Bell Book and Candle

Bell Book and Candle

A modern-day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancée, so she enchants him to love her instead, only to fall in love with him for real.

A modern-day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancee, so she enchants him to love her instead... only to fall in love with him for real. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reece L (mx) wrote: Effectively compressing a massive amount of archival footage into a comprehensive, chronological documentation of the AIDS epidemic, "How to Survive a Plague" may focus specifically on the deliberate genocide that took the lives of tens of millions of LGBT people, but it's ultimately about so much more than AIDS. Questions are raised about the inefficiencies of stagnant bureaucracies, pharmaceutical companies who hold out on releasing vital medications so that they can profit off of the deaths of the afflicted, institutionalized homophobia that still kills people to this day, the ignorance of those in power who don't have to witness and experience LGBT life/oppression and would prefer to ignore gay existence altogether, the horrific failure of religious abstinence-only non-sex education and other forms of religious oppression by those who's ignorance and distribution of false information directly results in the deaths of millions of human beings, as well as the the need for intersectionality in related activist movements.The story of these people couldn't be more compelling (the fact that several of these self-educated ACT UP members knew they would die before a cure was found is truly heartbreaking and leads to several moments of overwhelming emotional poignancy and power as they confront this fact). The movement ultimately embodies everything America is supposed to represent in that they rallied and called on their government to act in a way that was truly representative of their interests. That being said, it's also painfully evident that the country still has a long way to go when it comes to dealing with institutional forms of oppression as the rhetoric employed by conservatives two or three decades ago is still horrifically prevalent in modern day political discourse.It's vital viewing for any member of the LGBT community or anyone who truly wants to understand what it's like to have to fight tooth and nail for every ounce of political and social recognition in a society that blindly fears the unknown out of misguided faithfulness to outdated codes of morality.

Dan M (nl) wrote: Slowest paced scary movie of all time right here. In the end, it made little sense at all, what a waste. Maybe the remake tells a better story but I doubt it.

Perrine B (jp) wrote: A true tall tale.Tenessee, annes 30, Felix est un vieil ermite qui ne se rend en ville que pour faire le plein de provisions quand c'est ncessaire. Sa rputation est entache des rumeurs les plus folles sur la raison de son isolement. Afin de connatre toutes les histoires circulant son sujet, Felix engage le directeur des pompes funbres pour organiser son enterrement de son vivant. Le but tant que chacun vienne raconter une histoire le concernant, et lui de rtablir la vrit. Pour attirer les gens, Felix propose galement une loterie au cours de laquelle il mettra ses terres en jeu, n'ayant pas d'hritier qui les cder. Commence alors une grande campagne de pub pour faire venir le plus de participants possible.Commenons par un coup de gueule sur le titre francis de film : le grand jour. Bof ! A part ce dtail, je dois avouer que j'tais assez impatiente de voir ce film. Robert Duvall et Bill Murray sont absolument gniaux dans leurs interprtations : le premier en vieux rsign qui on ne la fait pas, et le deuxime en commerant prt toutes les excentricits pour garder son business sur les rails. Ce sont eux qui font toute la richesse du film, sa subtilit, son ironie et son motion. Les dialogues sont tranchants et justes, les situations rocambolesques. J'ai pris un plaisir fou pendant tout le droulement de l'histoire... jusqu' ce qu'arrive la fin. Quelle dception sur l'origine de l'isolement de Felix ! *******SPOILER****** Il se fait beaucoup de mal pour quelque chose qui n'est, au final, pas de sa faute ! Son seul tort est d'avoir t amoureux, le drame qui a suivi n'a pas t perptr de sa main. Et quid des histoires des gens de la ville son sujet ? C'tait la raison pour laquelle il organisait cet enterrement, et on n'en a pas entendu une seule ! *****FIN SPOILER****C'est malheureusement cette fin rate qui me reste en travers de la gorge et ne fait pas s'lever ma note plus que ma moyenne de 3 toiles. Mais si vous voulez profiter de personnages bien crits et bien jous, prenez quand mme le temps de regarder Get Low.

Michael D (au) wrote: The most technically impressive movie I have ever seen. Say what you will about the breathtaking and immersive experience high budget movies like Avatar provide, PVC1 is proof positive you do not need millions of dollars in post-production or fancy camera work to create compelling content. All that is required is a good story, well told.

Jonathan B (ca) wrote: Excellent documentary on the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, at least from the initial invasion through the 2007 Surge phase. It details the mistakes of the Bush administration in regards to the initial justification of the war and the lack of foresight and planning in the aftermath of the fall of Saddam Hussein and his regime. Definitely a must watch.

Greg L (es) wrote: This documentary was pretty interesting but I wish it could've been more in depth.

Juan S (de) wrote: Amazing movie it was worth watching

Angie C (mx) wrote: I remember this movie! I was afraid to walk next to the storm drains for years!

Amy R (nl) wrote: stupid movie but a must see

Lori H (nl) wrote: Classic - somewhat contrived but so what - beautiful to watch - great acting...

Jaime L (it) wrote: Was tolerable until the final act when Michael Bay went insane with the action, just as mind numbing as the later Transformers films.

John R (kr) wrote: The 50 First Date connections make it a great comedy. The ending is weak but the movie is strong until pretty much the ending.


Jonathan L (de) wrote: Moofassa ooh! Say it again. Good story, great voices, darth Vader does a great voice in this one.

Timothy S (de) wrote: With most modern horror movies stressing stomach-churning gore over story and suspense, most moviegoers would rightfully assume that a film about killers who make snuff movies would only be more of the same. However, you can tell right from the opening credits that "Vacancy" is going to be something special, and you would be correct.The creative credits and unique score mimic the Hitchcock classic "Psycho", and while the two films are worlds apart, this is one of the most intense and skillfully directed thrillers of the year. There's nothing all that special about the story, but Hungarian born filmmaker Nimrod Antal, making his American debut, adds a lot of flair to the story while keeping it grounded and real. There's nothing arty or pretentious about this; it's very gritty and believable. At only eighty-five minutes, the time flies by as this is very brisk and well-paced. And yet with the short run time, it does a nice job of establishing its two main characters, and Kate Beckinsale and especially Luke Wilson, playing against type, are very sympathetic leads. You really like them, and I don't remember the last horror film that involved me as much as this one did.Antal also gives Frank Whaley his juiciest part in years, maybe even his entire career, and Whaley is up to the challenge of playing a truly despicable bad guy. It's a great part. Despite the pressure to be yet another "Saw", there's very little actual bloodshed in this picture. Instead, "Vacancy" scores big by being a throwback to the horror films of yesteryear, and it emphasizes story and suspense over sickening brutality. There's violence to be sure, but that's not what keeps you riveted to the screen.