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Bidesiya torrent reviews

Bruno V (it) wrote: Is there something wrong with me ? I liked it ...the revenge part ...YES !!!

Jorge A (jp) wrote: the big joke, that we can hope from a drug writer. trying to said he's movie its for intellectual people.

Jed D (nl) wrote: The action never stops in this flawless martial arts adventure. The cinematography is unbelievable.

Trevor G (jp) wrote: The story basically turns into a "stranded on a desert island" scenario when Van Der Beek has his friend lock him into his own apartment so he can finish his writing and make his deadline. It may not be "Castaway" and it doesn't have the action and zombies of "I Am Legend" but I was surprised that I'd like anything with James Van Der Beek in it. But I did! If you like the lonely madness genre, you may like this.

EllenRebekah A (nl) wrote: Had fun watching, for the first time, what looks and sounds like a classic 90's teen movie. After watching last years' DUFF recently, I wondered how my generation's, and this generation's teen movies compare. The clothes, tech, and music or obviously different. I feel like the look for the boys and girls is different as well, and I don't think that is solely from hair and clothing fashions. It's also the change in what the "hot", popular kids look like, the speech patterns, and the way they include innuendo and and drinking, etc. As a movie itself, Drive Me Crazy is a pretty simple plot. Except, if still comparing to DUFF, the female friendships were changed and disregarded. Maybe we have grown, a little, to realize those need inclusion too. Though coupling off is always given priority. But watching Melissa Joan Hart always makes me feel like a teen again.

Vance M (nl) wrote: This Month's Movie Review for November 2015 is Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence that can out in the year 1999. This is funny like most of martin lawrence movies with the funny Dave Chappelle. My favourite part of the movie is end part when Martin Lawrence roundhouse kicked his former partner in the face and another favourite part of the movie is when Martin punched David Chappelle in the face in the ally. I found out that there making Bad Boy 3 soon and Martin Lawrence in the movie with Wesley Snipes, so look out for it in a couple of years. I gave this movie 4 stars. A good movie to see.

Ryan H (us) wrote: Great script, outstanding cast! Must watch!

Derek B (jp) wrote: Oh dear. The reviews by fellow flixsterers seem to indicate high levels of bullshit acceptance. Yes, I know, Donald Cammell was a great misunderstood genius blah blah blah and he committed suicide so must be respected at all costs blah blah... it's incoherent, self-indulgent, rambling... but at least it's not as bad as Wild Side.

Bruce B (it) wrote: This is from the 42nd Street Forever Vol 1 Collection. I am trying to see each and everyone of the films listed. Don't think this one ever made it off 42nd Street. Some great shots, like gas at 32.9 cents a gallon (1966), I forgot what a real hamburger bun look like. Pretty much a spoof Movie, but can be enjoyed by some, sexy chicks, had a next door gal who wore her har like this when I was 13, Karen Kanas Dunn What happen to you, dam you were hot. Any way a slasher film, no real horror. Rent only, Thanks Netflix.

Knox M (jp) wrote: "Pure cinema" is what Hitchcock defined as a silent film with sound. Tom Jones is that. It's funny and excellent beyond belief.

I am A (jp) wrote: Kevin bacon going cray cray, pretty good

Brendan R (au) wrote: I was watching the movie as background while I did other things. Not the type of movie that works well that way. The jumps in the continuity made it difficult to follow if you're not paying full attention. By the end I found the entire movie depressing. Definitely not a movie I will want to watch again. That's not to say that it's not well-made, but the quality of the film can't overcome it's depressing storyline.

Logan B (nl) wrote: Although over long funny people is funny packing emotional depth all while showcasing maturity and and letting the cast have fun along the way