Bhagat Dhanna Jatt

Bhagat Dhanna Jatt

When Laali, who loves Shyamu, refuses to marry Kalidas, recommended by her aunt, her naive brother, Dhanna, and Bhabhi, Bhagwanti, are asked to leave and till a barren piece of land. When Dhanna is unable to grow anything, he decides to take the assistance of Thakara, none other than Bhagwan Shri Vishnu. He approaches Pandit Tirlochan in order to take the Diety to his residence. Tirlochan cons him by giving him a rock instead, and he brings it home, refuses to feed himself until and unless the Thakara shares his humble offerings. As a result, the entire community, including Laali and Bhagwanti, think Dhanna has lost his mind.

When Laali, who loves Shyamu, refuses to marry Kalidas, recommended by her aunt, her naive brother, Dhanna, and Bhabhi, Bhagwanti, are asked to leave and till a barren piece of land. When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (ag) wrote: Very stupid but a little bit funny

Will L (gb) wrote: Unless this flick is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, it's one of the most amateurish horror efforts I've ever seen. The writing is almost as awkward as the acting, but it's good for a laugh, if you like so-bad-it's-good movies.

Martin (de) wrote: Huge disappointment! I've confirmed myself once again that Czech cinematography is in big crisis! No bigger idea, awkward music, poor, very poor performances of actors. Can't recommend at all!

Cameron F (kr) wrote: Another spoof movie that parodies teen comedies.

Mark B (br) wrote: the only real complaint i have is that it's to short. and that the butt squirts weren't included.

James M (nl) wrote: A great cartoon feature for kids of all ages.

Tyaa T (ag) wrote: that Elvis great in this!

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Arseniy V (de) wrote: When we really, really get down to it - I'm not sure this thing has anything specific to say. More of a fun, relationship-themed little brain-tickler - than anything else. Which makes its predictabilities stick out a little more than they might otherwise. That said, a decent little ride it is.

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