Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich

Spike Jonze’s debut feature film is a love story mix of comedy and fantasy. The story is about an unsuccessful puppeteer named Craig, who one day at work finds a portal into the head of actor John Malkovich. The portal soon becomes a passion for anybody who enters it’s mad and controlling world of overtaking another human body.

Craig, a puppeteer, discovers a hidden doorway in his office, which turns out to be a portal into John Malkovitch';;s mind. Upon entering the portal, one gets to be inside Malkovitch';;s mind for 15 odd minutes to see, hear, and feel whatever JM is doing. As with any great discovery of this century, the ultimate question immediately arises : ';;How can we make money out of this?';; He and his co-worker promptly set out to exploit this discovery. It doesn';;t take long for things to go haywire . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavinder A (gb) wrote: I'd say this was on par with Captain Phillips, which is to say it's mildly engaging but unsurprising.

Teng C (fr) wrote: kahit gaano kasama ang ugali ng tao, hindi dapat ipanalangin ang kapahamakan nya. ang husay, petra!

Kris S (au) wrote: Had no business being called Street Kings.. I think it was a good movie. Liotta and Hatosy as partners wasnt bad. 6/10

Mike G (ag) wrote: Very good documentary that seeks to know Beethoven and his work intimately. It was a personal pleasure to see so many devoted musicians and musicologists be in awe from having heard the same thing I've been hearing for as long as I can remember. It doesn't dwell too awful much on B's bio, but mainly sticks to the music, which is just what the maestro would have wanted I think. The selections and interpretations are pretty spot on with only a few fringy comments here and there. A missing well-known anecdote concerned Beethoven angrily rebuking a prince, "There are lots of princes, but there is only one Beethoven!" He couldn't have been more in earnest.

Dead A (br) wrote: This was funny! Pretty ridiculous movie I tell you. But I must admit it was scary to watched what happened to the victims.

Tobias L (fr) wrote: This is an instant classic......Very B-grade and loving it.......woeful acting, bad music yet something in the script kept me interested....Much better than most comedies out there....and the opening 10 minutes is hilarious.

Adam C (it) wrote: One of my favourite movies. It's pretty good and I would recommend it.

David T (nl) wrote: Great 80's film with a classic good fighting back at the bad guys in life theme to it.

Alex K (ca) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Gergely K (kr) wrote: Ez is f (C)lelmetesen szar volt. A tvoli jv'ben, azaz 1999-ben (khmm) az amerikai oktats 1/4gyi trca kitallta, hogy elpusztthatatlan kiborg tanrokkal tesz rendet a neveletlen fiatalok kztt. Persze a robotoktatk el'szr hatsosnak bizonyulnak (anti)kooperatv fegyelmez (C)si elveikkel, de term (C)szetesen meghibsodtak (C)s bumm jn a trag (C)dia. Klis (C)hegyek (C)s tlettelens (C)g jellemzik az eg (C)sz filmet, j kis olcs megvalstssal prostva.

sherrise r (gb) wrote: I love this movie. one of my favorites as a kid and I still love today!!!

Bill B (jp) wrote: Oh where to begin? This one is amazingly fucking corny, but I really got a hoot out of it, as a German Shepherd pup quickly becomes the worst gift anyone could bring a young boy when it starts wreaking havoc in the life of the family that adopts it.The whole Satanism angle is never fleshed out all that much, in the end the plan seems to be to spread all these dogs around to suburban families and cause their lives to be disrupted and possibly destroyed, but nothing truly apocalyptic is ever even hinted at. Very strange.Worth a rental for laughs.

Alec B (mx) wrote: A great comedic epic. Chaplin's critique of capitalism is right on the money, but none of it would have worked if the movie wasn't also hilarious.

Aaron H (ag) wrote: I thought this was in the top 3 best movies kevin james has done. its like school of rock meets never back down

Ethan P (ru) wrote: American Pie is raunchy and hilarious, but at the same time awkward and harmless. The acting is mediocre and often seems unnatural, but overall American Pie is a simple, easy comedy with a few raunchy laughs.

Jc E (us) wrote: Short of perfection, no director can pull it off with 3 hour long film and expect the enraptured attention of the audience. Yet again, Kubrick has astounded us with this breathtakingly beautiful classic period film set in Ireland, Germany and France in the 1700s. Elegant colourful costumes, Versailles like landscape and buildings and appropriate music score gave the audience unforgettable images. The story was simple to follow. The moral story was none other than reapingwhat one sows. Few punishment can be more severe than the death of ones first born. Tough for King David and so it was tough for Barry. A very young and good looking Ryan ONeal had the honour to play the coveted role of Barry Lyndon.