A young woman must try to keep a one-night stand that she had in college a secret from her husband who happens to be one of his best friends, and thowart a persistant blackmailer intent on collecting money from her to keep quite about it.

A young woman must try to keep a one-night stand that she had in college a secret from her husband who happens to be one of his best friends, and thowart a persistant blackmailer intent on collecting money from her to keep quite about it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (br) wrote: In the vein of Tales from the Crypt or Creepshow, The Theatre Bizarre gives us a collection of horror stories. Some are good, some are ridiculous (the candy one? What the hell was that?). The theatre itself was the scariest part. It's okay for horror buffs, that's about it.

Christophe M (au) wrote: En dessous des autres films du genre que sont The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police et consort, l'histoire est toujours aussi farfelue, une fille moiti mecha se venge de autres mecha responsable de la mort de ses amies dans un Japon intemporel. Les japonais semblent littralement obsds par la fusion de l'homme et de la machine, Cronenberg se sentirait dans son lment, parce que de la chair il y en et manipuls de toutes les faon possible (des seins qui servent de bombes, la "renaissance" de l'hrone dans un amas de chair, le tas de membres qui servent de matriaux au savant qui fabrique les mechas). Autant de faon de traiter le corps similaire aux traitements du ralisateur canadien dans ses films. Par contre, un lment qui tait moins mis en avant dans les films du genre gore japonais, le sexe (l'hrone joue par Aino Kishi fait galement du porno), ce film l en montre davantage que dans les autres que ce soit chez l'hrone ou ses ennemis ! Mais le tout est moins fun que d'habitude, peut-tre que ce film se prend plus au srieux mais il manque quelque chose, et pourtant tout y tait, le rle titre est super mignone et l'histoire bien tordue et des effets gore en veux tu en voil, peut tre que la formule est un peut trop mcanique, comme les cratures du film !

Radek C (ag) wrote: I did expect something, well, not necessarily better, but definitely different. The story was in a way inaccessible, even weird I might add.

Betty W (nl) wrote: Okay, so...yeah I watched it because Rutger Hauer was in it. So, what? But I don't think his face needed to be plastered all over evr movie poster for the film. It takes him an hour to get into the movie and even then, I kept thinking he was going to be a Nazi before he showed up because of his damn hair. Plus, his thing with that woman was like the weakest plot line and made no freaking sense. :D But it's so much better than it looks, I promise. The plot is freaking solid and so intense. Some of the dialouge may be sort of weak but all of the Jewish characters are so interesting, and the scenes are placed perfectly to create great story developement. Some of the acting is lacking, but the script really was good. Maybe it's because I haven't seen a whole lot of films specificially from the Jewish perspective during the Holocaust, but it was pretty darn awesome. Man, this film reminded me how much I really, really hate Nazis. This is one film, that I wouldn't mind at all if someone had taken the script for and remade it today. Well, I'd take out that confusing ending.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: Good, but Jarmusch would get better.

Howard B (us) wrote: The rather slow moving psychological space flick may get too bogged down in over direction at points, but as time goes on this helps to build the lonely atmosphere which is eventually makes this a worthwhile re-imagining of the 1972 film. Instead of being just another sci-fi mystery in space, Solaris is a more psychological film with some great performances and sharp dialogue.

Dylan K (jp) wrote: an instant classic as well as a long time staple of christmas.

Adam R (ru) wrote: The film doesn't know whether to be funny or scary and oftentimes comes across as more awkward than either. There will be instances, such as whenever J.K. Simmons shows up with a hook hand and a bad wig, when it feels like a complete farce. But then it takes itself completely seriously a few scenes later and actually tries to scare you with some truly terrible CGI. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried both handle their respective roles very well. Fox was an especially pleasant surprise - managing to convey the right balance of vulnerability and raging bloodlust. Unfortunately, it's not enough to save the movie. This is ultimately a major disappointment after Diablo Cody's previous great effort: Juno Who'd like it? Only die-hard fans of Fox or Seyfried. Otherwise, give it a skip.

Seardan D (jp) wrote: Awesome movie. Can't wait to see the second.

F B (kr) wrote: Watchable but nothing special

Denise P (au) wrote: Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension offers fans of the series the undeniable treat of bringing its formerly invisible antagonist to light, but serving as the conclusion of the franchise, it doesn't go out with a bang.