In order to prevent honest Ramchandra from being elected as Mayor, Digvijay Singh alias Dharamdas sets his men upon him, his son, Ram Kumar, and his wife, all in vain, as Ramchandra wins. ...

In order to prevent honest Ramchandra from being elected as Mayor, Digvijay Singh alias Dharamdas sets his men upon him, his son, Ram Kumar, and his wife, all in vain, as Ramchandra wins. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Besharam torrent reviews

Deepak M (fr) wrote: Great fictional exposition of the corrupt nexus between police, criminals and politicians in the Philippines.

Neil D (es) wrote: Got really into this: The people, the battles, the speeches, the fight for freedom in contrast to the real lives of restraint, disappointment, monotony, isolation and devoid of love and contact. Really sad, but beautifully told.Good photography and beautiful music! I want the soundtrack!

Connor T (ca) wrote: BBBRRRRAAAIINNNNSSS!!!!....No.... Possibly the worst zombie movie ever created. Zombies can form coherant sentences just wow.... all there is to say is FAIL! Epic Fail! I didnt know that this bad of a horror movie was possible.

Kelvin F (br) wrote: Bears little to no resemblance to the real Night Stalker case.

Tamin R (ag) wrote: Great jazz trumpet in outback Oz.

Rosco B (ru) wrote: The prolific director/star/ daredevil stuntman Jackie Chan was a tad miffed by the time he made this action classic- his dabbling with Hollywood the first time round (in the "Cannonball Run" flicks as well as his feted star debut "The Protector", which bombed) had left him cold. However, on his return to his homeland, the walloping success of this (the first proper Kung Fu Police Thriller tagged not incorrectly with "More action than you've ever seen!") brought about a creative purple patch in his career. The choice gems from the slew of flicks to follow (including "Dragons Forever", "Armour of God" and "Wheels on Meals") represent Chan at his fun, action-packed best. The plot is typically basic stuff, as hinted at by the Ronseal "does what it says on the tin" title; with Chan playing Kevin Chan, (it's the little differences) the star cop of his precinct who is inevitably forced to play by his own rules when up against a ruthless drug lord. But as goes without saying with Chan's best output- it's the relentless action sequences within it that everyone is there for. "Police Story" has many of them, and the opener: a ramshackle shootout-cum-carchase through a tiny hillside shanty town, is a wildly kinetic treat. Theres barely room to make a toilet break during all the barnstorming action; in fact the movie was nicknamed "Glass Story" by the crew, who must have gone through hundreds of panes of stunt glass during shooting. As with most Chan movies, theres a perverse thrill from watching the end credits out-take sequences, which show the man suffering for his art on a very regular basis. In this one, during the climax's spectacular leap and slide down a light-encrusted pole in a shopping mall, Chan managed to dislocate his pelvis. Doctors didn't even know it was possible till Chan showed them otherwise. Respect. And ouch.

Bill B (us) wrote: Originally picked this up for the Christina Lindberg connection, but it's a really enjoyable flick overall, both leading ladies are very good in their roles and obviously down for whatever the Exploitation role required.Great stuff, give it a look!

Jenna I (us) wrote: Why is this considered the best story when it's so obvious? I mean, its in the plot that's obvious. SPECTRE says "lets do the most obvious thing ever and they'll fall for it" and then MI6 says "Wow thats super obvious, Bond get in there" and then he goes and everybody's like "way to fall for this really obvious thing, guess I'll go die with you." Like................................ I don't get the appeal. That said, its certainly not awful, but I found it mostly boring. Robert Shaw was great and Lotte Lenya was kind of charming but other than that I found the movie to be heavily padded and poorly paced.

Amanda C (it) wrote: Is there anything cuter than a dancing penguin? Probably not, unless you're talking multiple dancing penguin. This seems to be the entire premise that Happy Feet is based on, but hey, look at the super cute penguins. It is a testiment to just how cute they are that Happy Feet manages to sustain itself for the entirety of its runtime. There are much better films out there for kids, but as long as this doesn't become one of the films your kid watches in an endless loop, it's an adorable diversion for an hour or two.

Joanna B (ca) wrote: The wolf pack is back and with no wedding or bachelor party, what could possibly go wrong? In the wake of Alan's (Zach Galifianakis) father's death, his ever 'supportive' friends Doug (Justin Bartha), Stu (Ed Helms) and Phil (Bradley Cooper) stage an 'intervention', prompting Alan to spend a short stint in a mental health facility to work through the emotions associated and his mental health issues. But even before they reach the hospital, things begin to go array. Assaulted by a masked gang, Doug is kidnapped by heavy-weight thug Marshall (John Goodman) who demands they must find miscreant Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) and surrender him and the stolen gold bullion or else he will kill Doug. Let the angst filled shenanigans begin. Spinning the roulette wheel one last time, this official final chapter to the Hangover series promises only mild redemption from the misguided second instalment. Breaking out of Thai prison, the wolf pack returns to the scene their original crime, Sin City. Where the initial instalments success lay in its concept reliability of four guys out to celebrate, and the theory, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. As an ex-pat of the gambling capital of the world myself, this statement not only allows, but somehow drives peoples to do the craziest of things on the excuse that whatever their secret, it is safe. Part II attempted to recreate the theory in a seedier locale to avoid claims of regurgitation and failed so in Part III the misconceived scriptwriters opted for a watered down dreg of its original self with about as much success. With a mish mash of over-the-top skits that don't quite fit together and the misplaced plot being driven by minor characters; viewers are left scratching their head and pondering why for all the wrong reasons. Although the addition of Goodman was a wise choice, Galifianakis and Jeong work far too in their attempt to conjure laughter. Cooper and Helms seem somehow neglected whilst the always sidelined Bartha is literally forgotten. It is fun to see Heather Graham back, even in its minimalist capacity.The Verdict: When it comes to comedy franchises, sometimes drinking the spiked cool aide is not worth headache. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 24/05/2013