Beware the Gonzo

Beware the Gonzo

Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman is starting a revolution. When the wild-eyed rebel journalist is ousted from his prep school's newspaper by its über-popular editor, Eddie fronts an underground movement to give a voice to all the misfits, outcasts, and nerds. Soon the power of the press is in Eddie's hands... but will he use it wisely?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   rape,  

Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman is starting a revolution. When the wild-eyed rebel journalist is ousted from his prep school's newspaper by its über-popular editor, Eddie fronts an underground ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete S (gb) wrote: Good movie! Hard to understand accent a fee times. Beautiful cinematography.

Layla K (de) wrote: Omg this is an awesome movie and so so magicall

Nick B (nl) wrote: Some excellent tense scenes. Felt like it wasn't wrapped up very well but overall worth a watch. Excellent use of sound track. Well composed shots.

Nelson T (au) wrote: This is truly about a person that is pressing forward and looking at the goal and not giving up

Manuel O (de) wrote: Amazing animation and great movie, don't like the changed ending though

Mad M (gb) wrote: It's a quite difficult task to originally create a story as this, as i think and Anna Quilden has made it as if you are looking at something really going on out there. The complexity of the emotions how they are tackled through series of events....even the small ones, they were all amazing. Even though Kate stands as a simple soul, she is the strongest mind in the story. And Meryl Streep perfectly moulds out the character and I'm pretty sure no one else can act it out that way. Her understanding of life is what most of the people are missing. That intuition of psychology has a great impact on the feel of the story. And i think that was amazing.

Larry Y (br) wrote: Quirky, innovative, and fun. One of the few "urban fantasy" films ever made. It's a hidden gem and one of my personal favorite movies. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but if you like films like Buckaroo Banzai, Forbidden Zone, and O Lucky Man, I highly recommend checking this out (if you can find it).

Greg W (ca) wrote: good performances all around though the plot is the old love triangle

Ben W (de) wrote: another classic ozu film examining his usual set of themes: family, marriage, japanese tradition, etc. this one is set apart by setsuko haras performance as noriko. her smile makes the screen that much brighter with her playful nature and heartfelt allegiance to those she cares about. this one is a bit more upbeat than, say autumn afternoon, but it still has its bittersweet moments.

Spencer P (ag) wrote: Terrifying, technically clever, and hugely suspenseful, this nightmarish found-footage creature-feature may have difficult camerawork and some noticeable cliches, but there really isn't anything like it, and it's thankfully held aloft with some comic relief.

Matthew C (it) wrote: Sometimes you think you're about to watch one movie and you end up watching another. Case in point: Hyde Park. I thought Laura Linney, Bill Murray in a unique performance, and a pivotal moment in history all under one roof would be great! Wrong! This film, though well crafted in its technical presentation, is flawed beyond repair in its characters, attitudes, message, and story. Now I know it's based on a true story so who can argue with history? Well some stories should not be told and this could be one of them. The movie pretty much declares that affairs are OK, that scandalous behavior, immoral conduct, and shameful secrets are all something worthwhile, completely acceptable, and charming when finally shared with the outside world. Yeah, not going to fly with me. I did enjoy the king and queen and their perception of America. I also did enjoy Murray's embodiment of Roosevelt, but most of the mood of the film, it's dialogue, and it's pacing were drawn out, led to nothing, and just filled with absurdities. I know Roosevelt and everyone around him were flawed. I know they did great things and made mistakes. I DO NOT need to be instructed to applaud the mistakes and relish history revealed. Who do you root for here, other than maybe the king? What man and woman wants to be like this - unfaithful, selfish, childish, seemingly spouting wisdom one minute and then turning a blind eye to it another. Who wants to be cheated on? Who desires to be second rate, to be thrown away, to be used? Letters and diaries were found belonging to Daisy and so a movie was made affirming this tragedy. I thought Linney would play Eleanor, I thought this would be about a marriage that supported a presidency. If that's not history then show me history through the lens of Truth, not through the lens of warped morality. Stay away from this movie. Don't let the elegant scenery, cinematography, production design, music, and costumes fool you. It becomes a bore at times, strange in places, not relatable in others, and downright false.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: funny and crude, what more you expect?