Bertoldo, Bertoldino e Cacasenno

Bertoldo, Bertoldino e Cacasenno

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Bertoldo, Bertoldino e Cacasenno torrent reviews

Wagner C (ca) wrote: Estou me sentindo um lixo depois de ter assistido esse filme,no tem o que explicar o que acontece nele, a tamanha monstruosidade que a mente humana em fazer o que um dos personagens faz nesse filme, acho que vou me sentir mal durante alguns dias. Nunca vi uma atmosfera to pesada quanto a de Miss Violence, esse um daqueles filmes que voc se pergunta "Deus, como um ser humano pode fazer isso com os seus prprios filhos e netos?"

Lauren V (kr) wrote: A moving story about a woman who tries to relive her glory days by going back to her hometown and getting her high school sweetheart back. 'Young Adult' serves as a wonderful showcase for all star actress Charlize Theron and a breakthrough performance for actor Patton Oswalt, who plays Matt, a former classmate. Diablo Cody doesn't disappoint with her unique writing style. I've seen this film several times since the theatres and it only gets better each time. Easily Diablo Cody's best film overall and a thunderstruck performance for Charlize Theron. Love love LOVE this movie.

Shannon R (mx) wrote: A pleasant blend of quirkiness and honesty. The documentary portion is extremely relatable and perfectly fits into our cynical world, right up until the tongue-in-cheek finale which proves that Charlyne is still skeptical, viewing love as a fantasy, helping the story avoid a sugary happy-go-lucky cop-out ending. The fictional love story aspects add a nice throughline. Probably one of the most honest love stories I've ever seen.

David M (kr) wrote: Amenabar's vision of the alexandrian world translates into a very intimate and sensible portrait of one of the greatest minds of mankind: Hypatia. Her struggle with power is the very foundation of a film that raises big questions, although it doesn't answer all of them. Nevertheless, it is a very ambitious movie, with nice performances from its cast, a very smart premise and a great work of period-setting.

familiar s (ca) wrote: Seemed promising to me, but ended up as just another not-so-bad drama. It's okay for one time watch though.

bill s (fr) wrote: Up and down all over the place period thriller.....uneven.

Nik G (kr) wrote: One of those movies whose constituent parts and tonal simplicity seem to promise so little, substantially similar to Linklater's recent masterpiece Boyhood and yet the work of a much younger man. Cynics and the twist-addicted should avoid like the plague this lengthy conversation piece with only occasional voices other than Delpy and Hawke, who paint an incredibly real picture of strangers who become soulmates in the course of a single night in Vienna. The city authorities should have paid the director a significant retainer for the four dimensional love letter he paints to its winding streets, tasteful eateries and ferris wheels. The city hasn't looked this good since Carol Reed's The Third Man. A tiny, honest wonder that will stay with anyone in possession of a heart and a sense of melodrama.

John W (fr) wrote: One of the best bond movies. Very faithful to the real James Bond character as described in Ian Fleming's books. Unfortunately, the broader mass of movie goers did not fully appreciate the "real" James Bond. Read some of Ian Fleming's novels and you will change your mind. :-)

Charlie G (fr) wrote: Very enjoyable movie. Great for the family. Man gets stiffed by a rich woman who later looses her memory and he takes advantage of it.

Aaron W (us) wrote: Pretty heavy little flick based on a pretty heavy little play about a couple coping with a braindead daughter. Alan Bates is awesome as is Janet Suzman. There are few little Medak flourishes here and there though this more or less felt a bit like someone had just filmed a play. Still it's quite strong and not the least bit boring or melodramatic which is a feat in itself given the subject matter.

Geovanny M (it) wrote: Is to near with Elfen Lied anime, I think this psycollogic teenager thing with superpowers is very strong.

Victor T (kr) wrote: In the first decade of the 2000s, prequels were the big thing to do with "Star Wars", "Casino Royal" and "Batman Begins" to name some examples; so it was matter of time for Hollywood to make Dr Lecter jump into this new tendency. In 1944, Hannibal is an eight year old kid living in Lithuanias "Lecter Castle" with his parents and sister Mischa. With the Soviets and Nazi attacking each other in this World War II era, the family travels to a hunting lodge but the conflict kills Hannibals parents and now he is reasonable for Mischa but six scavengers arrive to the lodge and take the kids hostage and kill Mischa. Now in 1952, Lecter is ready to avenge her sister. Making a prequel is always a gamble, while they may be a box office success, they mostly are a huge letdown for the fans and have the potential of destroying the franchise, with little exceptions but "Hannibal Rising" is by no means one of those exceptions. The first thing that needs to be said is the acting of the new actor portraying the young version of Hannibal, French actor Gaspard Ulliel, is terrible; it's hard to believe is the same character of "Silence". But not only the new Lecter is just painful to watch but the entire cast gave horrible performances in boring characters that are even difficult to tell apart and absolutely no one is an exception. In this final installment Thomas Harris was not only the source material but also the screenwriter for this adaptation of his own work, it may sound like a good idea but Harris didn't know that an adaptation is to make the source material shorter in order to make an engaging and well done film, instead he gave audiences a slowly paced and boring story with pathetic dialog and lame scenes that's only tied to the other installments by name only; it really shows that Dino Di Laurentiis forced him to write this prequel . Director Peter Webber clearly wanted to do an artistic film but the only beautiful element in this film was the locations. But even with all of those gigantic problems, the worst of them is the story: Is so clich, stupid, not memorable at all and they transformed a mesmerizing villain to a lame "Punisher" like antihero, while this was already done in "Hannibal" it's even more obvious and worse in this prequel. I tried to find some good in this film but really there is nothing worth watching here. One of the worse prequels I ever see and it destroys the legendary character of Hannibal Lecter. There goes Hopkins, there goes your franchise.

Stacy K (fr) wrote: I was cheering for the bear... is that bad?

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, July 14, 2014 (2013) Welcome To The Punch ACTION THRILLER/ MYSTERY Don't watch this movie for the action sequences because they're either shown better on much more superior action films, and aside from the end, much of the action is very bland. If there's any reason I'm giving this movie 70%, it is solely because of the evolving "complication" regarding the plot, as well as using the unlikely duos working together method between cop and thief who has ethical standards. Few of my favorite unlikely "duo" action movies also include "(1989) The Killer", "(2001) The Fast And The Furious", and "LA Confidential". "Welcome to the Punch" as the movie is called is the name of a place viewers are going to understand as the movie is progressing. It opens with a chase between cop, Max(James McAvoy) chasing some men riding on motorcycles while carrying something on their backs. Max then disobeys an order and attempts to cut one of them off (the last motorcycle guy) by knocking him down to the ground with a pole of sort in which he grabbed while going after them on foot, since the area consists of areas his car is unable to go through. Because the guy he knocked down wasn't completely knocked out, a fight ensures between thief, Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) and Max. Jacob manages to grab a gun, and instead of shooting him dead, he shoots him in the leg instead, before being driven away by his accomplice of another bike. With time going by, Max still haven't recovered fully by the shot yet and for some reason he's still working on the case. While the police are still after Jacob and his cronies, and under unpredictable circumstances, Jacob then finds out that his son was un-intentionally shot. Leading to something bigger than both Max and Jacob had first realized including double crossings and corruption. The best way to describe this film is that it's boring and routine on the first half, but gets even better on the second. Actor Mark Strong almost steals the entire movie from James McAvoy. 3 out of 4 stars