Beyond Silence

Beyond Silence

Beyond Silence is about a family and a young girl’s coming of age story. This German film looks into the lives of the deaf and at a story about the love for music. A girl who has always had to translate speech into sign language for her deaf parents yet when her love for playing music grows strong she must decide to continue doing something she cannot share with her parents.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:German,German Sign Language,English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   student,  

Since the earliest days in her childhood Lara has had a difficult but important task. Both her parents are deaf-mute and Lara has to translate from sign-language to the spoken word and vice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John L (gb) wrote: Very pretty, leisurely paced movie with nuanced family dynamics and gorgeous settings. Some characters strained credulity, though.

Alana U (kr) wrote: it is a stupid movie it annoyed me the vanessa character was so dumb especially when u thought she worked it out he was a carpentor then realised she thought he did both. but it was kinda funny in bits and i do like the actress rachael leigh cook.

Ron S (jp) wrote: A messed-up movie -- good, but disturbing.

Bill B (ru) wrote: Oswalt continues to blow me away as he ages and grows both as a comedian and an actor.Great stuff, recommended.

Gman H (ag) wrote: I'm late to the party one this one. This got recommended to me recently. There are some really funny moments, just not enough of them. Great job from Kayvan Novak. [6/10]

Matt C (ag) wrote: Feels straight to DVD

cli o (nl) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Alexandria M (gb) wrote: Like Log: it's better than bad, it's good.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Caddyshack is one of the 80s classic films that I wanna see for quite some time. So when I finally get to watch it, I felt a bit disappointed, but I still thought that it was a really good movie. The plot is just there, and the comedy is a bit hit and miss for me, mostly a hit that is. The golf scenes are entertaining to watch, and the gopher scenes are cute to watch which I really had a hard time thinking that it was either real, or a puppet. The characters are really good, and the script has some memorable lines. The acting is good, especially Rodney Dangerfield who is having lots of fun in this. There's not much to talk about for this, so I just enjoyed a bit from this, even if it wasn't as great as I thought was gonna be.

Stephanie F (es) wrote: Ann Sheridan is absolutely awful for about the first fifty minutes of this; luckily Cary Grant is here to make up for that. I would stick to Bringing Up Baby though if you want to laugh and enjoy Grant.

Derrick A (ag) wrote: If you want to learn about the bible, watch Dogma.

Paul D (it) wrote: Terrible beyond words. Stephen King should NEVER be allowed to direct again. The acting was beyond bad, it made me want to bang my head againt the wall repeatedly. As for Yeardley Smith...she should never be allowed to do anything other than Lisa Simpson's voice for the rest of her life. Her screaming made me wish I was deaf!

Todd L (es) wrote: Odd entry in Woody Allen's filmography. The nods to German expressionism are interesting and playing the traditional Allen nebbish character off the overly serious characters of that setting is fun, but other elements of the story bring the whole thing down a bit. Still worth a look, though.