Beli lavovi

Beli lavovi

The film is about the workers unpaid for six years who decide to lay down the driveway in front of their factory. Oki is an unemployed factory worker and union leader. His son Gruja is a ...

White Lions (Beli Lavovi) is a Serbian film Workers who for six years without pay decided to lay down the driveway in front of his factory. Oki (Lazar Ristovski) is an unemployed factory worker and union leader. His son Gruja (Gordan Kičić), is movie director unemployed for ten years, he shoots weddings and funerals in order to survive and save enough money to shoot his first feature film. White, unemployed opera singer and Grujas girlfriend, is trying to make money by singing operatic arias in from house to house. The story is about ruined factories and workers without someone to lead them to a better life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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