Mohit is a marketing whiz kid vying for a step up the career ladder. Mayera is a financial brain with a penchant for shoes. They’re a young middle-class corporate couple that’s ambitious and likes the good life too. They work hard, they party hard. They’re also passionately in love with each other. Their belief: You can live on love and fresh air. Their obstacle: Mayera’s wilful bureaucratic father V.K Sehgal. The obstinate old man believes that only a rich man can bring Mayera happiness and a mid-level executive like Mohit simply isn’t good enough! Exactly how fragile are relationships in these times where consumer lifestyles dictate their very nature and intensity? Who gets the last laugh when recession strikes and the lack of money tests love... credit-card-junkies private-sector Mohit-Mayera; or safe-playing sarkari, V.K. Sehgal?

Mohit is a marketing whiz kid vying for a step up the career ladder. Mayera is a financial brain with a penchant for shoes. They're a young middle-class corporate couple that's ambitious ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy B (kr) wrote: 3.5/5-This has to be watched with the proper perspective which is this came out in 1973 before fancy effects, before other films that seemingly have borrowed from it like Terminator or (Micheal Crichton's own) Jurassic Park. The story is quite interesting and completely creepy, Yul Brynner plays a very disturbing evil robot quite well too. There are some flaws here, starts slow with a lot of prose and the editing was choppy in parts. You are also left a little wanting at the end, its a pretty short film. Overall decent film debut for one of the best Sci-fi writers ever.

Peneflix M (nl) wrote: Sitting alone in a cavernous theatre, feeling a lot like the sole survivor of the apocalypse; questioning why I fervently hope to ignite the Western audience to the Bollywood genre; possibly, it is time to give up the battle that has not even brushed the pyrrhic stage. "Kai Po Che" (A reference to kite flying; a winner "cuts" the string of an opponent's kite), takes place in Ahmedabad, India, a kite flying capital of the world; the film is a metaphor for life, its vicissitudes, destruction of dreams, friendship. Three young men in 2001 actualize their vision of starting a training school for future cricketers; an addictive sport throughout the commonwealth and a prevalent theme in Bollywood movies ("Laagan" 2001 being the most explanatory). This is a fine film for neophytes; devoid of the sickening silliness, pervasive in traditional Bollywood fare; a love affair of genuine proportions and complexities; devastating consequences of the catastrophic Gujarat earthquake in 2001; Hindu/Muslim riots in 2002, resulting in massive carnage and loss of life. But the heart of the film pulsates with the lives/ issues of complex, talented, aspiring, idealistic men; young men coming to terms with the "sticky wickets" perpetually blocking their achievements; roadblocks of monumental proportions to surmount or crumble beneath; lacking obsequious platitudes, "Kai Po Che", embraces reality and scores a winning goal!THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!For Now.........Peneflix

Kyle M (us) wrote: If you love "Dolphin Tale" and other nature films, then you'll like this really good, heart-warming, thrilling tale that's caring when the story's told. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Erik R (us) wrote: Emotional and thought provoking, though I was saddened to see David Schwimmer typecast in this role, he played it very well.

Codie E (jp) wrote: Part of InDigEnt's series of films made for under $150,000 which also includes Richard Linklater's impressive Tape, Rodrigo Garcia's excellent Ten Tiny Love Stories and Ethan Hawke's woeful Chelsea Walls. Unfortuneatly this sits alongside Chelsea Walls. It's good as a showcase of Dennis Leary but reeks of pretention and self importance.

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First viewing - Teen years)

Deanna C (de) wrote: A movie from 2000 that is very good.

David B (mx) wrote: If you come near me, you're gonna get it. You're gonna get fucked over and fucked out.

Timothy S (fr) wrote: Extremely predictable with corny, juvenile dialogue and a really lame attempt at romance. The medieval look of the land and the bleak setting is intriguing and the violence suitable conveys the simple brutality of the times. Good premise with a lot of potential, but executed poorly.

Cam E (it) wrote: Sequel to Bean is pretty okay like the first one. I think the first film deserves a better score than this one based on the acting and the amount of laughs. There wasn't many laughs in this film. I remember watching this in the Cinema and there was just the odd chuckle but that was it, It could have been a better film and I think if you are looking for laughs you should probably look elsewhere.