Better Luck Tomorrow

Better Luck Tomorrow

A group of over-achieving Asian-American high school seniors enjoy a power trip when they dip into extra-curricular criminal activities.

A group of over-achieving Asian-American high school seniors enjoy a power trip when they dip into extra-curricular criminal activities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KNs Horrible Movies (gb) wrote: it was really bad like really

Joe A (au) wrote: Pretentious and boring.

Crtis W (mx) wrote: This was actually pretty creepy. This is a very thought-provoking movie when it comes to loss and grief. It brings up big questions about death and how some people might think that it can be reversed. This is not so much a horror film as it is an analysis of the highly disillusioned and depressed. Good movie, though it was a little spacey at times.

Rick Q (it) wrote: live action films for children starring children tend to be very poor in the writing, and acting departments, and "spy school" is no different. it's pretty lame.

Raphael G (ca) wrote: I am pretty sure I have seen this before, but even with the trailer I couldn't remember it,,, gotta watch it again.

Garwin S (ca) wrote: Entertaining but way too convoluted plot involving a female assassin with amnesia, 2 cops hunting a sadistic killer in Paris, French secret service covert operations, Turkish nationalists, etc etc.

Michael M (kr) wrote: Bloody good fun and likely a movie not many have seen. If you liked the Revenant and/or cannibals you should probably check this out. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle are both great actors.

Felipe F (jp) wrote: Bizarre, messy, imature and pretentious, Coen brother's Barton Fink doesn't live up to their later works - lacking the wit and the humour that has become their trademark.

Michelle D (ca) wrote: I was really surprised by this. It was a really good story. That one chck got on my friggin nerves though

jay n (fr) wrote: This is a well made beautifully acted but extremely sad and sobering examination of the effect of a rash act and its aftermath on two families.

Eduardo L (fr) wrote: 8.2/10, 12-16-2016.Original rating: 11-16-2007 (8/10) YOU'RE OUTTA ORDER! YOU'RE OUTTA ORDER! THE WHOLE TRIAL'S OUTTA ORDER! THEY'RE OUTTA ORDER!

Andr D (jp) wrote: Considerada un fracaso en 1964, "Marnie" es una pelcula de corte psicoanaltico acerca de una mujer que roba en oficinas (Tippi Hedren) y un joven millonario (Sean Connery) dispuesto a "curarla" o "domarla". "Marnie" ha envejecido bien y hoy se puede apreciar como uno de los trabajos ms oscuros y perversos de Alfred Hitchcock, con mucho material para discutir o para reflexionar.

Trent M (ru) wrote: With a different ending, this could have been an interesting curio: a sort-of supernatural murder mystery. Still, at least it gave us Carol Borland (man is she creepy looking). Still, I enjoyed it somewhat.

Allan C (us) wrote: Middling pre-code drama about innocent Loretta Young moving to the big city after a man, only to find out that he's engaged to another woman. There are bits of of pre-code naughtiness that make it somewhat entertaining, like Una Merkel in her underwear and some milk profanity, not to mention a main character being a two timing louse. That's enough to make this worth watching for fans of pre-code films, but that's about the only reason to watch this tepid drama.

