Monica Rivers, is the owner and ringmaster of a traveling circus and who'll stop at nothing to draw bigger audiences. When a series of mysterious murders begins to occur and some of her performers die gruesomely, her profits soar. She hires high-wire walker Frank Hawkins, impressed by the handsome and muscular young man. They begin an affair which arouses her previous lover Durando's jealousy. When Durando is found dead shortly afterward, the other performers begin to take alarm, as a mysterious killer is obviously loose in their midst. Many suspect Monica herself of the killings, especially Matilda, who has set her sights on Monica's new lover. At this point, Monica's unruly, sixteen-year-old daughter Angela, is expelled from school for being incorrigible and Monica is forced to take her into the circus, allowing her to become the partner of knife-thrower Gustavo. Meanwhile, the dead bodies continue to pile up...

Monica Rivers is the owner and ringmaster of a traveling circus, and she'll stop at nothing to draw bigger audiences. When a series of mysterious murders begins to occur and some of her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Berserk torrent reviews

Erin D (ag) wrote: the actors did a great job with what they had to work with, and the story itself isn't too bad, but the script is god-awful and full of cliches, filled with plotholes. this might have done better as a series instead of a one off movie.

Brenda J (us) wrote: If you dis-like drama's, I don't recommend it. Overall, I thought it was a really cool movie.

Steve W (ca) wrote: There's a really great moment in this film, the montage of the high life after the second world war ends. America is at the top peak because Germany and Japan's economies were crushed. This documentary explores the global financial crisis, as well as other things. Moore is at his most passionate, but the film is a bit lacking. The outlandish moment was Moore with the armored truck.

W W (fr) wrote: Great James Bond spoof.


Mark K (br) wrote: "To be KURWA, or not to be!" Yeah! That's what this film is about! A Polish film that (I think) transcends language and gets to the heart of any person's problems. If you want to be happy, you have to take responsibility to make that change! You can't blame anyone else! If you do, be like star Marek Kondrat...and make up really interesting hallucinations and swear word combinations.

Chrissy W (mx) wrote: I love movies like this where different characters stories seamlessly intersect. This movie pulls that plot device off very well and provides the user with interesting storylines in the process.

TeShaya C (ru) wrote: I really love this movie. This movie is realistic. This is my favorite movie.

Luc T (it) wrote: One of the greatest comedies of all time.

Geoffrey T (ru) wrote: Intelligent and humanistic, which in the lives of these people, is synonymous with depression and alcholism. I have a strong inclination that this film is a very accurate representation of addiction, and the alienation that comes along with it. It's subtle, and finds a perfect balance between pity and personal responsibility. I really loved this film.

Jesse O (mx) wrote: Solid movie, it maintains a light and fun tone throughout so that makes it better than it probably would've been if it took itself seriously. The pacing really kind of sucked however and kept the movie from being better. I suppose they wanted to save the big stuff for the end, which is good since the last long fight scene was excellent, but the movie still had an erratic pace. There's also some bloopers, but this is not really all that surprising. What surprised me is how BIG of a blooper it was. There was this scene where Jackie and Biao were dressed up as dudes driving an ambulance and they were dressed accordingly. They had wigs and shit. The thing is, before they revealed who it was driving the ambulance, in one scene where they're trying to subdue Moby, you could see a dude with blond hair (Jackie was wearing a blond wig) and you could see he was clearly an American. I didn't really mind it that much quite frankly, it added (slightly) to the charm. And the fact that everybody in Spain understood and spoke Chinese. That's about it, the highlight of this movie is really the fight scenes and they're really good. Especially Jackie's last scene with Benny Urquidez, it was tremendous. This is one of his less dangerous movies but you could also see how he ended up being as broken down as he is currently. One thing you can't say about Jackie is that he didn't give it his all during his earlier movies. Anyway that's it...a solid movie overall but not a movie I'd watch ever again.

Mike B (mx) wrote: A trailblazing classic. An important film.

Art S (it) wrote: Michael Caine's third go-round as British spy Harry Palmer, directed by Ken Russell no less, is pretty much a dud and ended the series. Caine has turned Palmer into almost a non-entity - the cogs turn inside his head but there is no outward sign of this. He gets the job done. This time he is in Finland trying to figure out what Karl Malden is up to (assisted by or thwarted by Francoise Dorleac). It turns out that Malden is working for crazy Ed Begley, a fervent Texan anti-communist, painted in broad strokes, who wants to destroy the USSR by provoking a Latvian uprising. Possibly Ken Russell's hand is seen in some of the over-the-top montages but otherwise he is relatively restrained. I struggled to pay attention.

Jaime R (us) wrote: Harold Lloyd climbing that clock tower is one of the funniest, yet nerve-wrecking sequences ever put on film.

Ryan L (br) wrote: One Hour Photo is a thriller starring Robin Williams as a man named Sy who works at a photo developing booth in a walmart like store, and is obsessed with this family that he has developed pictures for for years. This movie blew me away. I had high expectations and almost each of them were exceeded. Robin Williams gives a very quiet and sad performance as a lonely and obsessive man. very creepy at many times, but the performance and the writing allow for you to feel for this character. it truly is brilliant. infinitly suspenseful, beautifully directed, and acted to a tee, One Hour Photo is exactly what a thriller should be and is nearly perfect. 9/10