Between the Canals

Between the Canals

Three small time criminals from Dublin's North Inner City each aspire to be somebody in a fast changing society.

Follows three small time criminals from Dublin's North Inner City as they each aspire to be somebody in a fast changing society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (mx) wrote: Holmes was rather good in this role. There is something very disturbing about a character that is too sweet and innocent, but that is then that is the point.

Jenna I (br) wrote: I was disappointed because I thought this was going to be more My Winnepeg or Rashomon than straight doc but eh. I didn't find any of the narratives to be terribly contradictory at all, just mostly people guessing what they'd suspect to be the truth and then the reveal of the truth. Certainly the movie is disturbing in a way, to find out all of your mother's shortcomings like that must be jarring. The most interesting story was between the father and the 'real' father though- the second being convinced he was part of a romeo juliet-like tale and the first just trying his best and knowing nothing was good enough for her.

Ariel p (mx) wrote: good movie special with Jacob Latimore & Tyrese

Jun C (it) wrote: it's more like a comedy from the 40's... without any point... and I really enjoy watching movies like these... coz that makes me feel better about the cinema of our country...

Gavin S (nl) wrote: "First thing you need, is a cup of tea!"Great movie.

Gabriel A (jp) wrote: Homens de Preto II , obviamente, no tem a inventividade alegre do original. A sabedoria convencional diz que sequncias no so destinadas a ser inventivas; em vez disso, eles so exerccios de manuteno, nesse caso exigiu muito dos roteiristas Robert Gordon e Barry Fanaro. Por sua vez, o diretor Barry Sonnenfeld retorna para dirigir Will Smith e Tommy Lee Jones e os estrangeiros recm-chegados Lara Flynn Boyle e Johnny Knoxville. Em comparao com o original Men in Black II super produzido e desnutrido, no traz piadas frescas e torna-se um bolo hiper-fermentado.

Allegra F (br) wrote: It had some very funny moments, but I absolutely hated the ending. I think it was a tragicomedy, because the last half an hour was just depressing. I thought Sandra Oh and Stephen Chang were great, and Oh's character's story of aspiring to become an actress was very interesting, as was her trying to obey her parents while following her heart. I just hated how she strictly chose one over the other in the end but ultimately lost pretty much everyone close to her. It was kind of depressing.

Robert B (mx) wrote: Weeds (John D. Hancock, 1987)[originally posted 22Feb2000]Rent. Go rent now. You've all heard me expound on my theory that every bad actor gets one good movie? This is Nick Nolte's. For once, his scenery-chewing doesn't detract from the film. To help him out, Hancock put together a really good ensemble cast of rising stars, most of whose stars have now long risen (Ernie Hudson, William Forsythe, Joe Mantegna, Lane Smith, et al.). If you can buy the basic premise (and I think it's based on a true story, so that shouldn't be terribly hard), it's a hell of an enjoyable film. *** 1/2

HungYa L (ru) wrote: Glad to see that they didn't make Alan Rickman a dumb villain. Die Hard has to be one of your best Christmas movie choices.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: This is a really good film, Will is awesome!

Paul B (au) wrote: It seriously amps up the comic relief which made its clever predecessor that much more fun to watch, though the story meanders most of the movie, and fails to capture the same excitement due to its illogical twists and its total lack of substance.