A girl enlists a psychic to get rid of her murderous alternate personality.

A young woman has two distinct personalities, one of whom is evil and constantly gets her in trouble. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bewitched torrent reviews

Amir M (mx) wrote: Ett rikitigt konstverk. Rekommenderas starkt!

Sean C (kr) wrote: What can I say, Today I watched two movies the first was the good the bad and the weird, and the second Robo-geisha. I had bought both of these movies on the same day and watched them both the following day. You may ask what did I see in this movie.... Well to be honest I was in the Asian movies section and I had just watched "Super" the last night so when I saw a movie with a similar box as super I would pick it up just for the soul reason I was in a good mood... That is a bad way to defend this movie, after look at the dvd for a bit I was with two friends the first said you do not plan on buying that right? I said well it look kinda kool, and also it might be some sorta of gore more just look at it. He sighed and walked away, the second friend had seen what seen we were on the same thought pattern ( side note this is completely unrelated but when I had typed in the word pattern I looked the song patterns by weird al on youtube because I had not heard that song in a while). As I was going to explain why I like to buy it he said something similar to what I said. That was the help I need to go to the line with it. Also when I was looking at it I saw in the non connected circle ( you know film compitions) "Zomg" "WTF" and "Whud" that just sparked my imagination even more to want to know what this would be. Something I did not notice when I bought this was it was made by "Funimation" that anime company.... I do not like anime normally so this made me a little wary. So I want to watch what I thought would be a hardcore gore feast and stylish sword battles and edgy images but first I wanted to screen it first so we were not walking in to something really just riddled with nudity and other things. While watching the movie I said what am I watching so I took notes to remember as much as possible. Robo-genisha well the title is simple enough to understand a mechanical woman.... Now I know that there would be a fair amount killings in the movie but not one kill was kool. There was one kill where I yelled "OWNED" but I was disappointed to see he did not die from this.... Now these genishas are killing machines with get this an army of them but only two can see the evil they do. These two sisters. Now in the pursuit of trying to save the world from the evil ones you see the training of these Robots, beside the fact that you could just program them to do anything, their training is simply silly. This will include being a small room with red and blue lights flickering aboot and just punching and doing some sort of sumo stomping.... Not impressed so far. Well this is where the movie gets strange, that is these two goblins. They are these two women with these red masks. Have a wide selection of attacks that range from smoshing in faces to "hell's breast milk" soo yea it is just weird. Now these robots can be repaired over and over again with not problem so that means when someone gets damaged or hurt there is no reason to make a long drawn out crying scene, just saying that happens like twice and is just makes want to hit the fast forward button but in high hopes of something intresting to happen I did not fast forward, I do not even fast forward through movies on my first watch through but I was so temped to. This movie is set up like a live action anime, that includes everything thing you would think of when considering an action packed anime. Shaky camera zooming in and out really fast and turning it on sides. Also when it comes to the effects you will be shocked to see it is effects that will be on your computer when you buy it. The cheap effects that take priority over anything on the screen so that means when there is blood on screen it will block the cut, yea over everything if that is a woman, man or a building..... wait building? Well of course when I building is hit by a giant machine it will have these cheap blood effects. In this review I do not want to give away everything that happens in this movie so I will only bring up three more things before the final verdict even though I have a list of topics to write aboot and yea it is double sided.... 1) The score of this movie is stole right from robo cop 2) The effect for the giant moving building is the same used in power ranges.. And this done a lot worse and it came out in 2009 3) In the final battles there are "ass swords" no looking just shaking your ass in high hopes that you stab someone. Final Verdict: I do not suggest this movie to anyone unless you meet this requirements. First you are watching this for free. Second you are watching it with friends.Third you and all you friends are prepared to make fun of this movie. So mu score is even low then normal because I paid a little over $10 for this piece of you fill in the black 10% out of 100% you may ask what gave it the 10% well it was that I was laughing at how bad it was....

Joshua U (us) wrote: This movie was much better than I anticipated. There is good acting from the main actors. Mos Def's voice gets a little irritating, but he delivers some good acting. The story went in unexpected directions. I thought I new what was going to happen, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie has a good amount of action, but it is not extremely over the top like some movies. The movie does kind of drag in some places. The movie does have an inspirational message at the end, which can apply to almost anyone's life. I enjoyed this movie. It was not as big and flashy as AAA big summer blockbuster, but I enjoyed the story, acting, action, and inspirational message.

Kris O (au) wrote: Awesomeness at its best!

Gordon S (ag) wrote: Well it aint Lassy but I found the film entertaining and the bond between the boy and his dog genuine. Recommended for a family movie night.

Roy C (ru) wrote: 'Dumbest white boy in the history of white boys' teams up with street kid in borrowed Mercedes to retrieve his stolen diver's watch and locate his new friend's father.

Mason M (de) wrote: A very action packed Godzilla movie with lots of blood, a very interesting story and mysteries, and epic battles from beginning to the end. As my favorite and first Godzilla movie, this is what I consider as this peak of the Showa Era and a top rating Godzilla film.

Magnus S (fr) wrote: Bodybuilding documentary. Could have been so much better.

Joo Miguel R (es) wrote: Horror comedy with death metal. I had fun with this movie and it's a very crazy movie.. the evil come to life when a band plays heavy metal.. Gory, funny and with nice interpertations Deathgasm is a must see to all genre fans..

Maria B (mx) wrote: It's a nice story about a nice Irish girl and a nice Italian-American boy.

Daniel R (kr) wrote: Decent film, mainly due it's strangeness... Once they film kicks in (which takes a little while) you have to keep watching out of sheer "what?!?" ending was a little quick but overal decent.