Best Friends

Best Friends

When a professional couple who have lived & worked together for many years finally decide to marry, their sudden betrothal causes many unexpectedly funny and awkward difficulties. They soon find that being married is often quite different from being "best friends."

When a professional couple who have lived & worked together for many years finally decide to marry, their sudden betrothal causes many unexpectedly funny and awkward difficulties. They soon... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (fr) wrote: Firstly, Adam Deacon is a talent. Have always enjoyed his acting, especially in "kitchen sink" dramas set in the east end of London. Here, he also tries his hand at Comedy and it doesn't really come off, largely I suspect due to the weak support from some of the cast. Adam Deacon has a bright future, just maybe not in comedy.

Kathy T (mx) wrote: Good story but not even close to the movie, "Julie & Julia".

Shawn S (jp) wrote: Alot more enjoyable then the first one was, but that isn't saying much.The characters this time around were actually rather likable and not just a bunch of random teenagers. This one had a much better storyline but still had many many flaws to it. Overall wasn't terribleLooking forward to see how the 3rd one turns out

Mago B (de) wrote: Un emocionante duelo dialctico, en donde 2 grandes personajes se baten por ser el nico ganador y evitar el inminente hundimiento. Una pelcula en donde se resalta el valor de una excelente entrevista: cmo manejarla y orientarla de forma ptima.

Lee R (au) wrote: i was in this flick. we shot it in pasadena on the lot where Cagney and Lacey was filmed however many years back. yeah, we all knew it was gonna be low budget but it was great fun and everyone gave their all! and Snoop was a real gentleman and had several young people on the set from the MAKE A WISH project. He dealt with the young people with respect and compassion and that is okay in my book. check out the folks in the flick-not to shabby by any means. i hope my fellow cast members are doing well-God Bless you all!

Jasmine J (ag) wrote: but it had jason in it

Hewitt J (it) wrote: Incredibly well-written and well-acted for a mockumentary. Just suffers from mild bouts of dullness.

Ash D (it) wrote: This movie was pretty insane. Not as crazy as the first Police Story, nor as funny. But, man....There's this bit where Jackie Chan is hanging from a helicopter on a rope latter flying over Hong Kong. A hundred metres of the ground, and then nearly gets hit by a train. He nearly died.I love that man.

Eric N (ru) wrote: A who's who of brilliant chinese thespians, Christopher Doyle cinematography (best in the world) and a very offbeat story in the signature Wong Kar Wai style (a slow, French-style realism).WOW. Coolest ending I've ever seen. MIND-BLOWING!! See some other Wong Kar Wai movies, then see this. Or see this and then see some more, I don't care. But check it out.In and of itself it's a pretty cool movie. It's a must-see in connection with his future works.

Devon M (us) wrote: Perhaps the most over the top, hilarious, but highly stylish low budget creature flick I've seen since 'The Last Shark'.

David S (kr) wrote: The story of Grace was, to me, the main focal point of the film, and it was incredibly sad to witness the events that led to her downfall. What terrible family dynamics that stem from the extremely abusive Jake and the sickening Uncle Bully. But otherwise, not much else as far as filmmaking is concerned.

Hans A (ca) wrote: I saw this movie and it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the action in it. I found the car chase quite exciting and thrilling and it's great B Movie from the UK.

Max M (es) wrote: Writer/director/animator Ralph Bakshi's follow-up to his enormously successful debut Fritz the Cat. What started out as an attempt at adapting Hubert Selby's controversial novel Last Exit to Brooklyn, becomes a much more personal film for Bakshi (and personal favorite), set on the mean streets of New York and following the trials and tribulations of Michael Corleone, a half-Italian half-Jewish aspiring cartoonist.Bakshi amps up the surreal quotient in his storytelling and animation to depict a New York, and the over-the-top characters that dwell therein, that are equal parts fantasy and reality, sinister and fascinating, beautiful and violent, hilarious and shocking.It's a brilliant piece of work (that is also a bit rough around the edges - an aspect which I find lends an air of authenticity and urgency to it) from one of the cinemas most daring and uncompromising artists.

John P (fr) wrote: Old school 1980's NINJA movie!