aunque la trama parezca estar incompleta mas que nada por que a diferencia de otros directores Dennis law esta contento con mantener un flujo de excenas que se suceden una tras otra mas que el flujo de la trama de la pelicula global.A fin de cuentas es una historia de traicion y deseo y venganza y no deja opcion para que la trama resulte verdaderamente lo que te lleve a la pelicula, las escenas de accion (algunas de las cuales son totalmente superfluas a la trama) estan bien realizadas y con un estilo particular que Hong Kong esta manejando que yo llamaria "Casi realista" donde los protagonistas ya no vuelan 20 metros por 15 segundos pero de todos modos vuelan un poco mas de lo que normalmente brincaria alguien.entretenida si te gustan las peliculas de artes marciales.

Ingela A (br) wrote: Oranges and Sunshine is directed by Jim Loach and adapted to screenplay by Rona Munro from the book "Empty Cradles", written by Margaret Humphreys. It stars Emily Watson, Hugo Weaving, David Wenham and Richard Dillane. Music is by Lisa Gerrard and cinematography by Denson Baker. The film tells the true story of Margaret Humphreys (Watson), a Nottingham social worker who in 1986 began uncovering the scandal of forced child migration from the UK to various countries of the Commonwealth. Thousands upon thousands of children who were either from poor families or orphaned, were sent to British colonies under a banner of lies. Where instead of the oranges and sunshine they were expecting, they were put to work as hard labour and suffered terrible conditions to live in as well as abuse at the hands of their carers. Emily Watson - if she weren't such an accomplished actress - would make a fine counsellor/social worker. She shines in the lead role and the scene where she wakes up with breathing difficulties is very moving - she literally has the weight of all the people on that deported list on her compassionate heart. Hugo Weaving is deeply moving as the man who all his life wanted only to see his mother again. David Wenham's Len provides the only relief as the boy-made-good who finds his mum and begins a relationship with her. A MUST see!!

Cameron M (ca) wrote: An interesting take on vampires that ties in more with the classic vampire aspects. No glittery, teeny bopper vampires here.A truly trilling film, that actually made me jump at times.

Flor H (ag) wrote: kinda of the typical story, but the story that we all want to listen to.. cute dog! probably the best performance of the movie! haah. and if you are a gilmore girl there is a young luke danes on it!

Derek S (us) wrote: Wow. This film is much smarter than I remember it being!

Matt A (fr) wrote: with all the talent involved should've been a lot better and funnier, still slightly watchable for the cast.

Dru Y (us) wrote: Teenage angst in suburbia. This is how kids really feel. Alienated, thrill seeking, bored, apathetic. Reminds me of the town I grew up in.

Private U (nl) wrote: Was not bad, had some lame parts but other than that, It was good

Mixa C (br) wrote: I really don't care what's in the original this is my first experience with rollerball. I say this movie is a speed racer of sport type movie. I don't agree with the world on this movie.