Bergman Island

Bergman Island

This is the first time ever that a film maker has access to Ingmar Bergman in his home at the small island Fårö in the Baltic Sea. Bergman and the Cinema starts with Frenzy from 1944 and ends with Saraband from 2003. It contains unique behind-the-scenes material from Bergman's private archive. Bergman and the Theatre is about some of Bergman's 125 theatrical stagings and about his delight with the TV medium with successes as Scenes from a marriage. In Bergman and Fårö Island he talks about the childhood that shaped him. He shows where he shot his film Persona and fell in love - and he lists his worst demons!

All three documentaries is mainly shot in the home of Ingmar Bergman. This is the first time ever that a film maker has access to Ingmar Bergman in his home at the small island Fårö in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete S (mx) wrote: Starts out as twisted Pretzel of betrayal and gory vengeance. Ends up being being a freakish anti-drug ad with some slight validity. Not interesting enough to keep my attention.

Younes F (ag) wrote: mention speciale pour Lambert Wilson tres convaincant en tarlouze!!!!pour le reste pas mal de cliches, et on retrouve le stereotype du pd plein de tunes avec un bel appart, un bon job ect....on passe tout de meme un bon moment sans ennuis.

Andrew T (br) wrote: Just another generic slasher film with bad acting. Had a claustrophobic feel since the entire movie happens within the same building. The effects and makeup were done very well. There was a decent attempt at making the killer seem scary, although it could have been done better. Felt a little bit cheated with the way to beat the killer..."just dont be scared of him". Very unimaginative.

Ian R (gb) wrote: Firstly, I loved the original. The "Dead Code", however, is just that. It should have been called "Dead Air". Did any of you guys see the sequel to "The Arrival"? Yeah, that's how bad this sucked. The Arrival was a pretty cool sci-fi movie followed up with a hack piece of crap. Why disgrace a good old movie like "War Games" with a low budget crapper like this? I wish I could forget I saw it. It was out of love for the original and sheer morbid curiosity that I even watched this (HBO). I found the throwbacks to the original movie to be a cheap tactic to attempt to please the old crowd. Maybe, if we all forgot that the actors were better and the entire scenario was more plausible in the 1983 edition, this could have worked. It was so horrible I just had to vent. Thanks RT & crowd.

Austin W (br) wrote: wow talk about a disappointing sequel. this movie has just lost all the b movie charm of the last one and made everyone dull and tasteless its a train wreck of a movie in almost everyway. the only redeeming factor is that its fun to laugh at. stay away from this movie.

(fr) wrote: OH MY GOD! FULL MOON PICTURES SUCKS. This movie was a complete piece of crap! No wonder full moon pictures is Still after 200 movies still low budget!it was bland and weird and a drunk guy tried to make out with one of the dolls and it was terrible!

John R (gb) wrote: How cone someone enjoy a film about adultery. Yes, it is a comedy, but adultery is considered something natural and accepted. Pathetic!!!

Al S (mx) wrote: An extremely intense, stylish, pulse-pounding and wickedly action-packed flick with some awesome and cool as hell martial arts sequences. A razor-sharp, wickedly cool and hard-rocking thrill-ride of a movie. It's pure adrenaline-pumping action from start to finish. A hard-hitting, bone-crunching and blood-thirsty action movie. A explosive knockout. A very smart and kick-ass movie. A very strong and very compelling action movie. An impressive cast of actors that all deliver great and compelling performances. Michael Jai White is at his best, bringing in pure dramatic intensity and expert crafted martial arts skills to his performance, he is truly an action hero to route for. Eamonn Walker is explosive. Julian sands is terrific.

Humberto F (kr) wrote: An enjoyable mystery with a clever enough twist that still keeps you interested long after you've figured it out. What can one say about Eastwood, he's perfect in these roles. The cast is interesting, much more female dominated then usual for an Eastwood flick of this kind. Its interesting to note that his doctor and his old partner are both women, a fact that might have been different in a less interesting film. Eastwood's constant touching of his chest is a somber reminder of the frailty of the character and its speaks to his wanting to play more dimension into this genre role. Jeff Daniel's role is a stretch to believe admittedly. I've actually never really liked him much and his work here is only somewhat convincing; I believed him as the lazy boat bum, not so much as what he later is revealed to be. All in all, this and Gran Torino make for a fine onscreen farewell to Eastwood's thriller/action acting legacy.