David J (fr) wrote: **SPOILERS** The Exorcist II: The Heretic is beyond terrible. And I blame it on the hot mess of a script credited to screenwriter William Goodhart. Though credited to Goodhart, the script was re-tooled by director John Boorman and an un-credited ghost-writer, so it?s hard to tell who to put the brunt of the blame on. Regardless?somebody should have been punched in the nuts and sent to screen writer?s jail for eternity after creating this sad sack. First and foremost there is no true urgent plot device. What are these people over reacting to??? Father Lamont (Richard Burton) is tasked with investigating Father Merrin?s exorcism of child Regan McNeil (Linda Blair) from the first Exorcist film. This is to determine if Merrin had turned towards Satanism just before he died. (What?!?!?!) For part of his investigation the Priest and Regan go into a simultaneous deep hypnosis induced by a machine to see if she can remember anything about the exorcism to help the investigation. (O?kay.) Father Lamont then goes to Africa to find someone that Merrin once exorcized a demon from when he was a boy so he can get tips from him on how to ?Help Regan!!?. (WHY? SHE?S NO LONGER POSESSED!!!) That was established at the end of the last movie and we were reminded of that at the start of and throughout this movie. Also?at this point in the film, the demon has basically been dormant and hasn?t done anything threatening to anyone. When the priest gets to Africa he finds that the boy has grown up to become James Earl Jones and is now a scientist who studies locusts. He doesn?t give Father Lamont any solid tips on how to beat the demon, but he does give him tips on how to breed locusts. None of the characters (and apparently the screenwriters) are aware of the fact that Africa is a continent and not a country. A quote from Ned Beatty?s character (a salesman who sells crucifixes and other religious relics to the natives): ?I know where all of the holy places in Africa are.? (Sure you do Ned?sure you do.) When Father Lamont gets back to the states he and Regan hook up to the hypnosis machine. She comes out of it okay but the priest comes out of it in a trance and decides he wants to go to the house where Regan was possessed in the first move. (Why does he want to go there? I have no idea and neither do the screenwriters.) Regan goes with him because?why not. Regan?s psychiatrist and her babysitter Sharon from the first movie frantically scatter to follow them to Washington. Why? Because they need to ?Help Regan!!? All movie long everyone is trying to ?Help Regan!!? even though SHE?S NO LONGER POSESSED!!! and has no real threat to her except for you assholes who keep hooking her up to the hypnosis machine so she can recall the most traumatic experience of her life. But even though ?Helping Regan!!? is of prime urgent importance?the psychiatrist and the babysitter randomly run into injured people that the psychiatrist stops to help. One of them is a man in a suit with head wound staggering on the side of the road. The psychiatrist stops the car and actually says to the babysitter: ?Regan will have to wait.? before getting out to help this random injured man. The psychiatrist and the baby sitter take a plane. The priest and Regan take a train. They end up in Washington at the same time. When the priest and Regan get to the house there are now two Regans (a good one and an evil one). The priest makes out with evil Regan. Then he tries to kill good Regan. Then he inexplicably snaps out of his trance, goes over to choke evil Regan and rip her heart out of her chest?Mola Ram style. A swarm of locusts come and the house begins to fall apart. Regan does a crazy African dance and the Locusts disappear. Regan and the Priest walk off into the horizon (literally) with their arms around each other and everyone lives happily ever after. Well?everyone except for the babysitter Sharon. She set herself on fire?FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER?shortly after they arrived at the house. She wasn?t possessed and she was never hooked up to that hypnosis machine that put the priest in a trance. She must?ve taken some bad LSD on the flight to Washington. And man, are Regan and Father Lamont a couple of dicks! They walk through the rubble of the house into the horizon?leaving the psychiatrist alone to have to explain all of the shit that just happened to the police and paramedics?who are now swarming the neighborhood just like the locusts were a short while earlier. And don?t even get me started on the dialogue! Laughable at times would be an understatement. I?ll close this out with a few of my favorite lines: The psychiatrist to one of her assistants just before she runs off to the airport with the baby sitter to Help Regan!!: ?Call my children. Tell them that I?ll be in touch.? Father Lamont to Regan: ?Good and Evil are battling inside you. We need to fight it!? (Huh?) And finally, there?s this conversation: Cab Driver: ?What is she doing?? Sharon: ?She?s a doctor.? Cab Driver: ?That doesn?t matter?this is Washington.?

Carlos M (mx) wrote: This Firefly movie is an excellent follow-up to the short-lived series, offering a lot of awesome action, witty exchanges of dialogue filled with dry humor and characters that we care about - a wonderful gift for the fans and a very entertaining sci-fi Western for everyone else.