Devoted to each other, young lovers Rohit (Kamal Sadanah) and Radhika (Kajol) must keep their romance a secret for fear of her family's disapproval. But after Rohit accidentally kills his sweetheart's delinquent bad-boy brother, Radhika's family packs her off to wed another man. Undeterred, Rohit follows his beloved, forcing a confrontation with her family and her new fiancé (Ajay Mankotia).

Radhika wants to get married to her parents choice in Canada, Vicky, to which she agrees. All is well for both of them to get married when Radhika pays a visit to Canada but she meets up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bekhudi torrent reviews

Robby S (fr) wrote: atrocious acting with a completely sloppy plot. seriously. have you ever found yourself pissed at a movie just by watching it? this is one of those movies. they have pornstars in it too. the budget could have been better spent with a porn flick rather than this crap.

Bruno V (gb) wrote: Enough fine humordialogues and situations , in the beginning of the movie it looks like i was sitting with my own family , too much talking without even listening to each other...but if the caracters split up at times then it was better to follow the story . Fine !

Faisal Z (es) wrote: nicely done...touched on some issues which happen everywhere...and maryam hassouni reminds me of camille belle

Larry Y (de) wrote: putting this on the watchlist because Joe Bob Briggs recommended it

Rod S (fr) wrote: Ramrod the pimp strong arms the ladies and after he murders one of them, the chick's friend wants to take him down & not in a pleasurable way.

Robbie V (au) wrote: All wail for the poor Americans. Totally ignores what the Americans did to the Somalis. Insufferable jingoism.

Evan S (it) wrote: A talented cast at their best! Can't go wrong with an ensemble featuring Peter Gallagher and Lucy Liu. Hollywood's brightest talents all in one film!! Honestly, doesn't get any better.. Can't wait to see what's to come from Toby Regbo.