Belle De Jour

Belle De Jour

Beautiful young housewife Séverine Serizy cannot reconcile her masochistic fantasies with her everyday life alongside dutiful husband Pierre. When her lovestruck friend Henri mentions a secretive high-class brothel run by Madame Anais, Séverine begins to work there during the day under the name Belle de Jour. But when one of her clients grows possessive, she must try to go back to her normal life.

Belle De Jour focuses on Severine, a beautiful young woman, marrying to a doctor. She loves her husband dearly, but he cann't bring physically intimate to her. She indulges in erotic fantasies to entertain her sexual desires. Finally she becomes a prostitute... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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angela c (kr) wrote: very funny movie for all too see

Bruce B (mx) wrote: This movie is a portrayal of what occurred to the Palestinians. I enjoyed the movie and it brought tears to my eyes.. The actors performed a moving performance that pulled on my heart strings. A film made to show what the Palestinians have had to face and still face on a daily basis. Some people may say that this movie is Pro-Palestinian that is for you to decided. Excellent film that didn't get much play in the US. 5 Stars 8-16-12

Brian S (ru) wrote: "Water can flow, or it can water my friend"

Ben B (mx) wrote: DON'T TRY AND SELL ME AMERICA!!!!.

A L (it) wrote: A hilariously dark screwball comedy of murder, convicts, and Theodore Roosevelt, Arsenic and Old Lace is an all time comedy great

Harry W (es) wrote: I expected Muriel's Wedding to be a very girly film, but the fact that it is an Australian comedy left me with an obligation to see it. But largely, my prediction of the film was a very true one. Muriel's Wedding is a very girly film which deals with a female outcast dealing with social issues and complicated family relationships. Although it does it well in a manner that is easy for many audiences to connect to and find themselves compelled by, it certainly is a much more female oriented feature. But then again it is fair enough considering what the story faces. I'm just saying, I'm not the most predominant target audience for a film like this. But it doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. While I found that at times Muriel's Wedding felt like it couldn't balance itself between being a comedy or drama, it was still an entertaining film on behalf of P.J. Hogan who managed to write a very insightful and intelligent story which is both funny and touching and then give it the finest direction to bring it to life as a thought provoking film and Muriel's Wedding is a good film because it is a comedy at heart, but it does not fail to face up to the serious issues that it presents. While its focus tends to be constantly shifting, the actual ambition and effort on behalf of P.J. Hogan is easily recognisable because unlike many filmmakers he doesn't let his film fall into generic territory all that much and actually puts depth and meaning into his film, making Muriel's Wedding a better film than I could have imagined and a decent example of good Australian comedy cinema. He treats the film in a very sensitive way so that it is an honest depiction of Australian culture and life as a social outcastMuriel's Wedding touches upon a lot of serious issues by examining the social status of its main character and revealing the kind of journey she takes as she follows a journey in life. Instead of falling into melodramatic and predictable territory where Muriel Heslop makes a sudden realisation that what she wanted was there all along or where she turns around and suddenly makes amends for everything, she moves on from her bad life and tries to better herself as a person and enjoy what she has missed out on. This defies the cliche archetype of chick flick storytelling and allows the film to transcend the usual style of storytelling that follows such a film. Like I said, it has some bumps along the way and isn't always consistent in dealing with its drama and may even seem a little repetitive at times, but overall there is no denying the true effect of the drama in Muriel's Wedding and the fact that it allows the comedy to prevent it from falling into melodramatic territory, making it a positive example of storytelling in Australian cinema and an example of the kind of talent that director and writer P.J. Hogan boasts.The cinematography was also great, and the scenery was excellent because it depicted the appealing Australian sights very well with strong lighting and a good sense of movement within. Any film that depicts the appealing visual quality of Australia deserves praise in my opinion, and Muriel's Wedding does that and glamourizes it as well, making the film memorable for its visual imagery and how it reminds us of the colourful sites of Australia, Sydney in particular.The soundtrack was alright, although admittedly I got tired of hearing ABBA's Dancing Queen so much. But still, there was a certain kinetic energy to it that gave the light nature of the film a grand boost and made the experience a bit more of a fun one. I enjoyed the spirit that the soundtrack gave to the film, even if the majority of it was reliant on ABBA.And working with the quality script and direction of the film is an immensely talented cast which enhance the realism of the story and make it feel all the more compelling due to Toni Collette's lead performance as the titular Muriel is an excellent effort on behalf of her. Displaying just what her charms as an Australian Actress are all about, Toni Collette takes the role on and nails it. Toning back her attractive qualities to depict Muriel as a less conventionally attractive person, Toni Collette plays the role in such a way where the true beauty comes out of her as she develops as a person and lets her spirit soar. The tension in her mind can be seen through her stiff and uneasy facial gestures, and as she smiles more and more the experience just becomes more satisfying bit by bit. Toni Collette's immense Australian charm which would later score her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress are on full display in Muriel's Wedding, and she leads the story perfectly in a charming and sympathetic performance. Rachel Griffiths is a marvellous addition to the cast in Muriel's Wedding. As her character Rhonda Epinstall is a hedonistic free spirit, she is a refreshing touch to a film whose titular character is an uptight social outcast. She balances out the mood of the film and loosens things up, making the film more of a comedic treat and a fun venture. The way she interacts with Toni Collette simply brightens everything up because in contrast to her serious dramatic role as Brenda on Six Feet Under, Rachel Griffith's charm in Muriel's Wedding is friendly and heartwarming effort where she can light up the screen with something as simple as her beautiful smile, and the support she supplies to Toni Collette creates a very strong and real bond between them which ensures that the entire experience of Muriel's Wedding feels thoroughly more convincing.So while Muriel's wedding is clearly a significantly more female oriented film which deals with a woman's dream of the perfect wedding as she faces the adversity of a difficult society and an unsupportive family, its natural charm as a comedy and a drama thanks to skilled writing and directing from P.J. Hogan and talented performances from both Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths manage to more than make up for the occasional lack of balance between genres and themes.

Denise P (au) wrote: This Is Where I Leave You is chock full of warm moments that center around its compelling characters and benefits massively from its simple family-togetherness theme, but with the addition of stellar performances assembled onscreen from the impeccable all-star cast, it's more than impossible to resist.

Simon T (kr) wrote: Endless, soporific account of the true story of Robert Stroud's incarceration in various prisons (including Alcatraz). Decently acted by a strong cast, it is unfortunately directed - by John Frankenheimer - with so little energy that it feels like a life sentence. It's also shot like a TV movie with cardboard sets and flat lighting. Burt Lancaster - a wonderful actor at his best - is so contained and unemotional here you end up thinking his terrible old-age make-up is the only element giving a performance. Thank God then for Elmer Bernstein's moving score which papers over the many cracks and (almost) convinces you this is a masterpiece.