Max is a handsome young man who, after a fateful tryst with a German soldier, is forced to run for his life. Eventually Max is placed in a concentration camp where he pretends to be Jewish because in the eyes of the Nazis, gays are the lowest form of human being. But it takes a relationship with an openly gay prisoner to teach Max that without the love of another, life is not worth living.

A story about gay love about Max, a gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He denies he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). In camp he falls in love with his fellow prisoner Horst... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neal D (jp) wrote: Hilarious....dark comedy not since Heathers has a film captured the exaggeration of high school life.

Ivan P (us) wrote: This was one of the most stupid premises for a movie... ever... not even vaguely entertaining... would've walked out on it if i wasn't on a plane.. the only good part was that it was a hk movie so was good to see the places around town that i knew.. like pacific place.. not the cyber cafes...

Blais E (it) wrote: Laughably-camp entry in the "Blacksploitation" sub-genre of action-movies that were so plentiful in the 1970's, here starring the Amazonian non-actress Tamara Dobson as a DEA agent hot on the sizable heels of heroin-pushing lesbian king-pin Mommy (The always-enjoyable Shelley Winters in an outrageously-unrestrained, foaming-at-the-mouth perf-). This cycle of very-70's cinematic trash was always very enjoyable, and the scenery-chomping Winters, Bernie Casey, Paul Koslo, Bill McKinney, and familiar TV faces Antonio Fargas, Esther Rolle, and Theodore Wilson all help make this one of the more memorable of its type.

Mike T (ru) wrote: Underrated Mystery thriller movie.

Donny N (gb) wrote: I love this movie!!! Awesome all the way around!!!