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Christopher E (it) wrote: Although fairly generic and straightforward, "Being Charlie" is still fueled by a powerful performance and some witty dialogue, even if it is over/under exaggerated at times.Charlie, a young 18-year old boy, deals with drug abuse. With his Father running for Governor and his life on the edge, he's forced to attend rehab. Only this time, it's a bit different, and a bit more dark. I was actually a big fan of the trailer and I've always been a fan of Nick Robinson. Nick Robinson has proven to be a young actor with plenty of talent, and he has some notable movies under his belt. "Jurassic World" was far from perfect, but he made a mark there. "The Kings Of Summer", another film he starred in, was possibly one of the best indie films I've ever seen. Robinson carried this film and gave a powerful performance. I loved his performance and he carried so much weight with his acting. His ability to convey emotions and make you feel for him was noticeable, despite his less than adequate character. He takes this role and makes it his own, and I would love to own this movie just to see his performance again.As for the screenplay, it's interesting enough but it's fairly straight forward. There's nothing new to this film, and it really feels more like a straightforward story rather than an actual movie. It feels like I'm watching someone live out there life and there's not necessarily a direct path to take here. I mean, the movie can be predictable at times, but it's an interesting path none the less. The dialogue is pretty good for the most part and it seemed pretty natural. Again, this is related to Robinson's spectacular performance and he really brought out the life in the screenplay.With that being said, the characters in this film are fairly one dimensional. No one except Charlie really gets any more dimensions or other characteristics given to them. They're all fairly black and white, and despite a couple of decent performances, no one else is really that memorable. I feel like this is the kind of movie that'll either hit really hard or not at all. I was able to get hooked because of the emotional gravity I found in this film, but most won't care. This really is an example of a movie written for personal story telling. Although it means well and it's real, this movie is definitely not for all people.In the end, "Being Charlie" was better then I thought it would be. Robinson is very memorable, even if there's not much more to the film. Either way, I think this film deserves a fresh rating.

Michael M (fr) wrote: I'm probably the only person who's seen this movie, but if you can get past the ridiculousness of the concept, there's actually some funny shit in this movie and a talented cast of comedians. Rob Corddry should be in every movie as he's just hilarious. Craig Robinson, Anna Kendrick, Ken Jeong, Tom Lennon, and others are all good too. If you have 80 minutes of your life to spare and you want to laugh, give this movie a try.

Lee M (kr) wrote: This film's layered storytelling lacks the fluidity, grace, or good humor, to pull off its conceit.

Robyn (mx) wrote: This movie tells of a stroke of fate that completely changes the lives of a young couple and a family, it stirs the audience and gives us a view deep inside the heart and although the plot might sound like the stuff of a soap opera it is a really smart script and there are very strong performances .

William H (br) wrote: Actually a deep movie. Hey guys, we uhh, need to see this one........part of a check and balance kinda sorta thing.

Jesse F (ca) wrote: A great horror-comedy made all the better by a great performance by Warwick Davis as the evil and hilarious leprechaun.

dissi (it) wrote: unfortunately it has the look and feel of a video premiere. could have been better, there is sonic youth on the soundtrack.

Jonathan E (mx) wrote: One of my favorite comedies ever. Ever since I was a kid, have always lost it to the part when the dogs come on stage heh.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: The truest definition of a magical film, with great performances, one of the most beautiful scores I can remember and a touching narrative that is not about baseball as it is about going the distance and making amends with the past - and the ending is simply wonderful.

Marko H (au) wrote: An intense look at hopelessness. The dialogue is purposely packed with pointless words are spoken. The cinematography is what makes this film amazing. It's pretentious, the way that the camera moves too slowly. But it's also beautiful.

Aaron A (br) wrote: Rocky returns for a 4th round to avenge his friend and former nemesis Apollo Creed. After seeing Creed get slaughtered at the hands of Russian sensation Ivan 'Death from Above' Drago, Rocky has to take action so heads to Russia for the ultimate showdown. Balboa v Drago, USA v Russia.Sadly though, this film is a victim of it's own success. The film's plot is basic and is too dependent on the original formula which brought such success to the franchise. The plot was far from plausible, Drago destroyed Creed yet struggled against Rocky. Creed was past it but Rocky is not exactly a spring chicken by this point either. Also, I found it hard to believe that Rocky could win over that tough Russian crowd so quickly. A crowd so hostile and united against Rocky suddenly became very fickle towards Drago...There is little character depth in this film and you really feel this film is simply going through the motions. All the previous Rocky films had me on the edge of the seat and made me feel something. This film however was hollow and shallow. A pure example of style over substance...

Craig C (au) wrote: One of my top 10 films of all time.

Michael S (jp) wrote: Tyrin Turner couldn't act his role well, but everybody else did very well. That was one of the downfalls of this movie. Another one was the lack of character development and the use of a narrator. Boyz N The Hood was a lot better as far as depth. The best part about this movie is the character O Dogg. He was authentic and also the gun shots and depiction of the dead/dying characters. I took two stars away because of Tyrin Turner's acting flaw and lack of character development.

Sean G (br) wrote: Silicon Valley Season 3 ended and i needed more T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch so watched this movie. Search Party is a sitcom of a movie full of great comedic actors in small roles that doesn't add up to much unfortunately. The leads' natural charisma keeps the narrative moving. An extra half star for naked, cocaine covered Thomas Middleditch.