Beyond Enemy Lines

Beyond Enemy Lines

A story of the infantry regiment 61 that fought from Syväri to the Karelian Ishtmus.

A story of the infantry regiment 61 that fought from Syväri to the Karelian Ishtmus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben H (ag) wrote: Very believable performances of all characters and a story I can relate to. Just wonderful.

Iris F (br) wrote: Vilken trevlig verraskning! Underbar film!

Cameron R (br) wrote: tons of action, great movie :), 10/10, and John travolta was really funny as the wise cracking partner lol

Lee M (mx) wrote: It doesn't quite have the adrenaline to be a great thriller, but Catch a Fire makes up for it with compelling characters and a genuinely important theme.

Douglas W (ru) wrote: Outstanding....on all accounts

Justin P (mx) wrote: Wedding Crashers is expertly-written, directed, and performed - all with near-perfect audio mixing. Not only that, it's hilarious. Perhaps the story does fall into typical cliches we're used to seeing nowadays, but it accomplished so much for its time - and still manages to entertain to this day 10 years later.

Jing Z (ag) wrote: It is boring at first, and then it starts to interesting

Paul G (it) wrote: Not to be confused with the REAL Suburbia (1984), which was about punks.

Andrew H (kr) wrote: More of a mystery thriller with a western setting, rather than a straightforward western. Based upon something written by Alistair MacLean you know it isn't going to be so straight forward as a routine western! It is essentially a story of Who? What? and Why? It is well written and very fast paced. The film is well written; nothing is revealed too early and there is always anticipation for what will happen next. The suspense is fantastic throughout the entire film, and always keeps the audience's attention. The downside of the story comes from the answer to Why? There is no clear answer given to why the events within the story have occurred. As action goes there is not much in the film until the end, although there are some very good stunts and special effects. The acting is good, no one particularly stands out. Charles Bronson plays a very good part as the mysterious prisoner and Richard Crenna is very convincing as Governor Fairchild!! Robert Tessier is quite good as the villain Calhoun and should have been given more screen time. Overall an excellent mystery story with plenty of anticipation and suspense. The acting is good and there is enough action and special effect sense within the story. The only slight problem with the story is when they mysteries are revealed they are not revealed very well and is a bit of anti-climax.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: The chick flick tackled the topics of the best of friends (value of friendship) and of a girl's dream wedding with a twist that affects their friendships and relationships towards a catfight with no predictability of the outcome till it was figured out at the end. Well-tackled and meant well with some amusements for those outside the chick flicks audience towards the women's crazy behavior in the film, but it's an overall, average chick flick with a typical play while asking for acceptance from its target audience for the "exaggerated" portrayal of bridezillas. (C+)(Full review coming soon)

Jonas (ca) wrote: Helt ok svensk animation som utspelar sig i en dystopisk framtid dr storfretaget kan komma in i din hjrna via shampot.

Kyle H (gb) wrote: Great action but the characters are mostly one dimensional and are never given much development.