Beyond Rangoon

Beyond Rangoon

Patricia Arquette stars as American widow Laura Bowman, a young doctor who's unwittingly drawn into political turmoil while vacationing in Burma in the late 1980s, in this fictionalized drama based on actual events. Bowman initially left San Francisco with her sister (Frances McDormand) in an attempt to escape painful memories of her husband and son's violent deaths. But her fight to escape to Thailand could prove just as harrowing.

Laura is trying to pick up the pieces of her life after the murder of her husband and son, and goes on vacation with her sister to Burma. After losing her passport at a political rally, she... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Varun V (fr) wrote: What a love story yar ...

Marischa B (ru) wrote: Have you ever seen a movie and wondered "if someone were going to ruin this type of movie how would they do it?" Yup you guessed it this is in fact that movie.First after watching this movie I truly wondered if it were possible to make a movie with (sniper) in the title with less sniping. Secondly the entire movie is not about snipers its about a soldier trying to get as far away from sniping as possible because in his words "its a cowards way of fighting". Then there is the laughable acting, almost no one in that movie knew what real emotion was supposed to look like so they just acted the best they could in hopes of attaining some shred of realism.. utter failure. Plot line, um what plot line it was just an endless scene of a guy angry about his buddies getting killed and running back to get revenge as if that's supposed to be heroic, more like pathetic and exactly what no marine would ever do in a situation like that.

Cary R (jp) wrote: Wonderfully cast and well-acted, this superb Iranian film deftly explores how easily a heretofore close-knit social group can be pulled apart by seemingly innocuous fibs and secrets brought to light by a mysterious disappearance.

Greg R (gb) wrote: Exceptional documentary being featured on PBS's Independent Lens in 2015.

Matthew S (it) wrote: A lushly lensed and well acted film tracing the background of historic photographer, Maria Heiskanen. Despite this film's beauty and well-intentioned narrative, the pacing is off. This Swedish production is far too long and sluggish for the subject it presents. For cinematography and history buffs only.

Slappy M (mx) wrote: Michael Moore really misses with this documentary. Usually a master, but here in this one, he just repeats himself over and over again. Completely unentertaining and strangely dated.

Becky B (ca) wrote: loved it as a kid, when I knew no better

Kip B (de) wrote: Dolph Lundgren is secretly the world's worst andriod

Kim B (ru) wrote: Freeman does an excellent performance. Interesting story and leadership, but it got results. I've had teachers like him and I enjoy ppl who take their job serious. Only part I didn't like was how Clark treated the teachers or vice principal sometimes.

Jordan P (fr) wrote: Visually interesting and strange, but no answers to gaping plot holes throughout the movie and you're left having to make up your own ending.

Christopher M (kr) wrote: Cult Comedy Classic!

Adam W (jp) wrote: An elegant, quirky, and hilarious example of the commedia all'italiana! Perfetto!

Craig C (gb) wrote: Adored as a toddler, unwatchable forty years later. The musical that almost bankrupted Fox, ending the era of the Big Hollywood musical. Overlong and boring script and not one memorable song in the lot. And yet somehow this got a Best Picture Oscar nomination? This is MST3K quality through and through!

Rob A (es) wrote: An 80s classic But unfortunately the acting was only sub-par.

Luc T (gb) wrote: This movie is very entertainnf