Betrayal of the Dove

Betrayal of the Dove

A divorced mother (Helen Slater) fears for her life after a friend (Kelly LeBrock) gets her a blind date with a doctor (Billy Zane).

A tangled web of deception and crime. Ellie and her daughter Autumn are in danger, but from who and why they don't know. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Betrayal of the Dove torrent reviews

Megan T (jp) wrote: Worst movie I have ever watched in my entire life.

Becky J (ru) wrote: This was pretty okay for what it was. I always find crazies amusing, which is why I live with two of them, not counting myself.

Brett H (ag) wrote: The sequel definitely amps up the body-count and enters Jason Voorhees territory with Chromeskull's near super-human abilities. However, the writing is worse this time around and Chromeskull gets to off some of the most insultingly DUMB characters I've seen in quite some time

RayNormanBateman (ru) wrote: I have never seen a Thor anime before, so was quite excited to watch this. I was a little dissapointed that it is actually about the early years of when he was still a young boy rather than the badass hammer wielding god of thunder, however the story is quite good and it touches on Loki before he turned into a baddy. Matter of fact it is the other way round, Thor was the big headed annoying mischievous brother while Loki was a happy, peaceful and level headed. This changes by the end due to the adventure they had to the frost giants and finding the Surtur sword. I can't say that I would like to see this story in a film as a prequel to Thor (2011) but it does in a way touch up on the relationship between both brothers that leads to the actual film. It isn't so bad.

Christopher Todd D (es) wrote: Boo and hiss to the critics on this one - just look at the wild difference of opinion between the audience and the critics here. On this one, the critics truly missed the mark. This is a wonderful movie about two brothers growing up in Brooklyn in the mid 70s. They come from an abusive household, where their father is an alcoholic who takes out his troubles on the oldest boy (and their mother). The performances are great all-around, with Stephen Lang and Karen Allen delivering Oscar-caliber work here.

Shahad M (br) wrote: Superb. Just an outstanding biopic.

James M (nl) wrote: Defendor is a different spin on superhero movies not too dissimilar from Kick-Ass & Super, but also complete unique in it's own way.Woody Harrelson plays the intentionally misspelt crime fighter, a simple man who dons his rudimentary costume to uncover police corruption and foil a kingpins plans for both gun smuggling and human trafficking. The film opens with Harrelson explaining the origins of his alter-ego to a psychiatrist, as his story unfolds as he is in search to bring 'Captain Industry' to justice, while both assisted and exploited by a young, drug-addicted prostitute who saves him from one of his bungled missions.Despite the plot, this film is not a superhero movie, it merely uses it as a metaphor for dual personality and schizophrenia, with Harrelson playing both a mentally retarded man with a haunting past by day and a justice-seeking vigilante by night who becomes a symbol of courage for his local community.The film is perfectly balanced between comedy & drama, with some hilarious and bittersweet moments. Woody Harrelson delivers a great performance, and along with the films Zombieland & The Messenger (for which he received an Oscar nomination), 2009 seemed to be a very good year for the actor.

Leonardo Malacay S (ca) wrote: Como un hermano creo que no hay ms que se pueda decir :3

Anthony B (nl) wrote: Decent Northern Soul soundtrack, some very funny moments as the tension mounts but overall is not funny enough and tries too hard to be a cool movie - Tries hard to deliver iconic quotes but their not funny enough, not original enough, not cool enough - Disappointing

Chrisanne S (us) wrote: Cute. Not amazing, but cute.

Lisa S (ca) wrote: This movie is like an exercise in insanity...

Steve D (mx) wrote: The beginning of the end for lohans career, not good at all. Although she isn??t bad in it

Josh D (ca) wrote: gawd..i must've seen this over a hundred times in my life since 1984 (note to self: trade in Atari 2600 for Atari 5200).

Dorian G (gb) wrote: The car chases are fucking amazing, but it might not be worth watching the whole movie just for that. So much clever dialogue, but that's essentially the whole movie. If you like Quentin Tarantino, then you'll like this, yet it does get a little boring after the first hour. Worth the watch for fans of Tarantino, or fans of car chases, as the car action is exceptional. Watched on DVD at home with Josh, February 11, 2015.