¡Biba la banda!

¡Biba la banda!


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Iain B (es) wrote: i wonder how many of these events actually happened?

Marta R (mx) wrote: Sisterhood.... this movie gives a real nice explanation of what that means...

Paul D (es) wrote: Inferior sequel - there's certainly not as many laughs, but it has its own merits for this genre and style of comedy.

Cameron J (br) wrote: Apologies to those who do not enjoy the horror genre, but here comes another. I was forced to watch this with my younger brother so this one was a complete blind watch.House Of Fears is Centered around six teens who illegally enter the premises of a haunted house attraction, unknown to them an artifact brought back from Africa has possessed the haunted house and all of a sudden the body count increases rapidly, the victims? These teenagers. The premise is regurgitated, the story is terrible, the acting is horrific, the dialogue is dire and the deaths are below par, what can i say this movie is fucking unforgivable.Above i mentioned the dialogue, this for me was the biggest pot-hole the film encountered, the interaction between characters borders on both douchebaggery and cringe-worthy this is especially true when the male characters interact with each other. Carter (played by Corey Sevier) is the person most frequently guilty of delivering these lines. He plays the conventional hunk who is unconditionally nice, brave (must i continue?), with every slice of dialogue that floats out of his mouth, barth levels increase (no exaggeration). In fact the only positive to come from the movie was seeing this guy die. That and the clown's make-up that was pretty impressive but not at all creepy as intended.I know it's low budget but dialogue is free, so on that frontier there is no excuse.Baahhhh humbug.

Jessica E (ag) wrote: Gangsters everywhere. K-town would be shut down if this were released in theaters.

Daveed N (us) wrote: Great film, finally 2 hours!...Balajeet is played by Sanjay Dutt which is good..but I still can't understand why this guy is not locked up in prison after his record over the last 20 years....not including the black buck shooting a few years back.

Vacine U (ru) wrote: best movie in the world.

Sebastian B (mx) wrote: A fascinating and captivating movie if you're actually interested in the subject. I found it brilliant.

Dean K (fr) wrote: A little known rom-com starring Sandra Bullock. A guy traveling to get married meets a free-spirited woman en route who helps open his eyes to life and love. It was a fun film with some funny moments with a good cast. Good soundtrack to!

Aaron A (nl) wrote: A satirical (alarmingly accurate) view on office life. The chances are you will see some of your colleagues in the characters which makes the film funnier. Not as many laugh out loud moments as I was expecting but I definitely enjoyed the film and it's no wonder it was a hit and still referenced to this day.

Jessica H (mx) wrote: Delightfully delicious idea with lovable characters. With all the flaws this film has I still adored it the first time a set eyes and ears on it. Perhaps it's the sinful nature of it all, but it's still worth a glance.

Marcus W (ca) wrote: One for completists only.

Fred W (ca) wrote: Mr Bean at his best.

carlos a (nl) wrote: awful movie. Got singles/empire combo. Singles was great. Empire had bad/lame music and the characters were just one dimensional.

Barry L (es) wrote: The funnies thing this spawned was a parody by three pidgeons on a Disney cartoon. Very silly but I had to giggle.

Morris N (fr) wrote: It's a classic old fashioned Western. If Westerns aren't your thing, you probably won't care much for it. The performances from Ladd and Preston are very good. The plot is more believable as well. The ending seemed a bit abrupt, but good nonetheless.