Flora Lau’s debut feature is a beautifully formed, subtle film that focuses on the lives of two people with very different prospects – a wealthy Hong Kong woman and her mainland Chinese chauffeur – both trying to cope with life’s unexpected dramas. Anna (Carina Lau) struggles to maintain appearances with her status-conscious friends after her husband mysteriously vanishes. Fai’s (Chen Kun) wife is heavily pregnant with their second child, has no health care entitlements in Hong Kong and cannot give birth in their homeland without incurring penalties for breaching the one-child policy. While their daily routines intersect, their fates only momentarily converge and Lau elegantly critiques the social contradictions at play by paralleling their predicaments rather than constructing drama between the two protagonists. (Source: LFF programme)

BENDS straddles the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border and tells the story of ANNA, an affluent housewife and FAI... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff S (de) wrote: This is an incredible movie and raises the bar for faith-based films. Masey McLain is a bright shining star as Rachel. The inclusion of real items that belonged and a commitment to keep the script true to her original journals brought the integrity needed to tell Rachel's story. Rachel wasn't a perfect squeaky-clean Christian. This honest glimpse into her life reminds us all that no matter where we are in life, God is there and we can shine his light.

Attilio D (us) wrote: The director should be shot!

Austin Theo J (nl) wrote: I watched this Reagan lovefest because I like to keep an open mind. But this piece of cinematic trash is little more than a right-wing political propaganda piece. This is pandering at its basest level. It makes Michael Moore's heavily skewed documentaries look fair and balanced. It conveniently ignores facts that are inconsistent with its point of view, and some of the "facts" it throws out actually contradict its own thesis if you think about it. But this is not a thinking-man's movie. This is drivel meant to be devoured by people who are already heavily entrenched in the economic right. Unless you want to watch Reagan smack Obama around in a boxing ring (which is about the only thing worth seeing in this movie anyway), I suggest you save yourself an hour and nineteen minutes. And I am sure Reagan v. Obama is already on Youtube if you must see that anyway.

Melissa W (fr) wrote: Very enjoyable educationally, but the acting is poor and the music is a bit corny.

Chad C (jp) wrote: Cheesy? Yes. Dialogue? Non exisistant. Never the less I was entertained. The fight scenes were good. It is rewatchable. Some movies you don't go into expecting alot and if you accept that then this movie can entertain

Paul M (de) wrote: Very good film and I hate werewolves as well

Dustin D (au) wrote: Persepolis is a poignant and humorous coming-of-age story about a girl growing up in the Iranian Revolution.

Ivan V (fr) wrote: What an unfortunate mess. ABBA and Julie Walters were the only good things about this movie. Everything else seemed low budget or phoned in. Sad.

Brandi H (us) wrote: Such an emotional stars, doesn't mean it wasnt an unbelievable movie. Just means stars do no justice.

Ciera C (ag) wrote: its a way funny show!

Jade A (it) wrote: This is probably the closest to an actual snuff film you'd ever get. Absolutely mental.

MEC r (de) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Gokul P (gb) wrote: More of a documentary. Talks about Armenian genocide- the 2nd most talked/studied case of genocide after Holocaust.

AnnaLisa U (us) wrote: a great foodie documentary. i need another restaurant obsession like a need a hole in the head.

Leah T (kr) wrote: This film is brilliant. I can relate to it on a level that I've never before experienced in cinema.

Eric On His Fantasy Quest V (ca) wrote: Passion. Tradition. Prejudice. Put the three together, and they all get the recipe of a sexy, irreverent romance interracial romance called Mississippi Masala. Mina - the daughter of Indian immigrants who were expelled from Uganda under the reign of dictator Idi Amin and now run a small-time motel - is a hot, spicy mix of Indian and American cultures. Demetrius is a Southern businessman and the motel's rug cleaner. But when they both fall in love, nothing in Mina's past prepares them for the family outrage they face. Directed by Mira Nair, Mississippi Masala features great acting performances from the following cast:1.) Denzel Washington (Demetrius)2.) Roshan Seth (Jay)3.) Sarita Choudhury (Mina)4.) Sharmila Tagore (Kinnu)5.) Charles S. Dutton (Tyrone)6.) Joe Seneca (Williben)I find Mississippi Masala as a great film example of a romantic drama focusing on interracial love while blurring out the racial, ethnic, and cultural barriers that keep our leading characters apart yet committed to each other. That fascinated me, and so did the past Uganda flashbacks and the feelings of Jay living in an exiled life while yearning to return to his homeland. It was interesting that the film's setting is in the Southern states, where the long history of racism kept the blacks and whites socially segregated until recent times. Here in Masala Mina and Demetrius fall in love, which proves that interracial relationships do work, and both Sarita and Denzel made this possible.

Dylan M (fr) wrote: BIg is a fun entertaining film that has a great performance by Tom Hanks. It has a fun plot and keeps picking up momentum as the movie progresses. Funny in many ways, Big should leave you with a good heart warming feeling as it is for all ages.

Jrgen M (mx) wrote: Einer der guten Wenders-Filme mit einer stringenden Handlung und ohne loses Ende. Wirklich zu empfehlen

Justin M (jp) wrote: I do like this movie. It hasn't been seen by enough people.

Jamie C (es) wrote: After the first was a box office success and fans of the game were pretty much happy with the film, It was obvious a sequel would come and spoil the first and it did, It picks up right from where the first ended but we only have 2 of the original cast, So straight away we moan plus it was a very poor acting performance by all the cast, The plot of the first film was silly but it felt faithfull to the game but in this one it was just silly and felt very lazy, With cheap special effects and poor action scenes there's nothing to shout about in this movie except that they added more characters from the game but most were under used, It's cheap, Lazy and should never have been made but at least the soundtrack is still as cool as ever.