Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil

Navy SEALS, headed by Lt. Bobby James, are dispatched to North Korea on a covert mission, all in an effort to take out a missile site...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English,Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   battle,   torture,  

Navy SEALS, headed by Lt. Bobby James, are dispatched to North Korea on a covert mission, all in an effort to take out a missile site... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil torrent reviews

Tia R (es) wrote: Starts so strong lost me.Would like to revisit it.

(de) wrote: Another Earth is an Another Great Low-Sci-Fi Film.

Dhanesh P (us) wrote: A short film and a non masala one. The plot is very simple and the movie is well constructed. The main character, Aamir, does a good job.

Meg G (us) wrote: This is a very heart-warming movie. I can relate to Nikki's character a lot and I think it is great that she won! It helped me with my self-confidence issues that I have.

Gloria B (jp) wrote: omg!! liked to have peed my pants.

Pirkko S (ru) wrote: This one for Meg Ryan - but it also was quite a fascinating story. Even if normally I would not go near anything with boxing involved!

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Has its moments, in particular, the crab scene in the pharmacy, but not the best, honestly. I like both Julia and Selma, but it's not a career highlight for either. Kind of dark and dim looking with the filming and has a very b grade/straight to dvd feel.

Gary H (gb) wrote: Zany, Silly, and Exactly What the Title SaysThis was never intended to be taken seriously, and shouldn't be. Take it for what it is, look for all the fun, and go along for the ride. This one of my most enjoyable movies, and no, I am not requiring psychological intervention. In fact, if you try to take this seriously, you might consider....,well, anyway. This movie is stupid and bad, but so stupid and bad that id have never seen it in a theater. I'm glad it got made and has become a bit of a cult classic (not certain what cult - but hey, to each their own). I'm certain that if you suspend all expectations, you'll find this to be just like the light grenade, take a chance and "Pick Me Up".

Matthew T (de) wrote: I love the way this switches between fantasy and reality seemingly without a care for the audience's understanding. And the story (hulking Depardieu cheats on his foxy wife with a dowdy secretary) chugs along nicely, well acted etc. I just can't help feeling if it wasn't in French it'd probably be a pretty mawkish affair. Luckily it IS in French.

Jovan J (ca) wrote: As a young, black, aspiring filmmaker, I am truly inspired by this movie. This isn't the first movie industry-skewering movie I've ever seen, and maybe not even the best (Tropic Thunder and Bowfinger are pretty great to me too), but this is the movie that I could truly identify with because it satirizes the industry from a black male perspective in a way that almost borders on drama in a few parts. And what's even better is that this was extremely low-budget, a real labor of love. Much respect to everyone involved, especially Townsend! Also, the musical ending was pretty nice too.

Jon T (ag) wrote: This 1980 musical-drama from Alan Parker follows a group of teenagers as they put their talents to the test for four grueling years at New York's School for Performing Arts. It takes a lot of hard work and even dealing with disappointments in order to become a true artist, and FAME examines this over the course of 134 minutes while cutting back and forth from eight students dealing with their own issues. The characters are very interesting and well performed by a group of veterans and unknowns, but what ultimately makes FAME are its lively, toe-tapping musical numbers from Michael Gore. One of them is a jamming song-and-dance number in the school's cafeteria, another involves the students dancing in the streets of NY to the pounding rhythms of the title theme (sung with exuberance and zest by Irene Cera), and for the finale, all the students combine their talents for an uplifting ballad. The film is probably a little too long for the impatient and sometimes confusing as it jumps back and forth between characters or doesn't resolve their issues, but all in all, FAME remains a very compelling, enthusiastic delve into the ups and downs of being an artist, balancing academics with ambition, traumatic happenings, and, ultimately, finding success. Parents take note: there are lots of swear words to be heard in FAME, including a frequent use of the F-word as well as two scenes where boys spy on girls changing. This film is probably better suited for high schoolers and grown-ups.

Jose P (gb) wrote: a forgotten treasure of the 90's

Paul P (gb) wrote: I like Todd Haynes, like this story and i love Julianne Moore!

Juuso L (it) wrote: One of the genre classics is a low budget combination of shaking camerawork, cardboard sets, funky rythms, tight attitude, bad acting, funny hats, cool lines - and it features a worse party scene ever. Pure fun fun fun!