Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Drama - - Leonardo Black, June Buckner, Poetess Hunni Bunn

In this suspense drama, living on the edge seems to be the only way out. With smiles on their faces, many tend to hide the truth. But by the actions of these characters, their motives ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akshay R (br) wrote: NAAYAK is Ram Charan's show all the way. He is the one who dominates the screen, and screenplay, which focuses on him and his star-power for most of the movie, suits him like a glove.

Mohammed Ammar A (de) wrote: people comes out with the mind "Saving private ryan" after seeing this movie, I think Taegukgi worth juxtaposed with the movie, with the same basic concept "Saving", but honestly taegukgi has more powerful aura of war and character-driven. Best Classic War then !!

Dutch V (br) wrote: I won't lie, the dialogue and premise of this movie is stupid. Even for a Seagal film. However, the action is enjoyable enough that I don't mind.

Edgar C (br) wrote: A feast for the eyes, and the senses. Ewan McGregor finally dares to play a totally different role. This complex, erotic, artistic, stylish and beautiful Greenaway tale makes you wonder about our true motivations; the outstanding and depressing (but even so, masterful) direction leads us to an incredible journey to the psychology of the protagonist Nagiko and the secondary characters, which represent many of the most important aspects of life.This sexual odyssey is worth been watched several times so you can find different and meaningful things after each time. A masterpiece of mofern era, The Pillow Book is a rare gem of contemporary cinematography, and a breathtaking alternative look at the artistic expression.93/100

Bertrand M (es) wrote: suite de Smoke totalement improvis. Ils se sont tellement clats sur le premier qu'ils l'ont tourn en quinze jours pour le plaisir en invitant des potes new yorkais qui se nomment Lou Reed ou Jarmusch (excusez du peu). EXcellent.

Jeff B (br) wrote: A very entrancing film, though it's 7 1/2 hours, you can't really take your eyes off it. I didn't know what I was in store for going into this, but I'm glad I stuck with it. It's basically a series of paintings, with long shots of nothing giving you chance to stare at the images and catch everything. I haven't used this term since college, but the film really has awesome mise en scene. Even though there are so many scenes of nothing happening and little movement, the actors are so great in this, even the slightest movement or a mere walk express so much, I knew what every character felt. My favorite moment was the entire sequence with the girl, especially her final scene. A really beautiful film and I think everyone should give a chance at least once.

Kaneda (br) wrote: [b][i]Under Siege 2[/i][/b]: Hey, it didn't totally suck ass. mostly, but not totally. [i][b][i]War Cry[/b][/i][/i]: was i a bit surprised? indeed. this flick kept my interest the whole way through...wish it would have ended a little different, but oh well. btw, these were both laserdiscs i got when i bought out the local video store package. had to take 'em all, so i might as well watch 'em, eh? i have yet to sit through [i]The Land Before Time[/i] again though...