Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue

Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue

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Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue torrent reviews

Alexandra R (kr) wrote: Ken Loach at his best. Take tissues.

Dave C (es) wrote: I've seen this twice and it still seems like a very funny film about people who cannot or who are scared to express who they are and what they want.It skirts ordinary life in the way only the self absorbed can manage and thus gets a high mark from me.

Matt K (ca) wrote: This is such an odd little film. It is thrown onto the Close-Up DVD as a bonus feature, but it should have it's own release. I've never seen anything like this film before. The man character is a kid who is a little shit. He's terrible. His parents complain about him, but don't actually do anything. And he steals money and won't even tell when he is getting brutally whipped by his teacher! By the end of the film I hated that kid, and he goes on this journey that I was actually rooting for him to fail at! Somehow I think that was intended though. Anyway, I had a blast watching this and you should get the Close-Up DVD as much for this as for the amazing Close-Up itself.

Cam C (gb) wrote: Mick Molloy and his team think after the success of Aussie comedy's such as 'The Castle' and 'Crackerjack' they should build on that by starring in a boring film about a middle aged boy band that get back together. The only remotely interesting element this movie has going for it is the subplot of whether the main characters daughter is his or his fellow band mates?I thought it was handled in a way that seemed close to a real life scenario. The female actors in this film are the real stand outs... Oh and I have to mention the one joke in the film that had me rolling in stitches:The woman at the bar who sings an original rendition of 'Do me, Benny!'

Abigail E (de) wrote: I enjoyed this film more than I expected to. I liked how they didn't really give everything away about the peoples lives (much more realistic.) The quality of the film isn't the best (but does that really matter anyways, after all, it is an indy flick.)

Sarine (br) wrote: Ever since I first watched this, I have become obsessed with the story. Any of you who haven't seen this, try it out, and those who have, get the manga now!!

Christine K (ca) wrote: Entertaining, and awesome!

Paco B (jp) wrote: nice movie with a sad endbest scene: first storm on board

Eddie P (br) wrote: A great foreign action comedy that is well worth checking out.

Matthew C (it) wrote: In spite of what must have been a low budget, this film looks fantastic and has a strong cast. This is a movie that could never have been made at that time within the Hollywood system. The closest Hollywood could come was Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, which had to bury its social relevance in science fiction and makeup. Lawrence Cook is great in the lead, as a man playing the long game, setting plans that take years to mature. As one of his women says, he's a quite guy, but one you don't mess with. He's my kind of hero; a thinker who can still take care of business if it's called for. And with plans all his own, taking orders from none. Like any political/protest film, this movie paints many characters with broad strokes, and its politics are a touch simplistic. But the point of a movie like this isn't to be 'realistic' but to provoke thought. And it does. Check this one out.

Aj V (us) wrote: Well that was... interesting. I'm still not sure what to make of this movie. Valerie goes through a series of insanity from one day to the next. There are carnivals, weddings, her gradmother's death, her vampire cousin, her weird brother, and that priest/monster/devil guy. I really didn't know what to make of the end. Not bad, exactly, but it's a whirlwind of interesting crazy stuff going on.

Matt H (ru) wrote: A whole lot of rabble rabble for not much of interest on screen.

Barry T (de) wrote: checked this out a few times and it is totally under-rated....pull the curtains shut,get some nibbles and beer,and give it a go.

Paul A (us) wrote: This was a good movie the time period of when it was meant to be set was believable and it had some very good acting. I like how it flipped from the boys point of view on things to the girls.. it was kind of interesting seeing how different feelings can occur during a situation.. an original idea and an interesting storyline, worth watching wasn't a bad movie.

Felipe C (it) wrote: THINK ABOUT A TERRIBLE MOVIE. Well that is not enought to describe 400 Days. Total waste of time.