Berlin Calling

Berlin Calling

A man tours clubs around the globe with his manager and girlfriend. On the eve of their largest album release he is admitted to a psychiatric clinic after overdosing at a gig.

A man tours clubs around the globe with his manager and girlfriend. On the eve of their largest album release he is admitted to a psychiatric clinic after overdosing at a gig. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FantasyKitties (gb) wrote: Worst movie ever 10/10 not even a little diversity or comedy. Awful acting most disgusting movie ever.

jeroen v (us) wrote: Good effort about grief and the feeling of confusion and aggression that follows the unfair taking of a young life. Slightly convoluted editing does not work to the films advantage as it undermines the raw emotions because the audience has to work hard to connect with the characters for the first twenty minutes or so. Great acting and fantastic camerawork. "Things we lost in the Fire", another recent movie with a similar theme, worked better.

Katherine J (ag) wrote: I get goosebumps all over me when I first saw that creepy creature in the picture called Natre. 3 and 1/2 star for that.

bill b (au) wrote: thats a f.... weird film!!! soooooo weird

Ahmad J (jp) wrote: Too much DMX and not enough Jet Li for me!

AD V (fr) wrote: Another crappy adaption of King.

Charles P (kr) wrote: This film introduces a few new strong characters which enhance the eccentric lifestyle of the Addams Family. The result is a macabre comedy better than its predecessor.

dan b (es) wrote: Great comedy starring Robin Williams, Peter O'Toole, reggae god Jimmy Cliff and half the cast of SCTV.

Dan L (de) wrote: One of the best from good old Chuck. He really does jump kick through a windshield.

Martin T (ca) wrote: I have nothing bad to say; it's harrowing, tragic, and well-made. Nishi has a complex sexuality and she's not merely a figure of exploitation (once again we've got rape in a Japanese movie, but at least it's not being played for kinky kicks). But it didn't move me in any way. I didn't see much point to it. Ichikawa's anti-war messages are stronger, Mizoguchi's work is more elegant, Suzuki is more subversive. Not a bad film, but not a great one, and certainly not as distinctive as Blind Beast.

Eric D (it) wrote: This movie started out pretty slow but once it got going it was pretty good. I especially liked the ending. This is one of those old time films where it seems they talk really fast - I had to watch with the subtitles on to get a lot of the dialogue. You can definitely tell this was a 30's movie but in some ways it seemed ahead of its time, dealing with issues such as divorce, monogamy, etc...

Robert H (de) wrote: Forbidden Planet seems pretty hoaky by todays standards but if you think about the film and when it was made it is a wonderful piece of scifi history.The story about an advanced race dying off and earthlings finding their technology in the future and not being ready for it has been told time and time again and much much better but Forbidden Planet still has that old school charm about it. Where the film truly shines is with the practical and visual FX. No CG here folks. This is classic FX work that is done in camera and with photographic trickery. It's actually quite impressive when you think about it.Forbidden Planet may not be something most people today would enjoy but true fans of scifi should truly enjoy this first appearance of Robby the robot

Daniee R (jp) wrote: I really love it. Laughings, gore, an awesome soundtrack. Cool movie.