A small town sheriff who's investigating a murder at the local diner ends up finding more than he bargained for in the town and in himself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A small town sheriff who's investigating a murder at the local diner ends up finding more than he bargained for in the town and in himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (es) wrote: Unfortunately this film tries to make a hero out of scum but I cant deny it was quite a good film with some strong violence and a really gritty and raw feel to it.

Stephen H (nl) wrote: Watched this last night, quite a good little indie Brit Horror. A typecast sarcastic Sean Pertwee gets sent very nastily (and hastily) to meet his maker, but all in all this kept me watching with some exciting little twists if a bit predictable finale.

Sue S (ca) wrote: Good acting, good casting, overly sentimental.

Tatsuhito K (it) wrote: Some events and characters are totally believable, others are plain ridiculous and too cartoonish, which are something I'm not particularly into. Overall, American Pie is an enjoyable comedy with moments of charm and truth.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Superb allstars cast, nice storyline and an enjoyable way to kill off that Sunday evening.

Don D (nl) wrote: By the sword is one of those movies you find yourself watching when you have a raw case of insomnia. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and Eric Roberts gives a suitable performance as the fencing instructor that values winning above all and should have been cast as the villain instructor in the original Karate Kid. F. Murray does a good job directing the actors and tells a far to familiar story of never judging a book by its cover in a fun and entertaining way.

Drew G (nl) wrote: I remember watching this movie a lot when I was a kid...but I barely remember the movie itself

Alejandro R (nl) wrote: Not exactly what I expected from a Levinson film. Definitely the weakest I've seen yet from him, but certainly not a terrible film either. It has its moments, but it seems a little too dependent on Williams delivering his sometimes infectious high energy comedy. When he's not delivering that, he really fails at delivering everything else. The film tries to shift between humor and deeper emotion, but it just doesn't work for Williams with the latter.

Anthony V (jp) wrote: Where's Richard Pryor when you need him?

Conrad W (ca) wrote: A perfect little film. Dalton Trumbo wrote it--based an Edward Abbey novel.

JamesMasaki R (de) wrote: Sirk always knows how to put broken women, jealous men, lies, deceit, and tragic moments all together perfectly, and although All I Desire is not as respected or remembered as his other 50s films, it's still pure shocking melodrama that became his signature. An averagely successful actress in her late 40s has been apart from her family for years pursuing and continuing her career far away. When she gets a letter from her teen daughter requesting mother to come back to see her debut in a high school play, she decides to go back and see her estranged family. But years after time apart, some wounds can't easily heal (possible spoiler there...)