Beyond the Door II

Beyond the Door II

A couple is terrorized in their new house haunted by the vengeful ghost of the woman's former husband who possesses her young son.

A couple is terrorized in their new house haunted by the vengeful ghost of the woman's former husband who possesses her young son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beyond the Door II torrent reviews

Joshua F (gb) wrote: Thoroughly mediocre, but nice to see some local Chicago spots like Roberto Clemente High School. I saw this tonight at the International Film Festival and Dennis Farina was there.

Stacey O (fr) wrote: Moving and beautiful film.

Alora K (gb) wrote: this movie looks good I really wanna watch it.

Craig W (ca) wrote: It is arguably better than Boll's film but it's still a billion miles away from great, seeing as this is an average running time film it really, really drags.

David A (de) wrote: If you're a geeky fanboy like me, you'll find plenty to like about this movie, it's protagonists and the sci-fi reference laden dialogue. Otherwise, you should stay away. I can't forget to mention that Shatner is awesome playing himself ("Bill") in this picture.

Jeffrey R (nl) wrote: Saw it and thought it was a good movie.

Robert I (gb) wrote: Saw this on Facebook's recommendation. None of the comedy works in the film. But I did like that Christian Slater got to be basically Judge Dredd in a weird alternate universe where the police in San Francisco is privatized. When movies make up their own rules: It's more fun for everyone. Unless they rely on sound effects for their comedy. Then it doesn't work. Tony Goldwyn also didn't get to do much. Why not make this into Slater's next TV series?Edit: Apparently San Francisco Patrol Special Police is a real thing, but I highly doubt it's as Robocop/Judge Dredd as this film makes it out to be.

Eddy C (mx) wrote: Its a great B Movie monster movie that is no way as good as its predecessor. But I had a lot of fun watching it. I watched King Kong and King Kong Lives back to back. Linda Hamilton tried her best but Kong is still cool in this.

Steve G (kr) wrote: I could never love someone who watched this movie & didn't appreciate it. I don't think they could make a movie like this today. Absolutely loved it. It had everything you want from a movie. Suspense, drama, pathos, humour, realism, great writing, great music, great acting. Neither side is portrayed as necessarily good or evil. Every position was made to seem understandable. Presents the nuances & intricacies of getting into war in a very compelling way. Stewart, as always, is so good. So effortless. Mule was one of the worst villains I've ever seen, despite only minutes of screen time. The deaths were devastating. Truly showed the tragic nature of war. If someone wanted to understand me, they should probably look no further than this film. It suffers the slightest bit, however. Some of the drama lacks a little pacing. But still it affects enough to impact the viewer. I don't think the ending was as big & as powerful as it could have been. Nor was the families return home. Seemed a bit scurried. The one drawback. As for the boomer critics, I am so sick of them viewing everything through the prism of (LBJ's) Vietnam & their self-professed glory days. This is hardly an anti-war film. It conveys the apprehensions & concerns that any family would have on any side regarding loved ones going into battle & the weighty reasoning of concluding so. You'll note that one of the reasons Stewart wante dto mind his own business was because he was a family man first, not someone who felt that government should control the domicile & decisions of which causes to partake in. Yet these boomers are now the very ones who want government to be involved in every aspect of one's life. And the one thing the critics miss more than anything... they GO to war in the end! At some point it becomes necessary for them to stave off the Yankees. They don't join self-righteous hippie protests. That's the difference. Away with that idiotic anti-war talk.

Matthew H (kr) wrote: The Original MIB is a Masterpiece.

John S (it) wrote: Next Friday suffers in the same way as the original, but without the charm of Chris Tucker, this film falls completely flat. You'll still enjoy it if you're high, but then again, you'd enjoy paper clips if you're high.

J Scott F (ru) wrote: A true story that seems unbelievable, but thousands of journalists and common people who saw or said something someone didn't want them to are currently experiencing these very things in numerous countries around the world that are ruled by ideology rather than democracy. When obscurantists, ideological dichotomists & righteous megalomaniacs rise to power, honest journalist (and comedians) can be their greatest enemy. This film is an eye opening expos . . . as well as a warning.