Benny's Bathtub

Benny's Bathtub

A boy explores the hidden depths of his bathtub in a grey world dominated by boring adults.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:41 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
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A boy explores the hidden depths of his bathtub in a grey world dominated by boring adults. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Benny's Bathtub torrent reviews

Cherie N (br) wrote: Very peaceful, pretty. A fascinating look at something largely made by hand, and the satisfaction and pride the craftspeople take in this.

Kjetil H (gb) wrote: Belgia er et land av pedofile menneskespisende psykotikere som oxo liker torturere og plage sine medmennesker! Stygge greier hender med sing and dance mann som havner skikkelig ute p landet i nevnte land.Bare onde kjipinger som tror at vr sang and dance mann er en kvinne,hehehe! Stygt dette,men herlig pretensist oxo,noe som er helligbrde for hardcore horror fans( les dumminger).NICE SHIT

Jonee K (ru) wrote: The only film you HAVE to see. My top reccomendation.

Brody M (gb) wrote: I tried sitting through the whole thing but after falling asleep a couple times, I just gave up

Barry R (fr) wrote: "Old men should end wars." I have to see this at least once a year. Not subtle, just beautiful. Beside John Wayne and Joanne Dru the stars are Monument Valley and the greatest group of horses ever cast. Probably the first movie I ever saw in a theatre (with my dad at the Metro one Saturday matinee), and just like then, when the Cheyenne crest a ridge in full war regalia, my head opens to the possibilities of the universe.

Matt T (de) wrote: Does bad blood run through the family? Danny Hawkins (Dane Clerk) is haunted by the past. His father killed a man and was sent to the gallows when Danny was just a baby. Throughout Danny's life he has been taunted because of this, none more so than bully boy Jerry Sykes (Lloyd Bridges). One night things turn ugly as Danny stands up to his tormentor only for a fatal occurance to happen. Is Danny just like his father? Are you born bad or do you become bad? These are the questions that are raised in this pschological drama that slowly reveals the protagonists state of mind. A visual treat to the eyes Frank Borzage directs this studio bound drama set mainly in a swamp, near a small town, with flowing camera movements taking in the action. Borzage was a leading director during the silent era and this film often has a sense of that byegone era. Solid acting by all the cast. There is an amusingly odd character in the Diner who speaks in a 'jive' slang, calling people 'squares', ect. Also look out for a young Henry Morgan and Lloyd Bridges. The opening scene is spendidly shot, showing a man being escorted to the gallows but viewed from the waist down. It cuts to the man being hanged but we only see the silhouette of his shadow. Cut to a crying baby in a nearby room where the shadow is beamed through, which seamingly highlights the curse on Danny from a young age. Overall, though slow at times this is beautiful to watch, not too dissimilar to Night Of The Hunter in look and tone.

Charlie C (us) wrote: Watch it. It's beautiful. Full stop.