Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

Astronaut Brent is sent to rescue Taylor but crash lands on the Planet of the Apes, just like Taylor did in the original film. Taylor has disappeared into the Forbidden Zone so Brent and Nova try to follow and find him. He discovers a cult of humans that fear the Apes' latest military movements and finds himself in the middle. Tension mounts to a climactic battle between ape and man deep in the bowels of the planet.

In an effort to find the missing astronaut Taylor, Brent discovers a planet ruled by apes and an underground city run by telepathic humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian S (us) wrote: Being the master of varying types of horror-body horror, psychological horror, Freudian horror-director David Cronenberg takes on a different form of horror with his 2015 effort that involves the horrors of Hollywood with Maps to the Stars. Depicting rather clich subjects with these sorts of stories (the washed up actress, the new cutthroat breed of actor, etc.), Cronenberg utilizes his steely cold aesthetic to fully embrace these clichs and turns out a wickedly satirical and darkly funny look into the dysfunction that makes up that famous Los Angeles town. Featuring a great cast of stars to map out his film (the standout is Julianne Moore), the director's comically cynical depiction is a Greek Tragedy and a rewarding modern drama that shows that maybe the worst type of horror comes from the vain, the selfish and the cruel-or in Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, Hollywood itself.

Mikael K (au) wrote: A tale of human weakness set in the beautiful landscape of an Albanian mountain village where the rivalry between two farmer families escalates into a man slaughter. The plot centers around two teenagers, Nik and Rudina, the oldest children of the guilty family whose life is torn apart as they find themselves on the receiving end of a vendetta. The film is smart and contains interesting, rather low-key scenes that vividly describe the annihilation of anything normal in the characters(TM) lives. Then there are some too slow moments, and the story never gains the momentum that might have turned this into something excellent. The use of young characters works though, as their relative detachment from the bloody traditions gives the audience a point of view that understands the sheer senselessness of what(TM)s going on. On the other hand- especially in Nik(TM)s case- we are shown how communal pressure and frustration feed the infatuation with violence and extremism. The Forgiveness of Blood? is not as engaging as it might have been, and traditional vengeance as the subject matter is extremely annoying in its sheer idiocy. The flick does however feel real and thankfully avoids any sugar coating or deus ex machina -plotting. This is about harsh reality which people have to deal with themselves.

Fia Z (jp) wrote: i dun care if ppl lyk it o nt bt i likd it millionssxx..

Hans L (gb) wrote: The established order and tranquility of the French Foreign Legion is rocked for Denis Lavant's commander when a younger, healthier, fitter and altogether hornier new recruit arrives in the African desert. The colonial gaze is directed at the parts of its own machinery in the lingering and fecund mapping of the male form. But the real beauty at the centre of this film is how Clare Denis reminds us of the original ontology of the moving image. The camera simply records. Elliptical, lyrical and ambiguous it's a film about how we cannot forget the things we wished we had not done.

Samuel H (de) wrote: A weak movie, which means for Adam Sandler, this is one of his best. Billy Madison has some redeeming qualities. The premise is hilarious. Sadly, the lack of direction, and cheap laughs makes Billy Madison, just a mediocre film.

Neal T (au) wrote: The movie when I started to admire Shahrukh Khan as an actor.

Travis H (ca) wrote: Watched this in French class. A really great story that keeps you questioning, and pretty good acting. Something about it seemed put together weird, maybe it was just missing that extra something. It was still good and a great, even if predictable, ending. B:fresh:

Stefan G (it) wrote: I must admit, that this is a good movie, but I think that it's basically lost the political subtext that Dirty Harry had during its transition to becoming a mainstream Hollywood action franchise. That doesn't make the film inherently bad. In fact, while the film is only a little weak in terms of plot and characters, it delivers when it comes to violent action, and the title was simply impressive.

Rodney E (au) wrote: Had I never seen this piece of shit, I would have always been fascinated and felt that it could have been horrific just based off of the old video box. Skippy from Family Ties is a dork because he listens to metal and gets picked on by some pretty big sniffers. His music idol dies and Gene Simmons gives Skippy a record to listen to of the deceased musician. Laughably bad. There's a cameo by Ozzy and there really is nothing else. Works more as an 80's heavy metal fable than a decent horror movie. I like how they package the modern cheapo DVD with Simmons and Ozzy like they are main stars. You almost have to love Skippy getting picked on and rocking out to bad music though.

Shawn S (nl) wrote: This has a fun, light tone, Chris Evans is a perfect Johnny Storm, the depiction of (most of) the characters is spot on, and (most of) the effects are good.

Chris A (ag) wrote: a strange mixture of road movie and old testament melodrama served up with an eye for southern gothic cliches and mtv art directed junkyards, it nevertheless is very watchable with Josh Lucas relishing his role as psychotic uncle and jamie bell continuing to re-invent himself whilst nailing a plank thru his foot and failing to notice his younger brothers tendency to eat paint...

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: Harrison Ford no tiene mucha suerte al escoger sus ltimos trabajos

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - 1/13/2009)