Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief

When terrorists shattered their lives, two women set off on an extraordinary journey to rebuild themselves and the lives of women half a world away.

Susan Retik and Patti Quigley are two ordinary soccer moms living in the affluent suburbs of Boston until tragedy strikes. Rather than turning inwards, grief compels these women to focus on... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruben G (jp) wrote: It really tries to be funny. Very poor movie to watch. I don't plan to ever watch it again. I honestly saw like 20 minutes of it and gave up on it. Overall, it sucks!

Juli N (gb) wrote: An exciting new take on Werewolves that is more than worthy of your time!

Edward K (mx) wrote: didnt really care for it but damn cloris leachman is amazing thats the only good thing about this

Jeff P (es) wrote: Yet again I'm left to wonder, doesn't anyone know how to end a movie anymore? Tired lines said by tired icons still makes an empty film.

Holly H (nl) wrote: Too long and overblown. Had the potential to be very funny - but unfortunately it took it self too seriously and ruined the fun. Better luck next time, Don (if there is one.....)

Ron S (jp) wrote: Bad acting, bad script, bad lighting, bad sound, bad editing... but it does increasingly spout Christian dogma the longer you watch!

Magnus S (ag) wrote: Disturbing and intelligent. Perfect for psychological thriller lovers.

Sheila C (mx) wrote: Fastinating, visually appealing, but emotionally overwrought period drama

Sean G (mx) wrote: Superb unapologetically Canadian road movie. Weird and funny. Superb cast with Earl Pastko standing out as Mr. Skin and Jello Biafra as a crazed US border guard. Full of great quotes."Lady, you can't cheat at bingo. If you could, I would, but you can't. I won because I was lucky - lucky to wind up in a town full of losers!"

Debera D (au) wrote: A brilliant contribution to animated - and non-animated - film-making. An impressive technological achievement, brilliantly funny, smart and actually moving.

Martin T (gb) wrote: Essentially a comedy, but the loose narrative structure makes it slightly unclassifiable. Truffaut peppers the film with a handful of little eccentricities (for example, the amusing newsreel) that make it unconventional. Naturally, there is no one character as fleshed out as Antoine Doinel, but we do get a broader range of the childhood experience... from first kisses to child abuse to classroom antics to petty theft. An enjoyable work, though admittedly it didn't bowl me over.

Fagatron P (fr) wrote: The Bold, the Black!!!!

Daniel O (de) wrote: Pretty good. As a member of the LDS church and a former missionary I can relate much better than say some one who is not but never the less, it's still a powerful story and illustrates the power of faith regardless of religious believe.

GreatOne W (gb) wrote: Bad on pretty much every level....

Art L (us) wrote: OMG Kate she went to Oxford. There is a God. Just saying.

Paul B (au) wrote: What might've been a great screen adaptation of a great stage production is tarnished by a painfully overlong running time. Fiddler on the roof is occasionally funny and sporadically entertaining during its equally overlong musical numbers, and those sequences are so far in between. Overall, it's an exhaustive experience, and by the end of every song you'll already be sick of it for their failure to just end.