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Bhookamp torrent reviews

john o (kr) wrote: Another film my friends and I came across on Netflix that we couldn't help but make fun of through bout the entire film. The first thing we made fun of was why the guy rejected the smoking hot blonde's offer for sex at the beginning! the villain is more annoying than scary, the characters are unlikable and for a film set in Las Vegas, we see Vegas very little...though I feel like that might be to do with the film's budget. ANOTHER film with a good idea but a terrible pay off. They think we're confused and intrigued by the constant waking up from nightmares through out the film but it just takes away from the story and seriously makes us wonder whether we should even be scared or not. And the twist at the end was pretty bad. The creepy neighbour did it! big surprise! The acting was pretty good though so i'll give it that.

Chris S (jp) wrote: So so. The start is confusing and a little dull but the climax is worth seeing. It's pretty dark. Why it's classified as a comedy on Amazon I don't know.

ZeldaGiygasLord 6 (us) wrote: Like Kickassia before it, this movie is a ton of fun, but much of it relies on viewers having previous knowledge of the characters and in-jokes from the website it came from. However, it relies on this a lot less than Kickassia did. It does a better job of introducing characters to the uninitiated, and some of its parody elements are absolutely brilliant, so anyone who loves LARPing and fantasy films can find something to enjoy. I do have one small complaint - I can forgive most of the technical issues, since this is a no-budget internet film, but in the early scenes, the lighting is absolutely horrific. It's unbelievably bright and garish, but thankfully, this problem only exists in the first 20 minutes or so. Also, it's really incredible how these people were able to shoot a genuinely funny, well-acted, 2-hour movie with a good story in only 4 days.

Sonal N (it) wrote: Pankaj Kapoor yet again proves that he is a brilliant actor. A movie that deserved much more appreciation than it recieved

Sven Erick A (de) wrote: Mrklig film!Knappast ngot fr turistbyrn i Falkenberg!

Christina A (jp) wrote: is watching it now. Very entertaining.

Chris C (ru) wrote: Among the 4-5 best movies I've rented from Netflix. I went in having never even heard of this film, but for such an absolute unknown, what a solid movie. Great acting, simple yet compelling stories and a pretty fantastic dialogue.

Ian T (gb) wrote: Ok, maybe I'm a bit cynical but I find it hard to take seriously the account of a man who believes he a reincarnated monarch.This suffers from the typical biopic problems of having to fit too much in. The acting is strangely wooden in parts. Beautifully shot and scored though.

Gregory S (ru) wrote: One of the absolute best movies ever.

Ben P (gb) wrote: You really don't want to read my review of this movie. I wrote my thesis on it and am probably one of three world experts on this film. Which is sort of sad.

Bill G (nl) wrote: I saw this. It's okay.

Wade B (nl) wrote: Great 80's thriller. Underrated Jeff Bridges performance. Not as good as the book but its all right.

Kenny N (us) wrote: You wouldn't expect a TV movie from the mid-70s to be this creepy and unsettling, but it succeeds. Scott Jacoby does a good job as Ronald, making him seem like a poor pathetic loser one minute and a crazed maniac the next and never breaking stride. If you can hunt this down, you're in for a blood free but nevertheless terrifying good time.

Daniel G (ru) wrote: I'm sorry, but I only see a pro-American-invasion propaganda here and avery bad movie. I won't go into many details, don't want to start a proor anti American feeling. But honestly, the Americans are fightingaliens and... Pakistani suicide bombers?! What will the next movie beabout? Killing Muslim vampires? Syrian zombies?

Tammy R (us) wrote: Pretty Boring. The story line kept dropping further and further down the toilet. It was an hour and a half but felt way longer.

Guido S (es) wrote: A young Indian girl dreams of playing soccer like her idol David Beckham, but her parents want her to grow up to be a traditional Indian housewife. So she has sneak out while everyone is planning her sister's wedding. Leading all the way to her and her friend to get scholarships to play in the US. An interesting film, I'm actually surprised I liked this one as much as I did. A very good heartwarming story about acceptance and following your dream.