Bert Kreischer: The Machine

Bert Kreischer: The Machine

Storyteller Bert Kreischer expounds on a series of incredible and hilarious tales - from an unforgettable run-in with a grizzly bear to his legendary travels in Russia.

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Elgan D (ca) wrote: A suprusingly uplifting documentary focusing on the worst team in international football. A little more factual information would have been welcome but still this is a thoroughly engrossing story.

Stephanie Z (mx) wrote: would like to know more...

Michelle L (gb) wrote: Fantastic film! Deals with real life issues and sends a very powerful message! Beautiful poetry, perfect cast, very empowering......we need more movies like Things Never Said! This movie truly moved me! I definitely recommend seeing this film!

Janna L (es) wrote: Lonely Boy as Jeff Buckley. Hallelujah? And somehow no distributor yet

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: Donnie Yen has really grown on me and though Legend of the Fist felt like a rip off of the amazing Ip Man it is nowhere near as good. Legend of the Fist offers more anti-white propaganda (though if we are willing to make films about others and portray them poorly we need to be willing to put up with it when others use us as the antagonist. Yen still steals the screen but the story is a bit over-the-top as are the fights and lacks the realness of Ip Man. A decent film for fans of kung fu films but not one for anyone else. .

Yvan C (nl) wrote: Plus trop de souvenir de la bd correspondant au film donc je le vois plus comme un hors-s (C)rie. J'avais assez appr (C)ci (C) le premier genre film d'action et je trouve mme que Tomer Sysley joue un Largo Winch assez fidle, du coup ici rien de vraiment nouveau. Si on a appr (C)ci (C) le premier on aimera la suite, bcp aussi grce au talent de Van Hamme et son histoire haletante. Sharon Stone assez anecdotique par contre ... a rends peut-tre le film plus bankable avc un gros nom :/Bref, du divertissement sympathique, sans plus.

Genevive S (gb) wrote: I don't know what made me want to see this but I'm sure glad I did. Such a quirky, wonderful movie. Cecilia Roth is amazing as Lucia and each of her different personality.

Eve T (ca) wrote: Nice when women don't act like weeping wimps for once, in a movie.Heh, heel in forehead... one more good reason why to wear high heel shoes.;)Chain fireworks on mobsters cars and then wracking their little house was pretty sweet way to make his point.It's no great movie really, but strangely I did enjoy it... more or less.The cover should be redesigned though.

Ren R (it) wrote: really funny and good action

Kelly K (us) wrote: This was a pretty good movie, but it needed something more to make it great. I liked it, but I did not love it. The best parts of this movie were the scenes with Ben and Sylvia; they really brought the film to life.

Moni K (nl) wrote: Bad in so many ways.

Nicholas W (ag) wrote: Burt Reynolds is a stunt man taking on his understudy Jan-Michael Vincent from Airwolf. I always liked this.

Edward C (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies as a kid.

Dorian V (de) wrote: Pauly and Brendan were awesome. But Sean just got on my nerves in this film. The acting was not spectacular on his part and I think that Pauly's witty comedic genius was mellowed way to much by sean weighing him down in this one.