Ben X

Ben X

Harassed by bullies because of his mild autism, teen Ben (Greg Timmermans) finds refuge in an online computer game, which leads him to his virtual dream girl, Scarlite (Laura Verlinden). Together, the odd couple seeks revenge against Ben's tormentors. Director Nic Balthazar's beguiling mix of kitchen-sink drama and full-blown fantasy was Belgium's Oscar submission for Best Foreign Language Film.

As an alternative to getting bullied at school, an autistic teenager retreats into the world of online role-playing games. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kris S (ca) wrote: what a view of the ELF

Quique S (mx) wrote: Otra vez, como la anterior, no ofrece nada nuevo, una precuela poco interesante y que de verdad no da absolutamente nada de miedo, ni siquiera los screamers son buenos, se puede decir que cada pelcula tiene los mismos elementos (los mismos sustos, las mismas muertes y los mismos finales) pero con una historia poco original (una historia que tiene alguna relacin con la trama original pero que al final sigue siendo poco interesante y aburrida) que supera por muy poca diferencia a su segunda parte, pero sigue ofreciendo lo mismo y no es para nada entretenida.

Robby B (us) wrote: I hate the film's title. But I liked the film. It does a decent job of getting inside the heads of muslim men struggling with the injustices they perceive. It has a few good twists as well. Sean Bean is my guy and he carries his role as a wounded, conflicted agent with conviction. Cleanskin does clunk around at times, but it has some good action and totally believable characters.

Andy P (kr) wrote: Um... Noir-like story of complications due to a lot of money and an affair. If you've seen A Simple Plan, it's a similar tale of dark lives of deception. Like Winter's Bone it is depressing too. I would hope that most of my FB friends couldn't relate to this story. Nevertheless, I gave it one star because it took me to a world I've never experienced (it had me guessing about how it would end), and another for hoping I never go there (for being partially correct in how it would end).

Jiana W (ca) wrote: It reminded me a lot of "Juno", from the voice-over narration to the smart-aleck teenage protagonist with the funky fashion sense. For all its reminders of its predecessor, though, I found it uniquely sweet and amusing. All of the characters are likable, including the doofus boyfriend. Not sure I agreed with the final epiphany the character has, which seemed seemed to be that everything's relative. That there's no right or wrong at all. We all know this is untrue, seeing as how while she was making out with her boyfriend's best friend both she AND him felt bad about it and didn't want to take it any farther thanks to their guilt. So her epiphany was basically rendered moot before she even had it.

David W (fr) wrote: A journey of Calvin and his adventures in the wild, Sean Penn delivers a well-adapted film of a man wanting to be free in his life of materialism, responsibility, and crappy parents

Eric R (au) wrote: Where to begin on this piece of shit. I have read that many people have been impressed with Uwe Boll's Heart of America, his first true venture into the dramatic. What ensues is a film that is so insanely over-dramatizes of the horrible events leading up to, and including a school shooting. The viewer is introduced to an ensemble of characters the morning of the school shooting. Using a ton of flashbacks, we learn about these characters and why they are who they are. The biggest problem with this film is the absolutely terrible script that uses every stereotype in the book to create this exaggerated and quite frankly laughable sentimentality. EVERY character is a walking cliche, from the stoners to the jock to the nerd- one dimensional characters aplenty. The film tries to hard to capture every aspect of adolescnes (bullying, virginity, unplanned pregnancy, drugs, rape, bad parenting, etc) to the point of it all becoming just silly and over stuffed. I also enjoyed how the script felt the need to remind the viewer a million times that it was the last day of school. Of course, Boll opts to use black & white photography for the flashback sequences (CLICHE as fuck), while an overabundance of music is used in some poor attempt to illicit more emotion from the audience. Boll's attempt to question the moral dilemmas and complications which arise is rather weak as well-using the Bully character of Rick, who has a change of heart towards the end of the film, yet dies by the hands of the bullied. I get what he was going for, but it simply doesn't work to the degree he was hoping for, though it is a good point I suppose. I will say that from a purely technical standpoint (editing and cinematography) this has got to be Uwe Boll's best film. There are some surprisingly well done sequences, using tracking shots, long takes, etc. but it doesn't save the film by any means. Uwe Boll is a lighting rod for people to hate on, and I find it pretty funny that a majority of people who do so, think this is his best film. I much prefer Boll stick too the action/horror/comedy genre as a film like POSTAL, for example was great, ridiculous fun. When he ventures into drama.. Yikes.

James H (au) wrote: haha, i loved this when i was little

Leif T (de) wrote: Not as good but its OK.

Charlie S (ru) wrote: MEH.Just rewatch or recall any other Hugh Grant bumbling Englishman film and any other Julia Roberts seemingly unattainable/secretly just a normal person film (or interview or anything she has ever done) and imagine them happening together in a bookshop.These two actors have never been placed as firmly in their pigeonholes as in this lacklustre, predictable, disappointing, surprisingly un-charming film from the team who have given us so many other utterly glorious, infinitely-rewatchable, heartstring-tugging British romantic comedy/dramas.A sad black mark on what is otherwise a near-impeccable scoresheet for this production-direction-screenwriting powerhouse.

Ian C (ru) wrote: Top performances from the recently deceased Attenborough and Hurt. Excellent serial killer flick.