Bela Kiss: Prologue

Bela Kiss: Prologue

A true story, Bela Kiss was one of the the most brutal serial killers, who killed 23 young women during the beginning of the first World War. The blood-drained bodies were found in metal barrels, conserved in alcohol. According to rumors, he was still seen decades later, in different parts of the world. He never was found and so the whereabouts of this man are unknown, even today. Almost a century later, five bank robbers search for a hideaway in a remote hotel, as they flee from the police. Brutal and unforeseen events take overhand and build a bridge to the past. The assumed safe house turns into a nightmare... is Bela Kiss still alive?

Bela Kiss was one of the the most brutal serial killers, who killed 23 young women during the beginning of the first World War. The blood-drained bodies were found in metal barrels, conserved in alcohol. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roh J (kr) wrote: Good! I love the soundtrack of this movie.

Perrine B (us) wrote: Les passagers d'un vol Low Cost sont trs en colre : leur voyagiste a fait faillite et le pilote ne veut pas dcoller. Ils dcident donc d'occuper l'avion pour faire pression. Finalement, l'un d'eux, ancien pilote, accepte volontiers de prendre les commandes pour les ramener Paris. Mais son sens de l'orientation laisse dsirer et l'avion se retrouve en Afrique, o des rebelles ont tt fait d'occuper l'appareil et d'imposer leur volont. Comment se sortir de ce ptrin ?Bien qu'agrablement ironique, Low cost n'est pas trs drle. On sourit souvent, mais on rit peu. Avec un titre pareil, j'aurais pens que le ralisateur se moquerait de ces compagnies et de leurs travers, mais c'est juste le point de dpart de son histoire. Le gros avantage est que chaque passager mis en avant prsente une facette exagre de certains traits de la personnalit, ce qui les rend sympathiques (ou antipathiques !). Personnellement, j'ai trouv les moments avec les rebelles effrayants, et pas du tout amusants... Trop d'hsitation entre 2 genres ?

Taryn F (nl) wrote: We give it a zero, it sucked so badly, there was absolutely no point to it what so ever!

Nandan T (au) wrote: Good animation and story about the people of their island misunderstanding dragons for several years. Recommended!

Private U (fr) wrote: up your bum up your bum-classic

Ken S (es) wrote: Woody Allen plays a film director who was once considered a genius, but years of being difficult have hurt his career and left him working on commercials and getting very little real work. His ex-wife fights for him to get a big break, and the studio gives it to him...and he goes blind. It is a goofy comedy, and unfortunately not that funny, with one of Allen's weaker casts.

Suette D (ru) wrote: It's darkly funny and has 2 of my favorite comedians...Dennis Leery and Jay Mohr

Christopher W (ag) wrote: An amusing romantic comedy whereby in the after-life a man has to defend the choices he made in his life.

Alexander Z (au) wrote: Boring as hell, with rarely inspired visuals. Kind of condescending to the third world as well. Also, from a purely artistic viewpoint, it's nothing but slow motion people walking and closeups of faces that doesn't really give any information about life in other countries. Apparently all they do is manual labor, according to this movie. Sometimes they sit or dance. That's pretty much all that's going on here. Music is repetitive as well.

Tay (mx) wrote: i don't know if I want to see it

Sarah F (gb) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

Eric H (nl) wrote: Chaplin, Keaton, Jerry Lewis, Inspector Clouseau, Mr. Bean.... We know all of these characters, but what of Hulot? The French pantomime from the wonderful imagination of Jacques Tati. Not to say that slapstick comedy hadn't existed or flourished already under the world of Chaplin, but Tati offered a unique, intimate, and really gentle version of it. That is to say, he combines it with the principles of Italian Neorealism. It's Micro-Slapstick, as I would call it. A combination of real life, silly and sublime, is what Tati is striving to look for. No film of his better exemplifies this idea than Tati's first color picture "Mon Oncle". It's a series of long-form skits, filled with very humorous micro-actions and very foolish behavior on behalf of Hulot and the entire set of goof-ball players. The story simply tells of Hulot, down on his luck, crashing at his sister's place in order to find a job in a new city. What follows is comedy of errors. As we know, Hulot can't help himself, and his nave curiosity leads him into some embarrassing and outrageous situations. But tomfoolery is gracefully done by all of the actors and the director himself. It's a ballet of sorts. Take for instance a scene where Hulot accidentally block the flow of water to the strange fish-shaped fountain in his sister's front lawn, during a lavish dinner party. For about ten minutes or so, we see the event unfold, in a long shot, as we are guided through the step-by-step process of fixing the problem. Hulot tries to stick his foot back onto the hole, which works temporarily, but he can't just keep his foot there! After a while of strange problem solving, Hulot runs off, and leaves the patrons of the dinner party to deal with the problem themselves. What follows is another series of embarrassing problem solving, this time revolving around people who don't have a clue as to how the situation happened in the first place. Every last action is as monotonous, strange and silly as a predicament like this would play out in real life. Tati allows us to appreciate the simple fact of life, that when things go bad, they tend to go worse over time. What about the gentle side of the picture? Can it be just mishaps, or is there truly a heart to the picture? Well there certainly is, and it even begins at the very beginning. The film opens and ends with a group of puppy dogs frolicking around the French city of which the film takes place. As adorable as that is, it's a reassurance that where Tati is taking us is a happy little place. The spirit from the very beginning is just plain fun. All of the jokes and gags that the film offers us definitely exist along the lines of laughing with the performers, not at them. It's just plain fun to embark on some mischief. Take for instance, the scene where the little kids of the town gamble to see how many townspeople knock into a lamppost. It's hilarious, in that classic child prankster way, and definitely as harmless as they come. The parents all blame Hulot for influencing the trouble, but Hulot doesn't care, for he and boys are having way too much fun. It all cultivates near the end of picture, when he gather up the boys in order to dispose of a clump of rubber hoses that he accidentally made at the factory. Hulot and boys throw the big pile off of a bridge, into the water, and scare a teenage couple down below into thinking that a suicide had taken place. The boys and Hulot run off in their wagon, and sing songs all the way home. There's such an innocence to these actions, and reminds us greatly about the simplicity of childhood. Hulot is a little kid at heart, and much to the parents with whom he is living with; the careless fun eventually rubs off them. Through a series of pantomimes, gestures and other events, Tati creates a beautiful world of childhood wonder, and that is what makes the film "Mon Oncle" unlike any slapstick comedy ever since. It's the child at heart that Tati was able to capture in all of us through his titular character Hulot, and through his films, we'd all like to be like those puppy dogs, and scamper about the streets of France, looking for fun at every turn.

Dale R (gb) wrote: Excellent, despite containing Sandler and Barrymore.

Steve C (es) wrote: Almost ten years later and it just keeps getting better and better. Absolutely love this movie.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: Brian De Palma seems to be enjoying quite a lot to poke fun at the artificiality of cinema with this delicious pastiche that pays homage to Hitchcock's films (mainly Vertigo and Rear Window) and plays with the limits of narrative and language as he injects his own style into it.

Juan S (br) wrote: its still one of the best movies ever

Adam A (fr) wrote: Despite not fulfilling its potential script, "Falling Down" is supremely well-acted, and specially by Michael Douglas in this showdown of everyday justice within our society.

Nicholas W (it) wrote: One of my favorite movie