The film deals with the tragedy of the women survivors of the Srebrenica genocide, or rather, the consequences of the horrors they experienced - it is about women whose sole purpose in life is to locate the bones of their loved ones and give them a decent burial. Fifteen years later, they still want just one simple thing - the truth. As a contrast, the film deals with trivialities of modern living, obsessed with different reality shows...

The film deals with the tragedy of the women survivors of the Srebrenica genocide, or rather, the consequences of the horrors they experienced - it is about women whose sole purpose in life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Belvedere torrent reviews

Literal F (kr) wrote: I disgusting movie trying to push a christian agenda. Truly awful

Austin D (ca) wrote: One of the scariest, most though provoking films I have ever seen.

Ismail A (ca) wrote: With a lot of fascination with Japanese obsession with death, goblins, guardian spirits and the grotesque and the macabre, Hiroyuki Okiura's 6th feature film examines how a young girl come to terms with the death of her father. The unusual fascination with death and ghostly realms is a bit odd for non-Japanese audience but the reference to old-style mangas is inspired and comical goblins and their antics breaks the emotional heaviness of the story. Okiura revels in the beauty of the Japanese landscape and gives a story that has a lot of tenderness and a dose of slapstick comedy.

The Movie W (de) wrote: Stunning Swedish actress Tuva Novotny wakes up beside a river in France with a gun and a bag full of cash but no recollection of who she is or how she got there. It's basically Jason Bourne with a female twist but director Christian E. Christiansen films it all in a bland made for TV style. The plot is convoluted and you'll likely give up caring halfway through rather than attempt to make sense of it. I'm tipping Novotny to be the next Noomi Rapace though.

Asif K (nl) wrote: This documentary captures the French-Canadian diva Celine Dion touring the world with her child and husband. In addition to footage of the award winner performing many of her most well-loved hits, the movie shows how she attempts to maintain a stable family life during these hectic tours.i really like documentaries, they can be on any topic. but i hardly see them thanks to the busy schedule of my life and my craze for movies but i caught this one on TV last night thanks to Celine herself. i am a big fan of her.this documentary revolves around Celine's comeback concert. its superbly dazzling, a perfect concert experience. it takes you inside of what and how it happens. and of course the high style insight look in her life. how she carries her carrier and her role as mother. i liked how every city has been shown and the preparation and her performances. i love her voice and her personality. in the end i had tears in my eyes just like is strictly for the fans. there were faults in this documentary overall if you see with a critical eye.

Jefe O (kr) wrote: omg! hilarious, campy, smart, cheeky and refreshing. didn't take themselves too seriously.

Justin B (de) wrote: Casino Royale marked the much needed reinvention of the traditional Bond formula. Skyfall uses that as a jumping off point to completely turn the formula inside out. Delving into darker themes and striving for realism and genuine emotion with dashes of the smirking humour that the characters is known for, Skyfall is not only one of the greatest films in the series, its an amazing FILM period.

Trevor P (de) wrote: I love the way that teenage love is treated in this film, despite the odd arrangement of its poorly explained, disjointed events. It's also hard to get into the plot when the "Half-Blood Prince" is only mentioned a couple of times, and in moments that are not central to the key conflict. Yet the chillingly spooky feel of this monumental part of the series leaves its greatest impression with a strict color palette of pale, brown, rust, and black.

Bill B (ca) wrote: Gave this teen noir a re-watch recently and I can happily say that it holds up well, if you're willing to just go with the conceits of the film.I mean, if you wanna be a humorless killjoy and nitpick about a bunch of high schoolers talking as if they just walked out of a '40s gangster picture, you're welcome to do so, but you'll be missing out on a great film while you're bitching.Great performances and a worthwhile mystery, give it a rental.Recommended.

Kris L (ag) wrote: Slow moving and boring story. Tried too hard and ended up failing. Even the all star cast couldnt save this movie.

Jari R (kr) wrote: Siis ei herranjumala sentn mit kakkaa sit tehdn. Ei sitten niin minknlaista jrke koko ptkss...oon varmaan joskus nhny huonomman elokuvan, mutta nyt ei ihan kki tule mitn mieleen.Juoni kusee, henkilhahmot tysin perseest. Oikein mietti yritin mist tulisi kehuja ja yksi asia tuli mieleen, nimittin Rutger Hauer tajuaa ampua itsens. :D Elk hyvt ihmiset katsoko missn, siis missn tapuksessa!!!

bill s (br) wrote: It's Cinderella meets Pretty Woman and a wickedly wonderful Weaver as the evil step mom.

Nicholas P (br) wrote: A damn funny film from what I remember but it was about 15 years ago. Probab;y my second or third favourite musical - springtime obviously is tops!

Jacob P (nl) wrote: Very...Very....Boring....yet It is fun to see somebody die a slow painful death of thirst and starvation, am i right?

Fred M (fr) wrote: Se me despert la sensibilidad cuando narran su tiempo en prisin, pasada la primera hora. La evolucin de su trato con el negro de las sbanas es mgica. Norton es genial hasta justo antes del final en el bao. 4/10

Robert R (au) wrote: Yet another great movie that I regret not seeing sooner. Rob Marshall's "Chicago" is as refreshingly glitzy and nostalgic as it is delightfully slimy and debauched. Featuring a satirically charged narrative, well-rounded performances in every corner, and an incredibly unique, well-structured musical concept at the heart of it all, this film has very quickly stacked itself up in my list of absolute favorites in the musical genre.

Pia K (kr) wrote: Elokuva junnasi paikallaan; siis juuri sopivaa katseltavaa yvuorojen jlkeen... ;) (Suom. Antaa menn vaan)