Thomas P (us) wrote: A Good Jack Black vehicle, and decently done, almost up there with School of Rock. Pretty well thought out for the most part - except that it leans on constant fat jokes as a theme, but does offer other hilarious and surprisingly poignant moments and is warmly heartfelt at times.It ends on a few wrong notes which may explain the sour rating, but don't miss the 85 percent that is wildly fascinating, gut bustingly hilarious, and actually tries to muddle out a message about seeing others beyond their facades. So many creative winks and nudges about being your authentic self and not being limited by your outer appearance.Tony Robbins the motivational guru makes a high point cameo as himself casting out the assumed 'demon of shallowness' from Hal - a truly inspired hoot to see.Lots of fun to be had here, so don't be dissuaded by the middling reviews and the dumb stuff at the end.Honestly, many compare this to Something About Mary, but I do not agree - I didn't like that movie barrage of sex and genital jokes, and in contrast, I really enjoyed the almost revelatory reveals of authenticity here as we follow Hal and his gf thru this one.A worthy effort.3 flimsy broken chairs out of 5

Sethu S (us) wrote: superb.....van damme

Angie A (br) wrote: An enjoyable film throughout start to finish. It's a film for all ages and one no doubt given a chance everyone will love. It's one of my favorite films from my youth and one i got my little sister to love just as much, in fact i do believe she stole my tape of this and never gave it back!

Paul J (fr) wrote: Interestingly, this film was never supposed to be a "Cannibal" film, much less a horror movie. It's more of a melodramatic thriller with a bit of Pocahontas thrown in. The single scene of cannibalism became so influential (mainly due to the film's enormous box office success around the world) that countless other cannibal films followed, each one trying to out-gross the last. Man from Deep River is also disturbingly noteworthy for its many authentic ritualistic killings of animals. Actual tribesmen kill snakes, lambs and crocodiles in nasty ways. Clearly animal rights hadn't been properly established yet. In the end, the Italians were the ones who started the whole Cannibal craze of the 70s and I suppose this film will be remembered for being the first film to show human flesh being eaten in any graphic sense, despite the fact the it was initially and ironically pitched as a pseudo-documentary.

Jon C (kr) wrote: a silly little flick about man's desire to explore the microbiological universeMartin Short, Dennis Quaid, and Meg Ryan share ripe chemistry togetherbeing inside a human being has never been so funny or gross depending on your taste of the scenario Joe Dante still has that creativity with effects and actors

Ray L (br) wrote: This isn't a high school love story. It is very mature and about two people healing each other through their wounds. Very deep and touching, with a realness that shows how young naive kids can be both mature and naive at the same time at the crux of a developmental era in their lives.

Lovro H (br) wrote: Sinister Squad is a movie. It exists. I cannot believe I sat through this movie. The tagline for the movie reads "Super bad. But in a good way." And they were right about at least one thing. It is super bad. This is an awful movie. One of the worst I've seen in a while. The movie is basically Suicide Squad, but with characters from fairy tales, which isn't a bad idea, I'll give it that, but the movie is just painful to watch. The direction is one of the worst I've ever seen. We're constantly shown character's heads over the whole screen. We almost never get a scene where we see a whole character on-screen. We never get to see our characters move from one place to another, they just appear in that place in the next scene. I have no idea where something is in this movie. It's a very disorienting movie. There's barely any soundtrack, and when there is, it's a poorly placed pop song. Sometimes it's very obvious that the voices and sounds are added in post-production because at moments, the lips don't match what you hear. And speaking of sound effects, there's a ton of cartoon sound effects that make no sense and are only present when Rumpelstiltskin is on-screen. The CGI is okay, surprisingly. It's not horrible. I certainly wouldn't say it's good, but it's better than I expected. The acting is mostly okay, there are some horrible moments, but it seems like the actors actually tried. Now, the plot I won't even try to explain because it makes no sense whatsoever and is excruciatingly boring. All in all, this movie is an abomination and I recommend avoiding it. Do not torture yourself like I did. There are some things I did in my life that I regret, but this. This is one decision that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Do not watch. Ever.