Bian zou bian chang

Bian zou bian chang

A blind man's master told him that after he has broken 1000 strings on his Banjo, he can open the Banjo to get a script for his eyes. After 60 years he broke the 1000th string...

A blind man's master told him that after he has broken 1000 strings on his Banjo, he can open the Banjo to get a script for his eyes. After 60 years he broke the 1000th string... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saleh I (jp) wrote: Saleh Shamba; it's not easy

Keegan K (kr) wrote: I remember seeing this as a kid, the cover, and I knew I could not watch it! Finally seeing it now. That was crazy. But really good! Really hit home too. So the main couple are not happy with their marriage and they have not been physical in years. The husband is tired of his job and is having a midlife crisis. His wife is a perfectionist and materialistic and she's not happy with the marriage and has an affair. Their daughter has no self-esteem and she's not happy with her parents. Wife has an affair, and the husband falls in love with his daughter's best friend. All kinds of crazy. Really good though and really deep. They talk a lot about putting on a show as if you're leading a happy life or a happy marriage when really, at the core, it's crumbling. What are you going to do to fix it?

Ng K (kr) wrote: one word: impressive!

Gena D (de) wrote: Morgan Freeman, John Lithgow

Steve D (br) wrote: Paul newman how can it be bad? But this is better than most. Characters are very human

Aaron W (es) wrote: Hilariously campy Czech Musical Western about a Lemonade salesman saving a little Arizona town from Alcoholism. Shot in b&w and then tinted various brilliant colors (mostly lemonade), this is one visually intriguing picture, like someone spilled kool-aid on a John Wayne spoof. I loved it.**Edit** Still love it. Bumped it up to five stars,actually. But I just have to say that the first time I watched this it was on a crappy VHS. Lucky me, I recently found out that my library actually ordered the DVD of it I jokingly asked them to. So I checked it out, and waddaya know it's the FACETS release. And I have one thing to say to you, Facets, FUCK YOU! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you guys? Why in god's name do you exist? The crappy VHS of it I had seen earlier looked better than this. It had sharper colors and no ghosting or pixillation. Honestly, go to any fucking college in the country and hire yourself someone who actually knows how to put a DVD together. You get all these incredible, rare films, and put absolutely no effort into them whatsoever. Jesus Christ, try transferring from 35mm prints for once instead of VHS and get rid of your godamn burnt in subtitles. What about aspect ratio? Not every film ever made was 4:3 you sonsabitches. Extras? What extras. You call that shitty little amateur essay you guys put in every case an extra. Balls. I could write a better essay just looking off of Wikipedia. Fuck, you probably do get your info from wikipedia. Thank God Mondo Vision has rescued Zulawski's films before you got your grubby little piss covered hands on them. I fucking hate you and I hope someone rapes all of you like you're raping these films.

Nicky S (nl) wrote: A brilliant movie. The cinematography is unparalled, with portrait-like, haunting images of falling sand and its movement. The acting is spectacular - both characters are great, and the story is outstanding and very thought-provoking, philisophical, and disturbing. It's a stark reflection on human nature and how we adapt and conform to our circumstances, and how what originally seems like hell can end up feeling like home - which is pretty scary, and puts the mind into knots, but it's something to think about. Both the best and worse aspects of human nature are showcased, and the huge complexity of life, the mind, and ethics. Overall, a spectacular movie - one of cinema's true masterpieces.

Richard D (kr) wrote: Here's a sterling example of how utterly misconceived the Hays Code was. William Wyler adapts Lillian Hellman's play "The Children's Hour", but the alleged lesbian relationship central to the plot of the play has to be replaced by a heterosexual love triangle between Joel McRea, Miriam Hopkins and Merle Oberon. Even with this substitution, the film can't come right out and say what the allegations are. The dialogue pussyfoots around it forcing anyone watching to work pretty hard to figure out exactly what the child is accusing them of. There's the absurdity of it all ... anyone watching the film has to get a pretty clear mental image of what has supposed to have happened in order to have any hope of following the plot, so what is the point of not letting them say it? Nobody is sheltered from anything. The film is just compromised.Anyway, here's a great cast and a great director struggling to make a watchable film out of neutered material. They almost succeed.

Cody C (ca) wrote: I'll never understand why critics didn't eat this one up. Great movie.