Belle toujours

Belle toujours

38 years after the events in the Luis Buñuel classic Belle du jour, Henri Husson thinks he sees Séverine one night at a concert. He follows her and makes her face her past and then takes a slow revenge on her.

38 years after the original story, Henri Husson thinks he sees Séverine one night in a concert. He follows her and makes her face her past and with sadism takes a slow and painful revenge on her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ca M (ru) wrote: Such a boring movie, especially considering the cast. You hope for a little more. But it doesn't deliver. It did have some pretty natural scenes from high school at times. That was about the only good thing.

Christian S (it) wrote: Un film viter. Trop long pour entrer dans l'histoire trs faible. une perte de temps

john s (br) wrote: Depressing. Produced by Blue Valentine's Jamie Patricof. Dead ends and bad parenting/extreme poverty.

Indu R (br) wrote: This sequel was not as good as the first movie. The plot was not good in that when you fall 10000 feet from a plane you are dead. Also, the acting was not great.

lavi j (jp) wrote: it is awsome , i used to watch it many times whenevr i get boared..........


Rich F (kr) wrote: Lovely animation and story

Bj H (de) wrote: Decent film, one of JCVD's best films in my opinion, Great action scenes as well

Samir S (au) wrote: Absolutely Lovely...

Tabatha T (es) wrote: Thought it could have been alot better

thami b (ag) wrote: had been working there with the staff of this film

Kevin S (mx) wrote: A moving and powerful film based on the tragedy that took place in 2004 at Morcambe Bay, Lancashire, UK. 23 Chinese illegal immigrant workers, cockle picking on the notoriously dangerous coast, died after becoming trapped by rising tides. Nick Broomfield, a veteran of creating documentaries, writes and directs. He cast amateur actors to play all the roles to help bring a sense of realism and grittiness to the story. 'Ghosts' is an ambiguous title. In one sense it is the word Chinese use to refer to white westerners and the other is a reference to the invisibility of illegal immigrant workers who are unprotected and poorly paid.The story follows Ai Qin, a young Chinese girl who pays Chinese snakeheads to smuggle her to the UK in order for her to support her family and child back in China. Once she arrives in the UK she is forced to live in cramped shared accomodation with many other illegal Chinese immigrants. They are desperate for any kind of work to enable them to send money home to their families. Not only are they faced with racism and threats of violence from their neighbours but also from fellow cockle pickers. The gangmasters take them to pick cockles in the evening at Morcambe Bay but they're completely unaware of how dangerous the changing tide can be.Some facts about the real incident: 21 bodies were found but 2 people were never accounted for, many of them in their teens and some were discovered naked having attempted to swim back to the shore. They were working for gangmasters, slave labour to you and me, they were working for a tiny amount of money to send back to their families. Instead of dialling 999 for the emergency services on their mobile phones, they called their families to tell them they loved them and the majority of them never saw their families again. Neither the British nor the Chinese government were willing to give financial help to the families who lost loved ones.

Mark D (ru) wrote: Interesting biopic on the feminist dyke Valerie Solanas and the shooting of Andy Warhol. Amusing in places and skeptical in others. Stand out performance is obviously Lili Taylor however Stephen Dorff as the cross dressing Candy is well portrayed and it was nice to see Martha Plimpton in something other than 'The Goonies'. Good film but not great.

Tim M (es) wrote: Funny bad mid-90's romp where Andy Lau tries to avenge his family. Good direction, terrible effects. Kwan and Lau have good chemistry. Too long and sentimental.

Armando P (mx) wrote: Fincher was forced to make this movie and it's obvious.

Kelly A (au) wrote: Shortsighted to think not understand that this movie is a period piece that has a lot of things to say about people, their needs and their greed.It's a fun romp if you allow yourself the luxury of Clint Eastwood singing - yes I said Clint Eastwood. I find his singing not only "decent", I find it endearing, right on key and exactly what each song is screaming for in the plot.Eastwood plays a very straighlaced boy-turned-man overnight. Brothers together, they were on their way to the promise of a better life in the Gold Strikes before they were gone - Eastwood's brother's demise sets up an interesting dynamic between the naive, soft-spoken but intelligent Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin, who shows that he is as brilliant in his later years as he was in his "heyday".Then we have the diminutive but feisty Jean Seberg. Her anger and frustration and dripping hatred at her situation is emblazoned on the screen as she, without a single curse word, tells the men throughout the movie what knaves they are being.Fun. Movies, especially musicals should be FUN and this movie is just that, a leave-your-assumptions-prejudices-critisizms at the door and just enjoy a brilliant cast, great scenery in a gorgeous US setting...Movie magic isn't seen much these days, sometimes you have to go back into that library, make some popcorn or pizza and sit down and sing your heart out.1969 just about marked the end of "THE GREAT MUSICAL" - too bad too, they are badly missed.I can't stand Seven Brides - it seemed contrived after seeing the intricate sets, the time spent on costuming and the sheer fun that the actors seemed to be having making a movie that would be "smeared" by critics but loved by many more.

Erik G (gb) wrote: Even Truffaut's trifles have great stuff in them. "I am definitive."

Clarence T (us) wrote: Bored me, definitely made for kids.

Jonathan I (mx) wrote: Good parts, but overly long