Below the Belt

Below the Belt

A close-up look at the turbulent world of women's professional wrestling as a New York City waitress decides to become a professional wrestler.

A New York City waitress decides to become a professional wrestler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose D (ru) wrote: Desde 1991 que el director polaca SKOLIMOWSKI no filma, salvo pequeos roles actorales en films como MARS ATTACKS! o EASTERN PROMISES.El film narra la historia de ARTUR, un hombre de extrema timidez, encerrado en sus inhibiciones de comportamiento. Un da presencia una violacin, ante la cual se queda estupefacto y sin saber cmo reaccionar, huye, siendo luego acusado y condenado injustamente por el acto. ARTUR vive cercanamente a una habitacin del hospital donde trabaja ANNA, con quien mantendr una relacin de voyerismo al introducirse en dicho cuarto cuatro dias sin que ANNA d cuenta de su presencia.El clima del film crea un suspenso constante, por momentos un poco desgastante.6/10

Bengel W (ag) wrote: Nice photography makes this movie a touch better than one ranked TV. Music is rather simple and not really thought out spoiling the overall effect. Actors and script match and is suitable for an afternoon family audience as the story and violence is fairly soft. Overall it is the actors that make this film watchable. Nibbles: Cheese toasty.

Marierosu C (ca) wrote: Amazing movie one of my favorities

WS W (ru) wrote: Korean's cliched Cinderella story one more time.

Ken T (kr) wrote: Sergei Eisenstein came to Hollywood in 1930 for a failed contract. Instead, urged by author Upton Sinclair, Eistenstein ventured to Mexico where he shot an unfinished part documentary, part feature film about Mexico. The film is missing it's final segment, but Que Viva Mexico! is still an outstanding achievement. The film begins as a documentary with images of Mexico's past, a young couple in a beautiful wilderness (Adam and Eve perhaps?!), the Day of the Dead festivities and a bull fight. Then we are brought back to the harsh dictatorship of Diaz where the plight of the worker is felt. Like so many of Eistenstein's early works, there is no central protagonist, but more of a collective establishing the thesis for his work. Que Viva Mexico! features some great action sequences, unique camera angles and some thoroughly inventive scenes (a bull's eye view!) It is a shame the film is unfinished, but at the same time what is left is a truly outstanding work.

monsieur r (au) wrote: Synopsis: Neil Simon's comedy features Redford as a conservative young lawyer and Fonda as his spontaneous bride, roughing it in New York. This was director Gene Saks' debut. Academy Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actress--Mildred Natwick.---RT Redford was just beginning a career in film with this lead role. The couple set up house in Manhatten. Good to watch at least once to see one of the better films in 1967. A lot of comedy in this classic tale of newly weds. Fast paced, the couple succeed in finding a 75 dollar apartment on the 5th floor (6th if you count the street porch). Well, not the couple, as we don't really see the discovery of the apartment from hell that the new wife found. A hole in the roof is the center of action for this entire play made into a movie. Charles Boyer is fantastic as a neighboring bachelor that first attacks the newly wed Jane Fonda, then is given a blind date with the mother of Jane. The humor is non-stop through this misfortunate romp through early marriage. Not uproarious laughter, just chuckles and giggles. Anyone that remembers their first encounter with a marriage on next to no money will identify with this couple in New York city. Redford does his acting like no other time to be repeated in his career. Jane Fonda should have won a best actress Oscar for her wild, spontaneous self. Hence the title, Barefoot in the Park. Something she wishes her new husband could be.... spontaneous and free spirit. Without giving away the ending, lets just say watch it. And it can be watched more than once over time. Pretty good stuff and sooooo typical of film making in the sixties. Directed by Gene Saks Produced by Hal B. Wallis Written by Neil Simon Starring Robert Redford Jane Fonda Music by Neal Hefti Cinematography Joseph LaShelle Editing by William A. Lyon Distributed by Paramount Pictures Release date(s) May 25, 1967 (1967-05-25) Running time 106 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $2 million Gross revenue $19,994,515

ashley h (ca) wrote: I loved every bit of this movie!

Paul C (de) wrote: I enjoyed this film from beginning to end. This is a whole new look on the after life, but more of a real life after life. I know this sounds confusing, but let me explain. Instead of the pearly gates, you have a school building with crappy rooms. You have to stay here until you figure out the outcome of your life. You have to pick one happy moment and you get to live it forever in a heaven type world you create. If you do not move on with picking a happy moment, you can work for this after life company whos job it is to help you find that moment. This is a great film.

Chuckie S (ru) wrote: So funny! I have a soft spot for this movie. It makes me laugh at every time I watch it. Mandy Moore is perfection.