Beyond Beyond

Beyond Beyond

Beyond Beyond is a story about wanting the impossible. A story about a little rabbit boy not old enough to understand the rules of life, who takes up the fight against the most powerful ...

Beyond Beyond is a story about wanting the impossible. A story about a little rabbit boy not old enough to understand the rules of life, who takes up the fight against the most powerful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie M (nl) wrote: Armored guard gets wrapped up in a deadly heist in this predictable action yarn.

Rebecca (br) wrote: There are so many reasons why this war is wrong. This film lays out for you one of these reasons. The interviews taken are from people directly involved in this outrageous abuse of power and finances. They are not opinions but first-hand experiences.

Edward C (ag) wrote: Fanboys(2009)Starring:Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, William Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Ethan Suplee, Christopher McDonald, Danny Trejo, Billy Dee Williams, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Zak Knutson, Ray Park, Danny McBride, and Allie GrantDirected By:Kyle NewmanReviewTHE SAGAS BIGGEST FANS ON THE GALAXIES GREATEST MISSIONNEVER TELL THE ODDSYou know this movie defines my life in a nutshell, just a bunch of geeky ass fanboys wanting to see Star Wars movies, who love star wars and would probably do something like this if any one of us, was dying of cancer. I have never even been to a midnight screening for a Star Wars flick, but when that day comes I'm going to remember this movie because I am a Fanboy.The film revolves around a bunch of Star Wars fanboys Eric, Linus, Hutch, Windows and one fangirl named Zoe, when they find out Linus is diagnosed with cancer they all band together to complete a dream they had ever since they were in high school to go to the Skywalker Ranch so they can all watch Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace before it's release.I found this to be a love letter to any star wars fan or any fanboy in particular cause the characters pursue this movie because Star Wars is their passion and they all want to watch it together because it's what brought them together in the first place. Any fan of Marvel, Dc, Anime, and especially Star Wars would want to do this with their friends if they found out one was dying or was sick.The thing that sticks out to me most in the film are all the cameos, Eric as a character, windows,and all the absurdity of this mission they have dedicated themselves too, the film also pokes fun at Star Trek and I found that to be a lot of fun considering I like both franchises but I like Star Wars a lot better of course.As you can probably already tell I love the story for this film about a group of friends going to the Skywalker Ranch to see episode I before their friends passing, cause as a fan of Star Wars should feel during this picture is warm in the heart by doing everything you can to watch a film to a franchise you love before your friend passes away, that is touching. Because every Star Wars fan would want to see it before it's release.The movie does achieve it's goal cause when I laughed, I laughed really hard, but it didn't make laugh too much in the film but the things that kept me entertained were the characters, the situations, overall story and cameos.The performances are not all that great either I did like most of them, however I didn't like Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, or David Denman. I enjoyed everyone else but my favorite performances have to be from Sam Huntington and Jay Baruchel.The direction was surprisingly good but isn't great work, the film is just carried by the performances and great writing by Ernest Cline, Adam F. Goldberg, and Dan Pulick.The film as a whole does come together for me, I've noticed a lot of people don't like this movie but you know what I'm not ashamed to say I freaking love this film,it has some really great funny moments while very few numbers,it has good performances, it has great writing and I am THE FANBOY, so you know what, I love this film, I give Fanboys a four out of five.

hate e (au) wrote: Deliver us from death by cheese. I tried not to take it seriously, I really really tried to laugh at LL Cool J, and I really really really tried to take a moral message from it, but my brain just wouldnt let me. The first 30 minutes or so were pretty funny but as soon as LL Cool J turned on the charm it was like a living hell. I'm sorry, I cant continue writing.........I need the toilet.

MorgueAn M (nl) wrote: Awesome movie, dark, violent and powerful. One of my all time favourites.

Jesse W (jp) wrote: Subtle, ambiguous yet always captivating, this is a story of a time and place in people's lives where their city is corrupt and innocence is lost. It's much more interested in finding a storytelling rhythm where the audience is caught up in the tone and feels the characters lives and the events that change them instead of showing some conscious reasoning. May require more than one viewing.

Thiago A (ru) wrote: Howards End um dos poucos filmes em que tudo funciona perfeitamente: o visual belssimo, o elenco impecvel e todos se destacam, o roteiro inteligente e envolvente, e a trilha sonora animada d leveza as situaes dramticas - e tudo os crditos devem ir para o diretor James Ivory, por conseguir fazer essa raridade.

joey b (fr) wrote: I remember this film when I was young boy 2 pac use to scare me because he played that role so good true classic

Brandon R (mx) wrote: Of course, the only outstanding element was Newman. The film itself was slow and could have been trimmed down a tad.

Chris W (kr) wrote: This is writer/director John Sayles's historical drama about the infamous Black Sox Scandal in which eight players from the Chicago White Sox were paid to throw the 1919 WOrld Series- an event which is one of the mot notable and darkest moments in ports history. The retelling here is pretty good, and qwuite insightful, yet not without its flaws. The story could have ued some more context and clearer motivations, and it helps to have at least a little prior knowledge of the story before seeing this, but even then, this is still an enjoyable look at just how different the sports world was way back when, as compared to the days depicted here where the players were true working class heroes not making millions of dollars, and were seen as truly being guys deserving of worship, making their screw ups all the more stinging and upsetting.I think the film also could have further detailed the labor history aspect of things, and the exact cultural impact the scandal had, but it does a decent enough job as it stands.

MF J (au) wrote: A piece of Italian cinema that deserves to be seen by new generations. Tough and very interestingly shot, this film is a hard one to chew on but it's also and incredibly piece of cinema.

Kendall I (ca) wrote: I had to watch this in history class. PLOT:John Adams (William Daniels) is an arrogant and obnoxious Patriot who is fighting Congress for American Independence with his partners in the Declaration Committee, Benjamin Franklin (Howard Da Silva) and Thomas Jefferson (Ken Howard) as the Revolution is occurring, but Jefferson's personal problems, tolerance of the Declaration's rules, and trying to get the whole thing accepted is a trouble. It's a good subject to make a movie on-but a musical? It's executed decently considering the fact that it's based off a '69 musical. ACTING:Very good acting. The shiners are Daniels and Da Silva. They have friend chemistry and spark interest in the characters. SCORE:The score is composed very well and is very patriotic. The soundtrack has its ups and downs. Some songs where the singers can't sing worth a crap are "Yours Yours Yours" and "The Lees of Virginia". Some beautiful songs are "Momma Look Sharp" and "Molasses to Rum". Some just plain silly songs are "The Egg" and "He Plays the Violin". The soundtrack overall is not too bad considering it's a historical musical. OTHER CONTENT:Some may argue that the historical accuracy isn't too good, but I say that it's pretty well researched, for we have learned this stuff in history class this past week. I will admit, it left out a few things. It's pretty accurate in basics though. Though this movie is so stupid it's funny and cheesy to the extreme, it's supposed to be. It's a BROADWAY COMEDY MUSICAL! It's cheesy in a way that it's campy, but not well enough executed to be considered good. Even in some scenes, it helps you feel the dread of this time's war and loss. OVERALL, an ok musical with a decently executed plot, great acting, patriotic score and not too bad of a soundtrack, pretty good historic accuracy, a thin layer of campiness, and actual feeling.

bill b (de) wrote: strong film. Violent without showing and visual violence

Jason S (fr) wrote: Mortifying but hilarious and sad. Loved it.

Daryl K (kr) wrote: Better than you'd think a movie starring Pamela Anderson would be. Mainly because it rips off the basic story of 'Casablanca'. You'd also think there would be a certain camp factor here, but you'd be wrong. They tried to play it mostly straight -- to the film's ultimate detriment, probably.

Caribou K (mx) wrote: Another one to see when it comes to cable.

Craig F (de) wrote: I really wanted to like this starting off. Nice cast, good dialog and an interesting plot but it took way too long to get where it was going.